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More on the art project...

Just posted on the +Google Cultural Institute and here's Lucy Neal with more on the vital role of art in today's society. Great watch. You won't want to miss it.

#art   #culture   #googleculturalinstitute   #socialchange  
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Alex Diaz (alexdiazeco)

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A cultural WOW moment

This is important for education, yes. Fantastic classroom project. It is also amazing from the perspective of every fan of art anywhere.

All true, and +Google is to be absolutely commended for the development and launch of the +Google Cultural Institute

But this is all important for another reason. We live in a time when art matters perhaps more than ever. The Institute brings us art from across human history. This moment, though, is more challenging than any in history, and if anyone has the answers and visions we need to show the way, it is the world's artists.

#googleculturalinstitute   #art   #socialchange  
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I hear ya! ;)
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Alex Diaz (alexdiazeco)

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Let's change the conversation

I mean OUR conversation, the one we have here in this space, and over at my +Medium page.

Let me at the outset apologize for being absent from Google+ for the last three months. I've taken the time to rethink and reboot, as has G+ itself! And just as our favorite network has settled into a new place of engagement and innovation, so must we.

I have used this space to write only about climate and resources -- my cozy green blog, as it were. To be sure, that remains the greatest challenge facing humanity. But there are others. There have ALWAYS been others. I've covered them extensively as a journalist and worked on them as a marketer -- their magnitude and interconnectedness, their urgency and raw human impact, their gloCal nature and dizzying complexities.

What I want to do now is bring that thinking and experience to this conversation, because it is a new and daring dialogue we must begin to have. Digitally. Locally. Globally. None of the issues are new. What is new is the way we must connect them, and the inspiration and action that must emanate as a result.

One inspiration is the whole concept of surface tension. See the water drops in the picture? As the wind blows, molecules hold on for dear life, but when the force becomes too strong, they must let go, and then they change position...rapidly.

We are surrounded by such tensions. Our lives and our futures are in so many ways defined by how we face them, for good or ill. So let's dig in. Let's understand where we're going as individuals and as a human race, both in our internal synapse and soul dimensions, as well as our social, national and transnational lives.

We live at the most exciting AND frightening time in human history. The opportunities and challenges for each of us and for the companies and institutions where we breathe, work and play, are truly without precedent.

So are you ready? Let's explore.

#change   #climate   #sustainability   #tensions   #society  
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Lets walk the talk...change positions ...rapidly!
Me encanta como escribes....Jackie
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Alex Diaz (alexdiazeco)

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"Meet people where they're at." And "be authentic."

Meet Allen Hershkowitz. And then don't forget Allen Hershkowitz. Not just for the fantastic work he's doing to green pro sports (see article), but more so for the phenomenal potential it holds for the REST of society.

The meet-people quote above was a game-changing suggestion he received from Robert Redford. The be-authentic part is Allen's. The big picture is another Allen quote: "There are cultural barriers to sustainability." Why sports? "Sixteen percent of Americans follow science. Seventy percent follow sports."

That's right. "Meet people where they're at." Where they're most receptive. Not because they believe in climate solutions when they're first approached, but because you're approaching them in a space they're comfortable at.

Try it at home, at work, at school, in a game! Wherever your people are at.

#sustainability   #globalwarming   #climatechange   #climate  
Can Allen Hershkowitz's green sports movement turn fans into environmentalists?
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Alex Diaz (alexdiazeco)

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It's about freaking time!!

The world's weather men and women, the folks who report on the day's and week's sun and rain every single day of our lives -- and who know more about the climate than most mortals -- have been befuddlingly and deafeningly silent on climate change this entire time. It has been one of the most perplexing mysteries of the last 20 years of sound and fury on global warming.

So it comes as an absolute delight -- a thrill, a big reason to celebrate! -- to see the mother and grandaddy of all weather men and women, The Weather Channel, come out with its first foray into the debate.

Check out this take on it  and visit the site in the link below.

Then, if you can, invite one or more TV channels in your city to launch a Climate 25 of their own, raising the voice of your local experts. Like the ones tapped by The Weather Channel, we can be certain they will speak out at full volume.

And isn't that what we want them to do?

#climate   #climatechange   #globalwarming   #sustainability  
Hear how a select group of military, business and health leaders are preparing for the effects of climate change now.
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Alex Diaz (alexdiazeco)

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Go, Gina!

Could not have said it better myself.
NO ONE could have said it better "myself"!
A clear exposition of what government can do best to drive climate solutions forward.
Set the right standards.
Focus on the long term.
And get out of the way.

#sustainability   #climate   #climatechange   #globalwarming   #EPA   #GinaMcCarthy  
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Alex Diaz (alexdiazeco)

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No abandones tu viejo

Es una crisis llegando a grandes proporciones. El aging de nuestras sociedades.

A ver.

Es cosa del alma.
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Alex Diaz (alexdiazeco)

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Now that we know Paris won't solve it...

What's next? Here's a sneak preview, my latest Tensions column in +Medium 

#climatechange   #climate   #carbon   #COP21   #Paris   #actonclimate   #greenhope   #climatereality  
And the world has changed. Will, actually, because it hasn’t yet. But it feels like it, because it is now so certain. So…
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Alex Diaz (alexdiazeco)

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Refreshing. Uplifting. Reassuring.

That's how I feel every time I hear Paul Polman speak. This YouTube clip brings us his latest mike moment. Check it out.

The +Unilever CEO has become the clear corporate leader and example of how to turn a huge multinational into a true Earth saver. Oh, sure, I've read the criticism; even Unilever is still not at net positive, and if Unilever isn't, then where's the hope?

The hope is in turning EVERY corporate chief into a Paul Polman, if not to ultimately save the planet, then to extend its life and give us a fighting chance at transforming a whole lot of things about OUR lives in the process. That to me is extremely hopeful.

#sustainability   #climate   #climatechange   #globalwarming   #carbon   #unilever   #paulpolman  
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Alex Diaz (alexdiazeco)

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Buckle up, says Gore

We're just taking off in the biggest-ever ride of our lives, he said during this +Climate Reality training in Toronto.

Damn right. It's the most hair-raising race against time of all time. The only question is: will you be a driver, hop along, or sit it out?

C'mon. Let's drive this thing!

#globalwarming   #climatechange   #climate   #carbon   #sustainability  
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Alex Diaz (alexdiazeco)

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She truly is our last remaining hope

Well, OK, that's not fair. American presidents can't solve climate change alone. Heck, they're hard-pressed to get significant action through Congress in this country!

So to read this column by +Bill McKibben and trust Hillary will do exactly as he says, and then hope that alone will get the job done, is quite the leap.

Still, Bill got the vision right, and she can get the action right, and that includes using American influence to get others around the world to do what's right.

Will that get the job done? No way to know. The only thing we DO know is that the launch of an Apollo-like, Marshall Plan-like, anti-terrorism-like approach to climate policy domestically and overseas, is the ONLY choice she would have as president to give the U.S. and the world one final hope of avoiding the worst consequences of climate change.

Because the window will close forever in the coming years, so if whoever wins in 2016 doesn't do this, there will be no path left for the next one to thread.

But this is precisely why we citizens, we the people, can't just sit back and leave climate change to the U.N. and the politicians and elected officials of this or ANY country. Because their record is abysmal, and we don't know and can't for a second trust Hillary or anyone in London or Beijing or anywhere to deliver THE solution.

So we have to press on with private-sector and NGO action at the local and grassroots level, with the innovations and the behavior change that truly CAN solve the crisis.

And if we get lucky and our leaders follow our lead and really, truly do implement the laws and policies that accelerate that change and get us to the promised land, behold, children of the Earth. Behold! For ours will be the glory. Ours will be the triumph. Ours will be the new society sure to emerge from the ashes of our own deeds.

Amen to that!

#climatechange   #climate   #globalwarming   #sustainability   #hillaryclinton   #2016elections   #carbon  
In an open letter to Hillary Clinton, Bill McKibben lays out exactly why she needs to put climate change at the center of her campaign -- and how she can win with it.
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June 18

I'm with +Chris Mooney, the climate editor of the +Washington Post when he says in this article that 2015 is shaping up to be -- finally! -- the Year of Climate.

He lists the Pope's upcoming June 18 encyclical on climate change (article link below) as one of the reasons, the others being the Paris #COP21  conference in December and record temperatures.

Of these, I think the encyclical will go down in history as THE 2015 climate event. Paris will be important -- greatest-ever global accord and all -- but it alone will not keep us from surpassing 2C. Those voluntary country commitments will likely not be worth the paper they'll be printed on.

Better than nothing? Of course. Enough to solve the crisis? Not a chance. Even the event's organizers have admitted as much. 

Heck, perhaps nothing will stave off 2C at this late stage. But if there is anything that CAN maybe perhaps pull it off, it is the triggering of a social wave so rapid and massive as to create the final global push required to halt carbon emissions and bring them down at the speed and scale needed to avert the worst climate consequences before it's too late.

In this Dec. 2011 post, I called it The Climate Spring. Studies show how movements suddenly pop and create that one final push into liberation. The Civil Rights struggle in the 1960s. The End of Communism in 1989. The Arab Spring in 2011.

It is the combination of a committed minority, usually 10%-20% of the population, and the point when the volume of their voices becomes so loud, and the justice of their claim becomes so undeniable, that action breaks through a tipping point and speeds to total and unstoppable execution.

Passive believers go from intimidation and inertia to mutual support and emboldened willpower. Suddenly -- at least when it explodes it feels like suddenly -- the minority becomes a raving majority, and the world changes.

I believe we may be about to witness the next such episode. I certainly hope so. The trigger will be June 18, and it won't hurt -- I suppose it is not a coincidence -- that the Pope's circular comes on precisely the day Al Gore will team up with Pharrell Williams to awaken the planet with the 24-hour global Live Earth concert. 

Pope Francis will awaken something else. It is the thoroughly undeniable Moral Argument in favor of the most aggressive and urgent climate action we can possibly muster. His focus is the world's 1.2 billion Catholics, including 77 million in the U.S. and roughly 450 million in Latin America.

But the calling will be inter-faith. EVERY religion will be asked to join. And the argument is strong. If you believe in God, you have an unshakable moral duty to protect his creation. Don't believe God actually created the planet? No problem. Focus on the next part of the argument: God wants you to love and care for one another far more than you may be doing now, ESPECIALLY the most vulnerable . And in a world ravaged by climate change, that includes everyone who suffers the consequences of extreme weather and other climate impacts.

As the latter escalate, so will the urgent need for...your love! The Pope will speak from the perspective of Christian love, and he will ask you to connect and call on the love inspired by whichever spiritual leader or deity suits your particular faith.

The raw significance of this calling, and the reason I see it as a possible -- dare I say likely? -- game-changer, is the fact that 80% of the world's population is religious, according to the most reliable studies.

That's 5.8 billion people. In developing countries and emerging markets -- soon home to most of the world's middle and upper income classes (read: consumption, influence, power, action) -- the percentage is substantially higher!

Influence is driven by inner-circle trust and social position. You follow those you trust, as I wrote here  Every well-made poll points to strong majorities across countries who are already climate believers, and a small and shrinking minority who are deniers -- except, of course, in weird countries like the U.S., Canada and Australia, where deniers are a sizeable minority, though still a shrinking minority.

But the believer majorities are passive. Deniers have been louder. Inertia has held firm. So when the Pope unleashes and emboldens the faithful in those inner circles and social positions to raise the volume of THEIR voices, to realize they are right AND they are more, and to connect their climate beliefs nonnegotiably and unwaveringly with their faith beliefs -- when all those priests, ministers and rabbis take to the pulpit and the streets and move masses of loyal followers into definitive and decisive action, the inertia and passivity holding believers back will -- let us hope! -- vanish, and a game-changing, planet-saving wave of action will come to rule the day.

Not only does this have all the makings of a Climate Spring, but I trust it will also include something else.

Not even the Pope, and much less those priests, ministers and rabbis, can anticipate whether this revival will keep us from passing 2C. At this point, the carbon already in the atmosphere may suffice to scuttle that plan.

So we may be headed for 3C no matter what the world's faithful do, though their actions will no doubt keep the disaster from becoming even worse.

And that means we will need something else from communities of faith and worship in every corner of the planet. We will need a reawakening of the church-based service and relief charities of centuries past, when government welfare programs did not exist and the only folks offering health, education, housing and other vital services were religious charities.

Check out these two early-2013 posts I wrote when my book was going to be called Green Hope. I have since changed it to The Hypergreen Neighborhood and a focus on local action, but if this Pope-triggered source of hope does materialize, I may just return to the previous focus. and

All told, June 18 promises to be monumental. Truly historic. As with all such moments, they are established as such much later by historians. But for those of us living through it, and for those of you reading this column and now anticipating the moment, we will know.

So let us do something with that knowledge, particularly those of us who ARE faith-driven. Let us be among the ones who take the Moral Argument into our own inner circles. Let's ride the wave set off by the Pope's announcement, join the priests and ministers, lead social organizations, persuade governments and corporations, and do EVERYTHING in our power to make sure the Climate Spring happens. That the silent majority becomes high-volume. That the sustainable life, and LEED buildings and neighborhoods, and all matter of sustainable solutions, become the new normal. At the earliest. With the most accelerated pace of change possible.

I, for one, along with a growing group of leaders and volunteers, am in the midst of an initiative here in Puerto Rico and later elsewhere that can be easily folded into the Climate Spring to add to the acceleration.

It will be an exhilarating ride. Care to join?

#sustainability   #climatechange   #climate   #carbon   #popefrancis   #catholicchurch   #religion   #faith  
Pope Francis's upcoming encyclical on climate change will come out on June 18, Vatican officials said Thursday.
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I'm in!
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