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How many of you rely on anthropology?

After checking out the work of Dr. Bob Deutsch, I do now! He has an amazing take on this powerful discipline.

Here are some thoughts I posted yesterday...

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Alex Diaz (alexdiazeco)

OP-EDs and Personal Statements  - 
Toward "collective-minded climate messaging"

Here's a piece from last week, much commented in this and other circles, about the most effective way of communicating climate change and persuading people to change behavior.

Rather than push and pressure people individually, the author points to this recent study demonstrating that it is far superior and more effective when individuals see themselves within a larger group or society and perceive their faults as part of a broader social problem, rather than feeling guilty individually.

This is what +Climate Reality +Avaaz and many other activist groups do. And that's cool. There's certainly a huge space for that front.

But companies must approach climate messaging differently. Very few brands can be street activists. But they CAN be activists of another kind.

In fact, they MUST be, since the world has zero chance of avoiding the worst consequences of climate change unless and until they do.

First, of course, the company must transform itself and become sustainable. Deeply. Authentically.

Then, it's time to launch or join a climate movement. I offer a basic guide to this approach in this piece The business case and ROI for the company are as irrefutable as the stakes for society as a whole.

Movement Communications is a new front in the mission to reverse climate change and usher in a new future and a better world. It is THE way to do as this +Grist story rightly says and mainstream "collective-minded climate messaging."

So now that we know what we must do and how to do it, will you join? If you own a company or can influence the one that pays your check, think of a movement the company can join or launch, and go!

There is no time to waste. The moment for a movement is NOW.

New research confirms that making people feel bad about their part in global warming is a nonstarter.
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Alex Diaz (alexdiazeco)

Climate Change News Stories  - 
Happening now

Not in some distant future when we hit 2C, but rather today at 1C.
At least five reef islands in the Solomon Islands have been completely lost to rising sea levels and coastal erosion
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The human rights crusade of our times

It's called Break Free, and this is the launch series of events.

Watch the clip. Read about it. And join.

#keepitintheground   #climatechange   #carbon   #sustainability   #breakfree  
Join a global wave of resistance to keep coal, oil + gas in the ground
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Alex Diaz (alexdiazeco)

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Creating a new set of dots

Check out this awesome video.

OK, saw it?

Now, the question we must all ask ourselves is this: What is the one thing we must trigger across humanity to switch the growth aspiration to an entirely different conception of growth itself?

Growth is ingrained in the system, as the video shows, because it is ingrained in our psyches. So what if instead of fighting the concept of growth and its association in our minds with material prosperity, we flip the concept and associate it with what economist Juliet Schor calls New Prosperity?

Let's stick with the language of abundance and happiness, or we will continue to activate every manner of defense mechanisms and confirmation biases that merely keep people fixated on the EXISTING conception of growth.

But let's adopt a different growth language, because New Prosperity is soooooo much better than today's variety. So much freer of the stress and pressure that come with the rat race. It is about simplicity, community, family and nature. We eat local and fresh, which is more delicious and nutritious. We live near transit and work, which is cheaper and more convenient. We enhance our lives!!

What has to grow, that is, is unity, health and sustainability, and the brands and companies that bring them to market. What has to grow is THAT economy, which must outright replace the one that makes our lives and the life of the planet less prosperous.

This is a product we can sell. But climate change leaves us as little time to bring about this massive social change as it does the systemic change of laws and corporate models. We HAVE to come up with a different path, one that ACCELERATES the change toward a new conception of growth and prosperity.

At the core of that path is digital communications, or the digital communications of this idea -- because digital now allows us to reach everyone on Earth faster, more thoroughly and more dramatically than at any time in human history.

It is the game changer. We're seeing it used by the likes of Occupy, Reality and +Avaaz to promote their shared climate and equity agendas, and we saw it used in the Arab Spring to bring down dictators and change those local societies.

But those are/were confrontational struggles that thrive(d) on divisiveness and appeal(ed) to the fighter in us. New Growth and Prosperity is anything but. Those efforts show the efficacy of digital, not the currency of the digital we must now circulate.

The studies are done. We know the communications needed to trigger this change. All that is needed is to put together the sustained digital revolution that will get it done.

It is the chance we have. The one, final opportunity to get this right. The moment is historic. It is now. It is ours. Let's seize it.

#climatechange   #climate   #sustainability   #equity   #socialequity   #planet   #globalwarming   #socialchange  
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Alex Diaz (alexdiazeco)

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Carbon bathtub. Brilliant! And worrisome.

I had never heard the analogy before, and if I hadn't, I'm guessing most people in the climate movement haven't either, not to mention outside the movement.

That's a shame, because the carbon bathtub is a phenomenally simple way of explaining our predicament.

...which is not a good one, as the bathtub points out. Check it out in this story, and then let's step up all efforts to strengthen the drain and shut off the faucet.

That's what this has always been about, but given how close to overflowing the bathtub has become, it has never been more urgent than today.

#sustainability   #climatechange   #climate   #globalwarming   #greeneconomy   #carbon  
Last year CO2 levels jumped high. Yet the world economy grew while energy-related CO2 emissions were flat. How did that happen?
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Alex Diaz (alexdiazeco)

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Amend the Constitution! Get this man another term!

This was a remarkable press conference yesterday by a brilliant mind. It's only an hour long, and he covers such a broad range of issues that it is really worth watching every minute and paying close attention, because he goes deep into just about all of them.


The first 40 minutes or so are focused on U.S. domestic stuff, mainly the Dallas shooting and the race issue surrounding it. He concludes that part (minutes 34:47-37:28) with a revealing take on his legacy on race. Racism will take time to wean out of the American psyche, he's basically saying. But we're improving. Real-time smartphone videos heighten the dialogue, even amidst the pain. He has, he hopes, planted some seeds for trees that will shade future generations, as we continue to create a more perfect Union. AMEN to that.


It's the part that followed, though, that I wanted to share here and comment on more extensively. Note in particular two segments. In the first one, exactly six minutes (40:30-46:30), Professor Obama delivers the most succinct and cogent exposition of the challenge of globalization we face today.

Globalization, he says, is driven by technology and economics and cannot be wished or legislated away -- and yes, it empowers capital and weakens the vulnerable. But the thing to do is build a new national and international architecture that adapts the social welfare contract to the times to make sure no one is left behind and everyone can benefit from the gains created by global integration.

AMEN to this as well, so long as that new architecture strikes the right balance with the growing Localization Movement, which seeks not to dethrone or replace globalization, but rather do as Obama suggests and create a better way forward for vulnerable local economies, stakeholders and the planet.

In those six minutes, the Professor President also masterfully summarized the challenge of immigration, a tradition, he says, that is built into the fabric and success of America more so than Europe. But Europe is the one receiving unprecedented waves of immigrants right now, and that creates great social, political and cultural strains not to be taken lightly.

Finally, the last segment, starting at 51:30. It's about the wars we fight today. Here, too, the world is building a new architecture: a) strenghten fragile states where non-state terror groups set up shop; b) strengthen international organizations, alliances and partnerships to deal with those groups while keeping the peace among great powers -- a historic post-WWII achievement, he reminds us; c) develop new military and intelligence structures and strategies to fight the non-sate actors -- and by the way, THAT fight is kinda endless, lacking, he says, the McArthur-Emperor war-is-officially-over moment; and d) enhance data and communications security in this age of emails and smartphones, a rather recent phenom.

That's quite an agenda, to build new dual architectures for globalization AND national security -- and he didn't even mention climate change, another recent phenomenon, which forces a third grand reordering of national and global affairs in line with the Dec. 2015 Paris agreement.

That's a lot of very big and very new shit coming at us. As Obama sums it all up in this conference, I got the feeling he may not have turned out to be the deeply transformational figure we thought he would be when first elected, but he HAS been a historic transitional President, far more so than the press, academia and public discourse have realized thus far.

This, my friends, is the elusive Obama Doctrine, the one pundits have struggled to define. We head it yesterday with fantastic eloquence starting at minute 40:30. He calls it a new hybrid way of dealing with global matters and how they impact local affairs.

And we have now transitioned into that, these last eight years. Now that it's fairly certain Hillary Clinton will follow him in the U.S., we can expect great continuity. Elections coming up in nearly every other major country also promise continuity. With these parameters fully in place, we now await the details of the new architecture.

Amen to THAT.

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Alex Diaz (alexdiazeco)

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What to make of this?

The Saudis betting against oil? Worth a read...

#climatechange   #sustainability   #carbon   #globalwarming  
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Hansen: "Have we passed a point of no-return?"

He's not sure, but IS sure that if we still haven't, we're too close for comfort.

Judge for yourself...
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+Beorn Borg, you're absolutely right. And it's not just the dishonesty of corporations, but the inaction of the honest ones!
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Alex Diaz (alexdiazeco)

Climate Change News Stories  - 

Perhaps that should be the name of the next movie about the coming climate apocalypse, following this report from yesterday:

"If climate pollution is quickly and dramatically reined in, the analysis shows sea level rise in major East Coast cities, including New York, Boston and Baltimore, could be kept to less than two feet — which could nonetheless see developed stretches of shorelines regularly or permanently flooded."

That's a big if, since it's evident climate pollution will not be quickly and dramatically reined in anytime soon. And while the U.S. and other developed societies just might get by, the result in far more vulnerable developing-country cities will be devastating.

All the more reason to step up everything being done, plus new solutions as they emerge. Absolutely no time to waste.
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Alex Diaz (alexdiazeco)

Sustainable Business  - 
Confirmed: We're at the edge of the carbon cliff.

The economy grew in 2015 without a corresponding increase in carbon emissions, repeating the feat first established in 2014. So the carbon cliff is here.

Now, it's time to fly down. For sustainable businesses, that must be the attitude, because the carbon cliff is OUR territory. Sustainable products and brands are the only ones that can and must grow.

The cliff is daunting, yes, but it can also be thrilling. And profitable.

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The carbon pollution has been helped by the EPA three minute, maybe five minute idle then shut it down. I've seen Police Officers honor that where normally the squad car would be left running, buses however seem either exempt or in violation as the case in my City, during a layover, idle for up to ten minutes.
For businesses, the ideal is to retain, recycle, remember the goal of profit but not at the expense of employees. The article was on target.
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Green Content Marketing as digital disruption

In 2014, digital took over marketing. In 2015, content took over digital. And for small and middle market companies that sell B2B or B2C solutions that address human+climate challenges, green content marketing must now take over their approach to digital:

But that's just the marketing part. Here's McKinsey with a must-read on the reasons why digital more broadly has taken over the way we do business and how our marketing strategies fit into that larger picture.
Understand this, and you'll be far better positioned to be the disruptor and win the game.

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