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Because our times are defined by CLIMATE TENSIONS, like rain on a leaf. Let's dig in.
Because our times are defined by CLIMATE TENSIONS, like rain on a leaf. Let's dig in.


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Now THIS is what I call smart shopping

I just joined this great way of offsetting emissions when we shop online, using UCapture's merchants. Outstanding. Check it out and join!

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Charlotte rising

Perhaps I should say Charlotte risen, given it is already the fastest growing city for millennials and what that means across so many fronts I explore in the article below.

Check out, in particular, the green dimension of this transformation in the making. A great opportunity coming out of the American South. Significant.

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Couldn't have said it better myself

Read this +Vox analysis carefully. Twice, even. And then act. Because while David Roberts is spot on in arguing the climate consequences of a Trump presidency, this only means the burden falls further on us. On YOU.

I've been saying for years that the hope of averting climate catastrophe through laws and regulations was gone long ago. It's true that accelerating wise legislation and policy helps, and Trump will therefore hurt by going backwards on that front.

But the far bigger source of #greenhope is citizen, corporate and government action at the granular, local level. At home. At work. In the neighborhood.

After Tuesday night, that front became more life-saving than ever. And that's where you come in.

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Not yet

I really thought we had evolved during these last four years, that at the very least climate change would be more of an issue during the presidential campaign. But it wasn't.

So as a country, we're not there yet, not there in a place where one side feels confident enough about climate to absolutely push the other to respond to the facts and the science. Not even when EVERY poll says the majority of the American people believes climate change is serious and is caused by human activity.

You'd think this was a clear winning issue for Democrats, an opportunity to pin Republicans in an embarrassing corner. But not so. Didn't happen.

Now that it seems fairly certain that Hillary will be our next president, and seeing that she intends to take Obama's climate policies to the next level, let's see what she does about getting the right to finally engage on this issue and become part of the solution.

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Ground Zero Miami

This photo, taken by so many when flying over Miami Beach -- I took this one this week not long after Hurricane Matthew struck the U.S. Atlantic coast -- used to provoke Ahs and Wows at the sheer beauty of the landscape.

Today, it provokes concern, even sadness, if not depression, knowing that the city might very well be under water, permanently, in a few short decades. Here's a recent article with the facts

In this article today Hilary Clinton joined Al Gore at a Miami rally to rally the country behind solutions. I'll be leading a panel in Ft. Lauderdale in a little over a month to dig into those solutions, joined by a star-studded group of experts from the region.

In fact, if you're in the area Nov. 30 - Dec. 2, join us. Details and registration info here: We take the stage Dec. 2 at 10:30 a,m.

Our focus will be on how to accelerate urban solutions. Hence the panel's name: Urbanism 3.0. But the total solution is much broader. Let's pray we're on time, or we'll soon be praying for something else.

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Sooooo much love

FELICIDADES a +Joel Franqui y a Karla por esta cobertura hoy en Indice (Puerto Rico). Han laborado muchos años para coinspirar, evangelizar y transformar el consumo desde la +EcoTienda La Chiwinha y son una inspiración para todos sus fans.


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"In the sweep of history, we get a small moment in time."

You know, as I watch President Obama deliver one masterful press conference and interview after another in these final months of his time in office, I can't help but wonder what he'll do starting January 21.

I mean, yeah, he'll go on a long vacation and take a year or so to publish his memoirs -- an amazing book, for certain, for the gifted writer he is. But it's the act after that.

Carter had his Peace Center and Clinton his Global Initiative, two 50-something former presidents who used their experience and wisdom for far-reaching work in the decades that followed.

So what will Obama do? Because I find the depth of his thinking, the uniqueness of his perspective, and the breadth of his vision far more compelling than any who came before. This latest interview is yet another example. It is so worth a listen. Check it out.

And then ask yourself: what will he do with those insights? How will he make the world a better place?

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Were you appalled? I was appalled. Just ask George here.

Whether it's money influence or simply that reporters and producers suffer from the same psychological pathologies and defense mechanisms provoked by the horrors of climate change -- probably a combination of both -- the result is coverage abysmally out of proportion to the severity of the crisis.

Here's +George Monbiot telling it like it is...

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How many of you rely on anthropology?

After checking out the work of Dr. Bob Deutsch, I do now! He has an amazing take on this powerful discipline.

Here are some thoughts I posted yesterday...

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Amend the Constitution! Get this man another term!

This was a remarkable press conference yesterday by a brilliant mind. It's only an hour long, and he covers such a broad range of issues that it is really worth watching every minute and paying close attention, because he goes deep into just about all of them.


The first 40 minutes or so are focused on U.S. domestic stuff, mainly the Dallas shooting and the race issue surrounding it. He concludes that part (minutes 34:47-37:28) with a revealing take on his legacy on race. Racism will take time to wean out of the American psyche, he's basically saying. But we're improving. Real-time smartphone videos heighten the dialogue, even amidst the pain. He has, he hopes, planted some seeds for trees that will shade future generations, as we continue to create a more perfect Union. AMEN to that.


It's the part that followed, though, that I wanted to share here and comment on more extensively. Note in particular two segments. In the first one, exactly six minutes (40:30-46:30), Professor Obama delivers the most succinct and cogent exposition of the challenge of globalization we face today.

Globalization, he says, is driven by technology and economics and cannot be wished or legislated away -- and yes, it empowers capital and weakens the vulnerable. But the thing to do is build a new national and international architecture that adapts the social welfare contract to the times to make sure no one is left behind and everyone can benefit from the gains created by global integration.

AMEN to this as well, so long as that new architecture strikes the right balance with the growing Localization Movement, which seeks not to dethrone or replace globalization, but rather do as Obama suggests and create a better way forward for vulnerable local economies, stakeholders and the planet.

In those six minutes, the Professor President also masterfully summarized the challenge of immigration, a tradition, he says, that is built into the fabric and success of America more so than Europe. But Europe is the one receiving unprecedented waves of immigrants right now, and that creates great social, political and cultural strains not to be taken lightly.

Finally, the last segment, starting at 51:30. It's about the wars we fight today. Here, too, the world is building a new architecture: a) strenghten fragile states where non-state terror groups set up shop; b) strengthen international organizations, alliances and partnerships to deal with those groups while keeping the peace among great powers -- a historic post-WWII achievement, he reminds us; c) develop new military and intelligence structures and strategies to fight the non-sate actors -- and by the way, THAT fight is kinda endless, lacking, he says, the McArthur-Emperor war-is-officially-over moment; and d) enhance data and communications security in this age of emails and smartphones, a rather recent phenom.

That's quite an agenda, to build new dual architectures for globalization AND national security -- and he didn't even mention climate change, another recent phenomenon, which forces a third grand reordering of national and global affairs in line with the Dec. 2015 Paris agreement.

That's a lot of very big and very new shit coming at us. As Obama sums it all up in this conference, I got the feeling he may not have turned out to be the deeply transformational figure we thought he would be when first elected, but he HAS been a historic transitional President, far more so than the press, academia and public discourse have realized thus far.

This, my friends, is the elusive Obama Doctrine, the one pundits have struggled to define. We head it yesterday with fantastic eloquence starting at minute 40:30. He calls it a new hybrid way of dealing with global matters and how they impact local affairs.

And we have now transitioned into that, these last eight years. Now that it's fairly certain Hillary Clinton will follow him in the U.S., we can expect great continuity. Elections coming up in nearly every other major country also promise continuity. With these parameters fully in place, we now await the details of the new architecture.

Amen to THAT.
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