[TEAM ONLY] Announcements  - 
#DUCertified  is now published in the playstore!

Will show up here in a few hours depending on when Google decides to update their servers.


Is also going to be merged and integrated into #DirtyUnicorns  pending commits in our gerrit.

I want to go ahead and thanks +Travis Hall for creating the app icon, really good guy and even better themer, thanks man!

+Sasi Kanth for creating the playstore banner!

+Randall Rushing for the idea of the app. Without him, this would of probably never taken off.

Every tester in the private G+ community and last but not least, every themer that stepped up and saw this not as being called out on janky work BUT as an opportunity to put their work up!

Real quick, I want to also say that as the first initial release, this doesn't mean that is a done deal and whatever themes are in there are the only one that are ever going to be included. Themes will continue be added. We might remove a few if things start to slip up and things will improve even more :-)

Thanks all!!
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"Your device isn't compatible with this version". I'm running Android 5.1.1 DU v9.8 DPI is changed to 420. Thanks for the help! 
+Alex Cruz I'm running Android 2.3.3 Samsung Sense compiled from Apple source! 
+Alex Cruz​​ you guys were WAY too vague in the name and description, will this work with layers on Cata? 

Edit: 'twas sarcasm
+Alex Cruz​ I see phlat theme is cm 12 only. Does that mean I cant use it with DU?? I did email the dev but just wanted to ask around
It seems my Note 3 with DU 5.1.1 isn't DU Certified compatible .. and therefore is now a Stranger in a Strange Land ... boohoohoo
This gave me motivation to get through my work faster so i can go home n install it asap...haha
+Alex Cruz I see DU Certified got its first 1-star rating!  Maybe the Ass-Hat needs to get an invitation to the Playa Haterz Ball, LOL!
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