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Update is live :-)
To use, make sure you're on a ROM that has the following commits merged inh...

Alex Cruz (Mazda)

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+Rob Farnham +Ivan Campos +Nick Doherty +Nicholas Chum and any other Canadians....
Come on you silly Canadians! Always complaining that you never get to enter a's one for Canadians only!! GO! ENTER!
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Alex Cruz (Mazda)

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I love this setup!

Alex Cruz (Mazda)

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Just 2 days left on the DU giveaway!

If you have not signed up to the giveaway, you're going to probably regret it! Right now we have a total of 580 promo codes to give away! YES, that's right 580 promo codes to some the hottest themes, apps and icon packs out there!

Themes like Reverie by +Andre Zimmermann, Mono/Art and Belo by +De Jan, Compound by +Daniel Schott, Lone4Subs by +Federico Porcu, Compact UI by +Jacek Malinowski, Spectrum by +Jeremy Beck, Glow and Vibrance by +wasim khan , Groove by +Tesla Tri, Transparent, Rounded UI , Black Light, Shade UI and View by +Gianluca Spadazzi and many more themes!

Icon packs like NAZG, NAZG Dark and KAIP from +Kevin Aguilar, Huel Freeze and Huel-Liquid by +Jeff McIntire, Teslacons by +Tesla Tri and many more icon packs!

Apps like Screenshot Crop & Share, ROM Settings Backup Pro and Fingerprint Scanner Tools by +Daniel Huber, Fi Switch by +Devon Witherell and many more apps!

We also have t-shirts and hats from our friends over at +TECHAERIS! So you can rock the latest theme, icon pack and apps and look awesome too!

See the link for details on how to enter!

#StayDirty   #Giveaway   #DirtyUnicorns   #DevsBase   
Official DU Giveaway This is the official announcement! Get ready!!! This giveaway is about us showing you all how much we appreciate you! If we could… - Dirty Unicorns - Google+
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Alex Cruz (Mazda)

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Spectrum Updated to Version 10.4!

What is New in Version 10.4?
• Added more custom switch options!
• Fixed framework and settings error on M!
• Made Lockscreen Clock Color an option!
• Changed "The Hulk" theme colors!
• Added Aubergine framework base (background color option in framework)
• Added "Ubuntu Orange" theme colors!
• Added Missing Tesla Custom Icons!
• Tinted the Quick Reply Bar in SystemUI! (Thanks +Branden​!)
• Fixed some colors in Keep!
• Themed search feature in Gboard (Thanks +David Wilson​!)
• More bug fixes!

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Alex Cruz (Mazda)

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Another set I created tonight :-)

Will be included in my 'DU headers' pack
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+Rob Farnham no... Color is correct

Alex Cruz (Mazda)

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Running today's Weekly build for #Shamu by +Mark Rhodes​​. Big thanks to you, +Alex Cruz​​, and the rest of the +Dirty Unicorns​​ team for the excellent ROM.

Really feeling #Mono by +De Jan​​ (Art w/ Candy accent) these days. Wallpaper from theme as well.
#Almug icons by +Viktor Vucinic​​
Nova Prime launcher
Header pack by Alex Cruz

#StayDirty my friends

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Alex Cruz (Mazda)

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Casey Anthony ,not so much. 

Alex Cruz (Mazda)

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This is why I like +Daniel Huber! He's never happy with 'good enough', always pushing the limit :-)
New feature coming soon: Text Input - directly on screenshot

This way you can make notes on the screenshot or even be able to make memes.

Get ready :)
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Haha thanks Alex :-)

Alex Cruz (Mazda)

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anytime brotha, anytime

Alex Cruz (Mazda)

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I love how xda is breaking their own rules but hey, that's what happens when you care more about traffic than anything else smh

Is always been about traffic. They just use buzzwords like community and open source to fool the n00bs....
So I asked a mod to close a dirty unicorns thread on XDA, this is what I got 
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+Edwin Rivera 😉
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