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Adam Beckett

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David Bowie - Blackstar

One minute of original music for the Canal Plus/Sky TV show 'The Last Panthers' is more intriguing than whole piles of albums of whoever is making noise and selling it these days.


Adam Beckett

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Whenever I hear the term 'police culture' in the last 30+ years, I instantly think of violence, corruption and tribal gang wars ... 'tribal' as in 'police' as a tribe.

#sociology #Chicago


Adam Beckett

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The newly infused #encryption debate is as ridiculous as it is dangerous for Democracy. It shows one more time how absolutely TECH ILLITERATE policy makers and political spinsters are about these issues. As if bad actors would have no means, if the U.S. government would have backdoors to Apple, Google, Facebook APIs, or any encryption software.

Hysteria, build on stupidity and fear. Fear, existing where knowledge cannot get through...


Adam Beckett

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"I am too busy for that" - The Intellectual in Chief. A lecture

I am late to the party, again. Seasoned, veteran members from the media, on the left and right in their op-ed columns, to other non-partisan observers, to the usual suspects of biased political candidates, operatives and spinsters criticized the American President and his remarks and performance during his #G20  press conference in Turkey.

This certainly is not a "I feel your pain" President. But this is not just an academic policy debate, neither? Someone forgot to tell the President about it? Or, it is the clarity of a man who just knows that he is right and everyone else's opinion or advice - including the Pentagon - is wrong? Aside from policy, an American president, who does not want to give in to emotional symbolism, even if the country, even if the world, wants him to?

I can see the additional page added to the history books of his presidency from this G20 summit presser. Also, another footnote to the Wikipedia page of Mr. Spock...?

#POTUS   #parisattacks   #Daesh   #ISIL   #JSOC   #sigops  
President Obama speaks to reporters in a news conference from the G-20 summit in Antalya, Turkey. Topics include military efforts to combat the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) and the recent terrorist…

Adam Beckett

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Dark Souls II w/ ReShade (Extreme Bokeh/DoF/SSAO)

... as per usual, I keep fondling with the ReShade graphic toolset.
Not everyone's taste, but mine...

#ReShade #DarkSouls2 #DarkSouls  

Adam Beckett

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"Can you hear me? Over!" - No. No, I cannot...

Deflection - one of the many tools in the military press relations bag. Turning the Press Briefing about the October U.S. bombing of a "Doctors Without Borders" hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan into a satellite briefing, with deliberately(!) no access to the reporting General, while he himself defers to his press secretary ... in Afghanistan, who did not answer the journalist questions, but read again and again, in a robotic, brainless manner, the press release, the DoD provided him.

Nobody at the Pentagon wanted to face the music of the Washington DC veteran Pentagon press.

Simple questions did not find any answers today. Instead the U.S. military is doing this dance of "we are sorry", "we are heartbroken, about this terrible tragedy", yet it was no 'tragedy' - there were no Greek Gods involved. Instead the chain of events, reported by the Doctors on the ground are pretty clear.

The U.S. military doing a 'mea culpa' in hope, that this event will not be followed by the demand for a real, international and independent investigation, or God forbid, the International Court of Justice. But to support this "we got this attitude", the spokesperson's for the U.S. military must be far more transparent and answer more honestly and in more detail what happened and - more importantly - why it happened.

Beyond this particular incident, make no mistake, the U.S. military is bombing hundreds of targets every month and civil casualties are a daily affair. This time, the attacks just happen to hit the MSF hospital - people who have a clear voice and are being heard in the West - unlike civilians in Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan.

#MSF #Pentagon #DoctorsWithoutBorders #Afghanistan #CENTCOM #ROI #JTAC

General John Campbell, commander of Resolute Support Mission and U.S. Forces-Afghanistan, briefs reporters from Afghanistan on the investigation into a U.S. airstrike that hit a Doctors Without…

Adam Beckett

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If Vladimir Putin is like a Pit Bull than Turkey's President Erdogan is like a Chihuahua version of him. For the last several years Erdogan is pushing Turkey far away from the principles of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (who turned the Ottoman Empire into a modern, secular(!) nation state) into an Islamic State (sic!) and on top trying to grab all the power he can get to mimic the modern day dictatorship of someone like ... the Russian President.

Both men have a lot in common. It will be interesting to see how this Testosteron fight will end...

Further reading:ürk

#Turkey #Russia #Daesh #NATO 

Adam Beckett

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timestamp ca. 23 minutes in...

The Thin Red Line btw the U.S. and their Kurdish vs Turkish allies

Asked specifically about the lack of support for Kurdish fighters, the special presidential envoy Brett McGurk, after spending 100s of words per minute on the 'Global Coalition', trying to convince the media that the Obama administration is doing everything to defeat ISIL/Daesh, suddenly was short of words. Deliberately ignoring the question and the underlying conflict: Turkey vs Kurds.

Since the Turks, only in the last couple months, are suddenly more cooperative, the formerly glorified Kurds by the State Department, White House and DoD, fighting the enemy, suddenly find themselves holding the short stick in their efforts.

It is a fine line of diplomacy the United States have to balance, but their public ignorance of the conflict itself, between the Kurds and Turkey, is not going to go away.

#Kurds #Turkey #Syria #Iraq #ISIL #Daesh #USA
Brett McGurk, special presidential envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL, speaks to reporters about efforts to combat the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL). Spokesman John Kirby then answers…

Adam Beckett

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ISIS in Afghanistan

Afghan journalist Najibullah Quraishi was allowed access to an ISIS/Daesh School, where children from the age of 3-4 are being taught one thing and one thing only: to fight in the jihad.

There is already a generation of teenagers who went through this kind of 'training' and are ready to fight ... and die.

#Afghanistan   #daesh   #isis  
ISIS is on the rise in Afghanistan — and they say they’re getting young kids to join the jihad.

Adam Beckett

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The My Morning Jacket singer recently treated KCRW listeners to a special concert at the Apogee Studios in Santa Monica, Calif. Watch him perform an epic track from his latest album.

Adam Beckett

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"Murder Inc." (quote)

"The only people who really have to pay attention to what is happening abroad are the military families, who have loved ones deployed in war zones. They think about it every single day. They worry, if their son or daughter is gonna come back in a bodybag. They pay attention."

"But many people in this country just go about their business. You know, the 'Real Housewives of New York' and whatever Pinot Grigio they are drinking, that's 'Reality Television' and then there are the 'Real Widows of Bagdhad' ... an afterthought, if they are even mentioned in the newspapers"

- Jeremy Scahill, Author of Dirty Wars - The World is a Battlefield.

#WhiteHouse   #Pentagon   #JSOC   #Obama   #Bush   #Wargaming