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Adam Beckett

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We politics junkies know this so well: House of Cards meets Game of Thrones LIVE on +C-SPAN 


Meet Rep. Jim Jordan (Ohio) the leader of the ca. 40 strong Freedom Caucus, holding the rest of the GOP in their conservative grip.

#GOP   #McCarthy   #Chaffetz   #Boehner   #TheHill  
House Republicans speak to reporters about House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy's (R-CA) decision to drop his bid to be House speaker following a party conference meeting on the upcoming leadership…

Adam Beckett

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Death from the air always kills civilians. Always.

Everyone who was in the military knows this: there are no 'clinical strikes'. This needs proper investigation, but I doubt the truth will be known. Too much of a political embarrassement for the CIA and/or Pentagon to admit their Intel was wrong*, their spotters were careless or they just did not know or did not care.

The New York Times:

*) Legal Context: 
Why the Emphasis on Self-Defense? Putting the U.S. Air and Ground Operations in Kunduz in Legal and Policy Context

#medecinssansfrontieres    #kunduz   #Pentagon   #CIA   #CAS   #A2G   #NATO  
“Everyone believed it was his last day on earth,” said one man who was in the Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, that was bombed Saturday.

Adam Beckett

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You know you haven't slept in the last day or two, when your eyes are reading; U.S. Policy and Strategy in Middle Earth ... instead Middle East... 

//brain typo

Adam Beckett

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A rare treat!

Admiral Michael Rogers - a Navy man - who is now the Director of the NSA for 18 months and the U.S. Cyber Command Commander, has probably the best overview of the current state of cybersecurity and the dangers that the United States are facing domestically and around the world. You can sense his Navy roots in Signal Ops and he talks straight and bluntly, even in this public Senate Select Intelligence Committee hearing on Cyberthreats, which just finished. 

#cybersecurity   #NSA   #OPM   #DHS   #Defcon   #BlackHat   #China   #hacker   #kalilinux   #linux   #cyberwarfare   #bigdata  
National Security Agency Director Michael Rogers testifies at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on federal efforts to combat cybersecurity threats.

Adam Beckett

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Railworks Train Simulator Series with #ReShade

(showing only ONE of endless configuration settings. This is in-game, in-engine, no image editing done. Some effects are not visible in screenshots, due to their nature, like heathaze)

Adam Beckett

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Today's DoD Press Briefing was quite something else. Journalists, fed up, being told ... nothing. (30 min)

#journalism   #Syria   #Pentagon  
Spokesman Peter Cook briefs reporters and responds to questions on a range of military-related issues, including the transfer of detainees from the Guantanamo Bay detention facility and U.S. efforts…

Adam Beckett

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...forget for a second WHO these faces are. This is a cool visual effect?! And I am the kind of guy who unfollows everyone using gifs (unless your gif is a scientific or code related example): This is using webm.

(You need to click on the CNN website to acutally see it in motion)

Adam Beckett

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This song and video needs like 20 million views. I am doing my best, over the years...

Adam Beckett

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...speaks for itself, really...

Adam Beckett

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Railworks Train Simulator with ReShade (Part 2)

The Railworks (now Dovetail Games) Train Simulator Series is a video game for Railfans ... with deep pockets and tolerance for bugs. The base code is more than 10 years old, but was improved over the years, yet never made it to modern day graphic standards.

This is where #ReShade comes to play.

ReShade is based on SweetFX, a post-processing graphic tool suite around a self-backed D3D9.dll and accompanying shaders.

Due to the fact that graphics drivers read out data, like the z-buffer, certain effects, like Depth of Field, Crepuscular Rays, or other effects can be applied to older games running on game engines. It cannot do miracles, but - at times - it almost can. Textures look better. The use of color tone mapping helps with games, which have a questionable overall color palette, etc.

All effects are configurable. Many effects depend on the taste of the users, but also on the game engine or type of game. Blur or equal effects might not be preferable with some games.

ReShade is applicable to games from DirectX 8 upwards and now supports also DX11.2 and OpenGL. It demands Windows OS, Vista or better. You can find it on the official website:

For those, who are interested in this game specifically, I wrote an extended 'tweet' on my Gamespot Blog:

And I wrote about it - more comprehensive, but also, quite lengthy - on the Steam forums, before:

If you don't like reading, I made YouTube videos, showing off those effects in two 3 minute videos (no ads, no annotation nonsense).

Vignette effect on Marias Pass:

Several different effects, live-edited into the game:

#rendering #DirectX #modding #TS2016  

Adam Beckett

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"... as we elect Presidents, instead of having 'silly season', were the most outrageous thing get's the most attention, wouldn't it be nice, if the most intelligent thing get's the most attention?" - Jane Harman

This was the last thing said, after a fascinating conversation by three former National Security Advisers, Henry Kissinger (Nixon/Ford), Stephen J. Hadley, (George W. Bush), James B. Steinberg (Clinton) and U.S. Rep. Jane Harman, who was on the Hill and served many years on the Armed Services, Intelligence & Homeland Security Commitees, and gives her perspective in dealing with the National Security Council.

#POTUS   #whitehouse   #congress   #history   #Vietnam   #Iraq   #Kosovo  
Former National Security Advisers Henry Kissinger and Stephen Hadley and former Deputy National Security Adviser James Steinberg discussed the issues that arose during their tenures. They were joined…

Adam Beckett

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The State Department refers to the Defense Department. The Defense Department is referring back, to the State Department - how handy. 

Meanwhile, nobody is talking to the Russians and what they are doing in Syria.

To this day, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has not spoken to his Russian counterpart ... at all, since he took on his job! (listen to the comment by DoD Spokeperson Peter Cook in this Press Conference) Amazing? Outragous? Plain stupid? Your call. We are lucky that John Kerry is talking to Sergey Lavrov.

On the other end, former Pentagon spokeperson Rear-Admiral John Kirby, thought it was a good idea, to take over the same job at the State Department, replacing Marie Harf, who started getting good at it.

At this stage, John Kirby is still over his head, making me wish interim spokesperson Jeff Rathke would still stand at the podium. Kirby is either free-jamming on topics, he is unprepared or has nothing to read out or to say about, but still does talk, in the style of his former job.

On the other side of his toolset is the most popular phrase in diplomacy spokes people speak: "I am not gonna..." - Kirby's personal touch is "from this podium..." and instead using the opportunity to clarify the position of the State Department, ignoring legitimate questions by the hardened, well-flown press in the room.

Increasingly more often, John Kirby starts to deliver personal political opinions: "Frankly, I find it incredible/offensive..." and he falls into an unscripted political speech, accusing the press to have insulted him, by simply asking political/diplomatic questions.

It's the State Department, after all.

Apparently nobody of his new State Department collegues, nor John Kerry has time to hear him, otherwise, I don't know, why he is allowed to keep coming back to these State Department Press Briefings.

The Nobel Peace Prize winner, Commander in Chief, President Obama, shows his government's foreign policy has it's odd holes? If it really is the current government or the rust in the DoD and State Department, would be another (good) question. Seems, one year of bombing and not a lot to show for? Ok, 4 million refugees are something, I guess.

Meanwhile, the complaint of the intelligence community analysts, saying their assessments and reports were 'cooked' by their upper 'management', to make the situation look more preferable, is under investigation. An unprecedented earthquake inside this intel community.* 

At the same time, the now 'Invisible War' - on the ground - is going on.

And I am painted neither red nor blue. I talk code and see patterns. This looks like a COBOL department, trying to catch up with a Javascript world?


#politics   #foreignpolicy   #Pentagon   #Syria   #Russia  
Spokesman Peter Cook briefs reporters and responds to their questions on a variety of military-related topics including, the conflict in Syria, the Russian military, and the possibility of a…