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Alex Copeland
Marketer by day, Rock Star by night. Dad 24/7.
Marketer by day, Rock Star by night. Dad 24/7.

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Last chance to increase your sales by 46.15% with video - this closes for GOOD in less than 2 hrs...

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Great new course well worth checking out - full review and walkthru of the product - and some cool bonuses too :)

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My latest post...
Latest blog post - How to set up your Facebook pages and which type to choose.
Also answer the 'Pages vs Groups' question... let me know what else you want to see in the comments below! Cheers!

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Check out the latest post on Pocket Ace Promotion - this one is an update for the adverts we are running for page likes...
So it's been about 24 hours since we set up our ads and not being one to hang around I thought an update was in order - so check out how the ads are doing and what I do next!

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Use Facebook to build up your page likes?
Check out my tips on how to set up your ad campaign including:

- How to set up a campaign
- How to find pictures for your ads
- Why split testing is so important
- What ad copy to use for maximum results
- What to bid on and how much

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So I've been concentrating this page on all things business so far - but I've got the biz page at for that as well...

So it's time to start sharing other stuff on here too... family, friends and music (of course!)

So first 'non-biz' share is the fact that we are writing new tunes with my band [spunge] - - and off to practice tonight to finish up some more.... good times!

Looks like the sun is on the way too which always helps ;)

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If you are into video marketing than I just posted a quick review on a new course by Ray The Video Guy called Video Ranking Machine - go check it out and see if it could help you out in your biz!

Video Ranking Machine Review 2014 - My review of Video Ranking Machine by Ray The Video Guy

if you want to grab the course you can here -

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The third and final video in the Teespring course is now available for you to watch right here! - Video 3 of 3 - Promotion - Teespring Course - Pocket Ace Promotion

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