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Any developers out there interested in joining our mission to lift a billion people out of energy poverty?

We're looking for all skills: mobile, backend, frontend.

No remote workers at this time, but you have your choice of either San Francisco, USA or Nairobi, Kenya.

If you're even a bit interested, reach out to me and I'll be happy to chat!

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Angaza are still hiring software engineers.

Currently posted are our frontend and mobile (Android app) developer roles. Not yet posted is another backend developer role.

We are building a co-located team in San Francisco. For the right candidate, we will sponsor a visa and help with relocation costs.

My favorite perk is interrupting our hardware team as they build custom circuits and asking them really dumb, rudimentary EE questions, like "what is buck/boost" and "can you explain inductance using a water analogy?"

Also, we're still small enough that "Find a slot on my calendar" is said by no one, ever.

Ping me if you're interested. Please share even if you're not actively looking yourself.

Write better software during the day, and more families will have electricity for the first time that night.

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We're still hiring at Angaza, looking for 3 great engineers.

1. Backend developer. We have a pretty darn clean python 2 codebase with great code coverage. It does pretty nifty things not only talking with our custom hardware using custom protocols we've designed but also driving our own double-entry accounting engine.

2. Frontend developer. Our frontend is implemented in knockout.js in a HATEOAS-ful way. Our UI is sparse but featureful; you'll have plenty of opportunities to drive the architecture and make your mark. If you want technical challenges, think about how to squeeze every last bit of performance out to benefit our primary userbase in East Africa who have high latency internet connections.

3. Android developer. One of the most interesting pieces of our tech stack; our Android app is not just another webview, but does pretty tricky things like complex audio signal processing to communicate with our custom hardware. Your app will potentially be one of the first smartphone apps that "bottom billion" people on the planet interact with, as they leapfrog into the future.

Drop us a line today (and ping me if you do). We'd love to talk to you!

Please re-share this post.

[we're growing the team in San Francisco only right now, but if you're really super interested ping me anyway]

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Climbing friends, if you are bored, here are approximately 2000 words describing a minor rappelling incident I had on Sunday.

Spoiler alert: nothing really bad happened.

At the same time, I was reminded of some important lessons, and here, I pass them along to you so you can ruminate on them from the comfort of your home instead of whilst 200+ feet off the deck.

[Non-climbing friends, there's a fair bit of jargon in there, but you may be entertained nonetheless.]

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We're hiring at Angaza.

Our mission is to help the one billion people who still burn kerosene for light and get them onto clean solar energy.

Our engineering team punches past its weight. With only five engineers, we've built a tightly integrated vertical stack of custom hardware, an Android app, and a web app.

Thousands of devices powered by our tech are already deployed in the field. Families have stopped using kerosene because of us. We want to increase our shipments by several orders of magnitude and get more people onto solar and away from Burning Things.

Come join us. We're mature enough that we have a coherent design for our tech, early enough that there are still plenty of greenfield opportunities to build new things.

You'd work on our backend stack, which consists of python, postgres, and a lightweight flask layer to expose our API.

If you've been thinking about joining an early stage startup that can make a legitimate difference in the world, send us a resume.

And if this isn't for you (for now), please do share with your networks.


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Climbing with the milk dogs crew. Happy to report that Smith Rocks are beautiful.

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~15 miles (24K) round trip, 4800' (1475m) elevation gain, 6 pitches of climbing in 12 hours car-to-car.

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Bike ride to Hetch Hetchy and climbing in the Valley

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Riding the Delta Loop, from Sac back to Pittsburg.

One of the best bike tours I've ever been on.
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