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A really important update is coming to Google+: Full gender expression! This couldn't have happened soon enough.
For many people, gender identity is more complex than just "male" or "female."  Starting today, I'm proud to announce that Google+ will support an infinite number of ways to express gender identity, by giving you the option to customize the way your gender is represented on your profile. 

Previously, we provided options for “Male,” “Female,” and “Other,” to encompass both those who don't fit into the traditional gender labels and those who don't want to declare their gender to the world at large. Now, the gender field on your profile will contain four entries, “Male,” “Female,” “Decline to state,” and “Custom.”  When “Custom” is selected, a freeform text field and a pronoun field will appear. You can still limit who can see your gender, just like you can now. We’ll be rolling this feature out for all users over the next few days.

Many thanks to the people and groups who gave us advice on the best ways to do this. Your input has been really valuable to us, and we hope you like the result!
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yeah but why
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Uh... Is this the real +Tim Berners-Lee​? Because... Wow. Thanks!
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commented on a video on YouTube.
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Celebrities Have Decided The Cure to Ebola is Neocolonialism
This video is another example of Americans who end up being deeply offensive in their misguided and astonishingly misinformed attempt to "make the world a better place." Let's unpack some of the ways in which this song is horrible:
This song sings negatively about "Africa." Africa is a continent, not a country. Originally, it was used to spread awareness of famine in Ethiopia, just one of the 53 countries in Africa. Now, it is being used to spread "awareness" of Ebola, which is an epidemic in exactly three countries in Africa. Still, it does its best to portray Africa as a depressing wasteland full of nothing but death and misery. Which of course couldn't be further from the truth. (Source:
This song is patronizing at best, and colonial at worst. It pretends that people in Africa don't know about Christmas, and worse, that they should care. The majority of people affected by Ebola in Africa are actually Muslim. Why the hell would they care about Christmas? Those who are Christian obviously already know. The song's implication that Africans are worse off for not knowing Christian practices is deeply disturbing, as it implies that their culture is somehow less valid and that they "ought" to become Christian.
This song is dominated by white people. Two of the three singers of color who contributed to this song made their own versions of some of the lyrics to be more affirming and non-racist. Their edits were completely denied. (Source:
This song is made for white people. People who are suffering from a deadly epidemic in developing nations are probably not able or interested in watching a YouTube video of millionaire white celebrities telling them that they are inferior for not embracing Christmas.
This song's "Christmas spirit" is actually neocolonialism. Christmas was originally an appropriated pagan solstice ritual used to help violently-converted people maintain their traditions. Now, it is used as a consumerism-worshipping American event which places far more emphasis on the purchasing and exchanging of goods than the false moral ideology ingrained in its religious origins. By imposing this pro-consumerist, pro-Christian doctrine on Africa, this song is essentially neocolonialist in spirit.
This song might not actually help people affected by Ebola. +Band Aid is attempting to gain publicity and direct revenues for its halfhearted "charity" efforts. As of right now, nowhere does its website specify how the proceeds will actually help those affected by Ebola. (Source:

This song clearly does more harm than good, and is little more than a bunch of extremely wealthy celebrities attempting to garner publicity and profit from a feeble and utterly false effort to "do good."

If you're interested in seeing some music which more accurately and respectfully represents the Ebola crisis, sung by West African artists in their own languages and musical styles, I highly recommend you check out Africa Stop Ebola here: Africa Stop Ebola - Tiken Jah Fakoly, Amadou & Mariam, Salif Keita, Oumou Sangare and others.

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As if we needed any more proof that James Franco is really goddamn rude.
On the other hand, random Internet users certainly didn't fail to come up with crazy things for a celebrity to do on camera.

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Holy. Shit. Yes.
Forget quadratic equations, play 'Super Smash Bros.' on your TI-83
The geniuses that guided Rosetta's lander onto a freaking comet no doubt put their TI-83s to good use, but you know what the rest of us were doing with
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Why Permanent "Health" Apps Suck
As always, anytime I post anything about Apple or iOS here I have to include the disclaimer that this is not about jeering Tim Cook over his sexuality or criticizing +The Verge for writing favorable iPad reviews. Android devices have far more permanently-installed bloatware than iOS machines, and it's not just because Android has a larger market share.

However, this article explains why the latest trend towards "health" apps, particularly combined with tech companies' utterly selfish refusal to give people control over their own devices, is a disaster. 

People of all shapes, sizes, lifestyles, and beliefs are becoming increasingly subject to the always-negative trend (owned predominantly by wealthy whites who are so isolated in Silicon Valley that the products they create often cater towards the privileged elite) which believes that success in life can be measured by a calorie counter.

In my opinion, calorie counters are time consuming and highly superficial. If it really works for you, great, but far too many people are led to seriously injure themselves (both physically and psychologically) by the numbers on their smart health apps.

The easiest solution would be, in my mind, to make these apps uninstallable - or better yet, optional to download in the first place!

What do you think?
Design isn’t neutral. Design is a picture of inequality, of systems of power, and domination both subtle and not. Apple should know that.
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From you have
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This is incredible. If only every "Coming Out to My Conservative Christian Dad" story could go so well.
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commented on a video on YouTube.
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Let's Talk: Why #NotYourShield Misses The Point
The problem with this video, a collection of personal testimonials from people (largely women and other minorities) who claim to support #NotYourShield for a variety of reasons, is not that men are evil or that games or bad or that people should be silenced or that women can't be reasonable people with differing opinions. The problem here is that #GamerGate as a collective has failed to illustrate even one example proving its entire point: that there is widespread and harmful corruption in video game journalism. By supporting #NotYourShield you are approving of a community and a collective ideology. You can't say that you approve of #GamerGate without also approving of the opinions, actions, and impression of the group overall, because that's all that it is.

Here's a Breakdown of What's Not Right With This "Movement"
• A video game developer formerly being close to someone who works for a video game review site which gave her game a review from a different author is not even slightly corrupt. Zoe Quinn was in no way conspiring to gain favorable reviews, and in any case a small, free, indie, otherwise-low-key video game getting favorable reviews has no inherently significant impact on gamers or the gaming industry whatsoever.
• Anita Sarkeesian is a media analyst whose opinions are neither hateful nor uncalled for. It is simply impossible for the majority of the threats against her to have been fabricated since they were publicly made by real Twitter accounts, many of whom have been active (some of which also blatantly anti-feminist) for a long time.
#GamerGate has been completely and irrevocably characterized by hate speech, threats of violence, and rampant sexism. This is not due to manipulation by either its victims or the mainstream video game media. This is because that is what the vast majority of GamerGaters have chosen, particularly those who founded the "movement." #GamerGate would not exist as a movement were it not primarily fueled by the shaming, threatening, and silencing of feminists among video game journalism. This wouldn't be the case if the collective had any real argument for their cause of repairing the "corruption" in journalism; however, since the group has no significant persuasive purpose beyond hurting women, it will likely never be able to mean anything more.

Are GamerGaters Really Being Silenced?
Obviously everyone regardless of sex, gender, and sexuality is capable of having a unique (or mainstream) opinion and no one should be silenced simply for having their own opinion. However, no one (I repeat: no one) in the #GamerGate movement is being silenced. Statistically speaking, threats against people for supporting #GamerGate are inconsequential compared to the sheer deluge of violent language against feminists. The fact that some people (not even a majority by any means) in the video game journalism field are feminists and disagree with #GamerGate does not mean that the media has some kind of oppressive bias. Maybe it just so happens that their perspectives are valid? Furthermore, just because this video consists of primarily female or queer people does not mean that it has jack shit to do with the makeup of any ideological group, feminist or GamerGater or otherwise. This video does not disprove the argument (however true or untrue it may be) that #GamerGate consists primarily of cisgendered, heterosexual, white men. 

People Can Support Causes That Actually Hurt Them
Actually, let's take that last point a step further. Regardless of the actual demography of the #GamerGate and #NotYourShield groups, they are still arguing for the privilege of cisgendered, heterosexual, white men. By supporting a movement which slut-shames, denounces feminism, and refuses to respectfully accept or even acknowledge the well-rationed, well-documented arguments that mainstream video game culture objectifies women and that it seeks overwhelmingly to appeal to the interests of cisgendered, heterosexual, white men, even non-cisgendered, non-heterosexual women of color can undermine the cause of equal, respectful representation and equality for all genders. People are perfectly capable of supporting causes which undermine or hurt them, though this is usually done out of misunderstanding. They can also support causes which might seem to help them as individuals but which undermine a group or group(s) to which they belong.

You should probably read my whole before commenting. But, if you must:

TL;DR: The #GamerGate and #NotYourShield "movements" do not have a valid case for corruption in video game media or for their own widespread persecution. It is impossible to support #GamerGate without also supporting the hate speech and violent threats which characterize it because #GamerGate is itself nothing but a hashtag whose associated posts largely have no other plausible cause or argument. A small handful of people are not necessarily representative of movements as a whole, and they are certainly capable of acting against the interests of the broader groups to which they belong.

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... </faithinhumanity>
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Good Question
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I’ve simply given up on adb devices ever working and will just have to twiddle my thumbs until Google actually pushes Lollipop to my 2013 Wi-Fi Nexus 7.
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+Alex Anderlik Excellent!
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This video doesn't suck because it's about mental illness. This video sucks because it has nothing to do with mental illness, and everything to do with perpetuating a fundamentalist worship of straight white masculine men as the only thing that made her life (or America) worthwhile.

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Google News: Delivering the big headlines, 66% of the time.
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A locally-owned Italian restaurant featuring (of course) lots of different gourmet pizza options, MacKenzie River Pizza Co. is a great place to have lunch or dinner. The food is top-notch, the service friendly and incredibly fast (I came here on a busy day and my meal was prepared so quickly they didn't have time to bring out my salad first!) and the decor is very comfortable. If you have a big appetite and a taste for good pizza, you have to eat here.
Food: Very GoodDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
Three stories of furniture, decorations, and gifts of varying quality, The first floor is by far the most interesting, with a wide variety of small trinkets and gifts, many of which were indeed "handmade" from questionable origins that at the very least live up to the name. The second floor is almost entirely racks of every kind of poster from the gag to the inspirational to the generic to the bizarre. The third floor is comprised of wicker furniture and decorations as well as some nice pillows and other cloths. Overall, the quality is decent and the price is okay. There are some unusual offerings which the curious might find worth checking out, but many things here seem to be imported from the mass-producing third-world shops making a profit on the "exotic", "hand-crafted" gimmick. Take a look around, but don't be surprised if you walk out empty-handed.
• • •
Quality: GoodAppeal: Very GoodFacilities: GoodService: Good
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reviewed 2 years ago
One of the most interesting restaurants I've ever eaten at. Located on the second floor, this restaurant is full of quirky, brightly-painted booths with a curtain for privacy. The atmosphere itself is worth having a visit. The food is, of course, Americanized and cheap, but surprisingly well-done despite that. If you're in the mood for Chinese food in Butte, this is my top recommendation.
Food: Very GoodDecor: ExcellentService: Good
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reviewed 2 years ago
102 reviews
A friendly fast food joint with better-tasting meals than what you'll find at the big chain restaurants. The menu has everything you'd expect with reasonably good quality, including milkshakes with a lot of different flavors. The service is helpful and quick; the dining area is clean but fills up fast. Try to get here before peak hours to avoid the lines and you should have a good experience.
Food: Very GoodDecor: GoodService: Very Good
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I recently had an eye exam here and the doctor was very friendly and informative. It's a pretty small building but you'll find all of the regular optometrist equipment here. Everyone in the store was nice and helpful, but as far as the actual selection of glasses go you might not find what you're looking for. Their offerings are decent but a bit few in number to begin with, and I only learned as I was trying out some pairs that students directed through the Phillips Academy healthcare system can only pick from one table of the cheaper frames. Fortunately, there was one pair that I liked, though it wasn't what I was looking for at first and there really was only one pair for me. Overall, I was pleased by the friendliness of the staff but really disappointed by their choices of frames. Make sure to check them out before you commit to anything.
• • •
Quality: Very GoodAppeal: GoodService: Excellent
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reviewed 2 years ago
A beautiful and relatively large meetinghouse that is definitely worth a visit. Located a block from UChicago Admissions, it's in a great location and it even has its own driveway so you can avoid hefty Chicago parking fees. Upstairs is a nice Quaker library as well as guest rooms which are very affordable - though there's a long waiting list. If you're able to stay here, though, it's a wonderful opportunity.
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reviewed 2 years ago