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For all the home bakers but also dessert lovers, what do you think about having to sign a form like this while collecting your cake? Do you think it is fair or not?

#homebaker #cake #dessert #business

Hey +Petr Nalevka,
I'd like to understand the behavior of the app because I'm facing something that looks like a "bug" or misfunction:

Filter times, what it should do:
Always: it will always keep the screen with the filter on. I can't set the start/end time.
Sun: it will follow the sunrise and sunset. I can't set the start/end time. In the pro version, I can set the transition time and the sunset/sunrise offset.
Alarm: it will stop the filter when my alarm goes on. (but how it will start?). I can't set the start/end time.
Custom: I set the start/end time. What I expect:_it will turn on the filter at the time I set, and will turn off the filter at the time I set_. What it does actually: it is somehow following the sunrise and sunset it provides a transition period based on the start/end time , so while I'm expecting a 100% filter, I'll have a 20% filter applied because of the transition time.

I'm not sure if this is clear and correct. I'd like to understand better why the custom is kind of repetition of the sun setting.
Thank you :)

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Are you planning to move your website outside Wealthy Affiliate because it is too expensive at the moment?
Now you can migrate your website for free!
Here I wrote a guide to transfer your website painless and for free.
I did myself and a lot of people already moved their website with no hassle (you can read the comment in the link).
If you are still in Wealthy Affiliate and want to remain in WA, you can have a look too!

#hosting   #wealthyaffiliate   #wordpress  

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Hi all,
I'd like to have some feedback about this article we wrote some time ago. It is one of a series of 3 articles dedicated to cake photography.
I really would like to know your opinion and constructive critiques. Thank you :)

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If you are a beginner, you should bookmark this guide. It's easy and simple and contains the basic terms that you'll encounter while building your blog. Hope it will be useful! 

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Is this glossary complete and trustable for a beginner?

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Do you think this glossary is good for a beginner?

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A simple glossary to help you starting your niche site business. Check it out & share.

#glossary   #niche    #website   #business   #affiliatemarketing  

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This is a super EASY glossary to get to know the basic term, what do you think?

#glossary   #website   #internet   #google   #beginners  

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Now is the time to get your new hosting! Xmas deals 50% off! If you have any problem with getting the hosting or with your website, let me know, I'll be happy to help :)

#hosting   #wordpress   #website   #workingmom  
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