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How $55 tablets are made

You need to check out this video from Mr Shenzhen +Nicolas Charbonnier himself. This is why China has this huge advantage and why $50 tablets will have a huge impact on the Chinese, the Indian, the South-American but also on the western markets.

Share it with your friends who believe n the dominance of premium consumer electronic brands. This is the future and it's the beginning of the end for brands in the "Post PC age".
It's not a matter of who builds your window to the cloud, it's a matter of how cheap you can get it. These platforms are bridging the digital divide!
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Young migrant workers.  This isn't so much the way of the future as it is the way of the present and the past ... and the not-too-distant future.  What happens when such manufacturing is automated and a matter of 3D printing (or something) at strategic hubs?  Even cheaper products on demand and an elimination of job 'opportunities' for such mirgant workers, etc. 
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