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what's new? I am telling you, what's new, Google plus. With Picasa Web album it was so easy and user friendly to download the whole photos album. Just a click. Now I need to do photo by photo and it'll take me hours. G+ you suck and take it as constructive criticism.

it's past 2AM on a random sunday of a long weekend. What's better than blaming G+ for not doing and giving out anything cool about this platform? Seriously, do something, make it better, let it work. You guys get paid, right!? C'mon boys!

G+ connection with Google buzz literally sucks, and I am sorry, I've always supported big G but, god damned, couldn't you do just a better job? Results are clear, users don't use it except for geeks and Sergey Brin. There's still time left, just do smart adjustment and I have a couple of ideas, so if I were you G, I would call this obnoxious italian guy..
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