While experimenting with tgext.pluggable I thought that #turbogears had too many ways to implement partials.

You can create an helper which calls tg.render.render, you can define a genshi function and call it or rely on any other template engine mechanism. Having a more straightforward and intuitive way to handle partials would probably improve reusable components development.

As tgext.pluggable is actually meant to make easy for people to create reusable components and to use them I decided to roll an easy to use partials support in tgext.pluggable. Just enable tgext.callable and call h.call_partial('module.class:method') or h.call_partial('module:function') to render any @expose decorated function from inside a template. This way partials can just be controller methods or functions that expose a template independently from your helpers and your template engine.

This is far from perfect, but I'm quite satisfied with the result. I would really like to hear which are other features that would make easier for people to create reusable components in #turbogears, I'll be more than glad to add them to tgext.pluggable.
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