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"We’re putting a bullet through Google’s head" - Cyanogen, 2015

"Cyanogen services shutting down on December 31, 2016” - Cyanogen, 2016

Google's all like...
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This man must be stopped

Trump has said on Twitter that:

the concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make US manufacturing non-competitive.

While he later denied saying this, he is now threatening to put Myron Ebell in charge of his Environmental Protection Agency "transition team".  Transition team?  Yes, apparently Trump wants to weaken or destroy this agency.  And if you don't know Myron Ebell, you'd better learn about him now!

Myron Ebell has said:

I don’t want to say it’s a disaster, but I think it is potentially a disaster for humankind and not necessarily any good for the planet.

What's he talking about?  Global warming?  No, he's talking about the Paris agreement to fight global warming.  He claims global warming is, on the whole, a good thing.  Why?

In fact, there is no question that most people prefer less severe winters.

After running an organization devoted to eliminating protection for endangered species, he switched to heading the Global Warming and International Environmental Policy project at an institute funded by Exxon.  His job was to sow doubt and create confusion about climate change.

But he burst into fame in 2002.  That's when he helped Bush's White House "council on environmental policy" water down a key report on global warming.  He was caught by Greenpeace, and a scandal erupted.  

He also tried to get the head of the Environmental Protection Agency fired.  Back then it was Christine Todd Whitman.   In a secret memo to Philip Cooney, head of Bush's anti-environmental council, Ebell wrote:

It seems to me that the folks at the EPA are the obvious fall guys, and we would only hope that the fall guy (or gal) should be as high up as possible. I have done several interviews and have stressed that the president needs to get everyone rowing in the same direction. Perhaps tomorrow we will call for [Christine Todd Whitman] to be fired. I know that that doesn't sound like much help, but it seems to me that our only leverage to push you in the right direction is to drive a wedge between the President and those in the Administration who think they are serving the president's best interests by publishing this rubbish.

"This rubbish" was a report put out by the EPA warning people of the dangers of climate change.

So, get ready: this guy will be working full-time to cause trouble!

Here's a good Scientific American article to get you up to speed:

Here's Myron Ebell on Wikipedia:

Here's Myron Ebell rewriting scientific reports:

Myron Ebell saying global warming is, on the whole, a good thing:

Here's Trump's claim that climate change is a notion invented by the Chinese:


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If you have time today, and you should with daylight savings, watch the movie.

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My response to the new app icons in Android 7.0

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Samsung engineers right now.
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OK, so, ready for yet another Google rant? I promise, I'll be different.

I'm deeply open about phones - I have been rocking multiple devices from multiple vendors over the 6 years I've been a die-hard fan of Android, praising it everywhere even in areas it didn't necessarily succeed, backing Google decisions even if I didn't entirely approve them.

The Nexus 5 was, and still is, the best device I own(ed) (an unfortunate drop shattered our mutual love). It worked, was snappy, rocked top-notch specs for the time, and costed literally nothing. Great support by Google, and all that.

Fast-forward 3 years, us 5 inch lovers (blah blah that's what she said) finally get our new high-end device at the size we wanted... But it isn't happening the way everyone has been expecting it to.
So yeah, the Google Pixel is a nice phone specs-wise: nice camera, latest SoC, AMOLED screen, fingerprint reader, etc. Sure, it delivers for 649$ (or, for Europeans, 759 EUR which is roughly the price of an iPhone 7). But let's take a look at another phone that hit the market a few months ago : the OnePlus 3. Snapdragon 820, 6GB RAM, AMOLED screen, fingerprint reader, Sony high-end camera sensor, etc. The difference then? You can buy two OP3 for one Pixel.

And don't tell me "but Pixel has 821" yeah yeah yeah 821 is just a superclocked 820 (and it's still below the Apple A10 SoC), so that doesn't count. Besides, the Nexus 5's 800 is still more than capable today, so I wouldn't even mind. But QCOM decided to kill support, so there's that. Because of that, let your dreams of 5 years Apple-like support vanish into dust.

OK for hardware - but Pixels will have the latest trending Google software! Yeah, look at how Nexus 6 got 7.0 a month late, and how 7.1 will be in "dev preview before the end of the year". What does this mean?
- Pixels either ship with beta software, or they're lying about 7.1 readiness state
- No AOSP source code drop before 7.1 release, which, if dev preview is late 2016, won't happen before mid-Q1 2017
- No AOSP drop for 7.1 before Q1 2017 : No custom ROMs for Pixel until 2017!
- Which might also mean OEMs partner won't distribute 7.1 months after the first Pixels shipped, and at earliest next year

So much for openness, Google is also now digging for even more fragmentation, even within their own devices. I thought the opposite was supposed to happen?

Regarding the keynote itself, it was... dull. First, it was held in what looked like an old high school theatre, and I/O was much more dynamic than that. With all the advertisement Google made for this conference, I was expecting a revolution, a true next-generation announcement. Instead, we got a reminder of what was said at I/O, plus an overpriced OnePlus 3. Disappointed, and more than that, frustrating.

My personal choice: Either going for a OnePlus 3 for cheaper, or Xperia XZ for a more premium price. With the XZ, I get IP67 + a nicer look, for 70 EUR less than the Pixel. And Sony AOSP support. I was all-in for Nexus and Google-branded products, they lost me now.


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[Allo] Google Gods heard our prayers... 
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