An amazing documentary, well directed and executed. If you are into computers, I am sure you will like this.
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the Crazy thing is that, if this wasn't shut down at the end of the war and buried, If it was released to the British private sector for development that the UK would most probably be at the forefront of technological innovation today.... instead we are end users!!
+Chris Goodman I never thought about it under this light, but yes, keeping information like this secret has certainly made a huge difference on what UK (and Europe) is today.

I often wonder what kind of amazing discoveries lie forgotten in some vault in the former Soviet Union. They were even less open than the UK about what they accomplished during the cold war.
Check out reverse lend lease in which we gave away stuff like this and jet engines merlin aircraft engine radar the proximity fuse etc
I will check that one out - cheers! They keep focusing on Turing, who I give credit to but was still only a part of the full operation.
This is a great documentary!
Can't wait to watch this tonight.
WTF Sounds like they want to devalue Alan Turning to me. We still use his ideas for computers today and his ideas on cryptography.
I would not see it as that. But rather as an acknowledgement of the work of other brilliant scientists that were almost forgotten as well.
Dave M
damn fine doco.
excellent information from the real IT pioneers
What a great Documentary, many thanks!
"...In December 1932, the Polish Cipher Bureau first broke Germany's military Enigma cipherst and hey presented their Enigma-decryption techniques and equipment to French and British military intelligence..." Upsss.. This "small" detail was missed in this English "documentary" movie which "was not about Enigma", I know but still...
exactly, first was polish, without them british can't start to do nothing
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