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Alena Hovorkova
Photoshop professional, digital imaging specialist, retoucher, illustrator, photographer . .
Photoshop professional, digital imaging specialist, retoucher, illustrator, photographer . .

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After several months of my ´beyond Photoshop explorations´ (and learning Nuke /Maya) I finally completed my 1st Matte painting Demoreel. Simple projects only (I am still very new to Nuke/Maya, a few months ago I did not even know what Nuke was, and had never ever touched Maya before) .. but at least .. finally, for now.

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Matte painting / set extension test
(just another one from my ´learning Nuke´ series)

(Photoshop/Nuke editing, tracking, matte-painting / 3D projection & compositing & source footage by me, MP images by me and/or Adobe stock / free / public domain /wikipaedia resources, etc ..)

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Matte Painting /Day for Night conversion
(incl. 25D camera projection test & brief making-of)
#Photoshop, #matte-painting, #postproduction, #Nuke

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Kolmanskop again ..
Camera projection test /wip ..
(Photoshop / Maya / Nuke)

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Kolmanskop ghost town, Namibia
matte-painting / Maya camera projection test
(turning 2D/still photo into 3D)

#Maya, #projection, #Kolmanskop, #making-of

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Kolmanskop ghost town, Namibia
matte-painting /camera projection test
(turning 2D still photo into 3D environment)

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A few new uploads
(on my new Vimeo account)
featuring my personal explorations / experiments /testing .. (and/or self-assignments based on training courses I´ve been following, recently) .. while learning Cinema 4D /Maya / Nuke .. & exploring 25D/3D camera projections & matte-painting techniques for film/VFX ..

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.. when talking about ´making still images move´ (& adding depth ..), here´s one of my recent quick tests ..

Turning 2D/still image (photo) into 3D ..

#Cinema4d, #25D (camera projection, particles, dynamics etc./Cinema4d; source image: stock/Fotolia)

.. long time no post from me ..
(no spare time for personal work /no projects of mine worth sharing, actually ..)

A lot has happened - and changed, over last few years ..
both in my personal and professional lives - but - even though it might not look like that (while experimenting with a lot of other fields, art & hand-made craft, meanwhile) - a few things have remained the same though -
I still love (and now trying to finally/again/hopefully get back to) Photoshop, digital imaging, photography, digital art, etc. ..
and/or ..
recently also trying to explore some other areas ´beyond Photoshop´ a bit, too .. trying to make my still images .. move :)
(motion, matte-painting /25D camera projection for matte-painting / Parallax effect for still imagery, VFX/compositing for film, film-making /video-editing, HDRi/360 imaging, motion tracking, time-lapse /stop-motion/ motion graphics, animation .. )

At the moment, still nothing worth to share,
but - hopefully soon /from time to time/, now I´ll finally have a chance to get back to personal projects, and/or to sharing some ´bits´ of my current ´explorations´, too, as I go ..
For those who might yet be interested ..

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Will Stephen (TEDx Talk)
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