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Google Fit and Apple Health is now tied to calendar
Last time I shared an update on this, I wondered why it wasn't integrated, glad Google wondered why as well.

Google Calendar's Goals feature now integrates with Google Fit and Apple Health to keep track of user fitness activities
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Aleksandar Stefanović

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Still better than Allo
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Block this communist mother fucler
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WIP on the Material redesign of Impress Remote :)
Not accepted yet, but I don't see why wouldn't it :)
Redesigned the start screen Libre Office Impress Remote. It's a pretty huge, hacky change. Now, I have to no idea how to merge this back. No idea (i.e. I need assistance on merging it back to the source because I'm a beginner at open-source software).
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Would love to see also Material design icons for the program. Hate all icon sets, except maybe Elementary. Others look like 3rd graders made them.
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Aleksandar Stefanović

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This is how hard it was to send email in 1984

The heady days of Prestel (Beltel here in South Africa). Right near the end of the video they broadcast an audio clip that is intended to be recorded to an audio tape. Many computers back in those days, such as the Sinclair ZX81 which I had, had no floppy drives or hard drives, and programs were saved and loaded from an audio cassette player and you'd hear those tones from the speaker. So those tones being broadcast were in effect a file transfer in progress (one way of transferring a file to a few thousand viewers in one go!!).

Once upon a time, a huge hunk of plastic with a large dial was just one step in a series needed to send an email message.
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Aleksandar Stefanović

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Tried Telegram for the first time, today, and I'm amazed by it's swiftness. This is something I never expected from a 3rd-party app, and it feels like what Hangouts should have been. On the contrary, Hangouts is the slowest app on my phone (keeping it only because Telegram doesn't have phone functionality).

It has many subtle animations, and it follows Material guidelines quite well. It is an school example of Material Design put into practice.
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Aleksandar Stefanović

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Happy holidays!

To celebrate this festive period FKUpdater will be on a 30% OFF sale until the 1st of January. Get it here:
It recently added support for the Pixel, One Plus 3 and One Plus 3T and has a boat load of features to help you manage your rooted device with FK (and with some other Kernels too), and more to come!

But that's not all! Up until the 1st of January you also have a chance to win a bundle of promo codes containing some of my popular apps, worth at least $10/10€:
- FKUpdater
- 5217
- Focus

You simply have to re-share this post and I'll randomly choose 25 users from the re-shares pool. I'll announce the winners on the 7th of January, 1 week after this sale ends.

Xmas icons made by the one and only +Liam Spradlin, follow him for more of his magical work.

Post ID: kJ8vvM3P+7Xju?LnKq^5
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Aleksandar Stefanović

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Tesla P100D
0-60 in 2.5 seconds
315 miles of range

Fastest production cars in the world now:
Porsche 918 Spyder
Tesla Model S
Bugatti Veyron Super Sport
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Aleksandar Stefanović

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Redesigned the start screen of Libre Office Impress Remote.
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+Kuba Zmyj​ thanks! 
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Aleksandar Stefanović

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Is it just me, or does Git seem needlessly confusing and unintuitive? I'm painfully trying to understand the concept of it, and many things seem unlogical and redundant... 
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Thanks, I'll check it out! 
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Aleksandar Stefanović

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Some users on thenewboston wanted to see my Silver Play Button (for reaching 100k subscribers) so I figured you guys might too.

My Gold one (for reaching 1 million subscribers) should be coming in the mail soon, and apparently it's huge. I will post a picture of it when it gets here. I'm excited :-)
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Everything was pretty much okay. Rooms are equipped with AC, and there are even blow dryers in the bathrooms. There were no issues with the hygiene. The hotel is about three minutes the beach, but the proximity of a road with lots of traffic (and noise) could sometimes be a minor problem, depending on the orientation of the room.
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