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SEO expert and digital marketer
SEO expert and digital marketer

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Using the new mixed HTTPS content checker in WebSite Auditor, you can quickly scan your site for the most common HTTPS issue:


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"It's digital marketing, if you stop learning, you die. Period" 

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There's always a reason why your site's rankings have dropped.

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What Makes a Conversion Optimizer? 8 Experts on Separating the Pros from the Pretenders

Great post with expert replies to very important marketing questions:

1. What makes someone a genuine conversion optimizer?
2. How can you spot a fake CRO expert or agency?

By +Aaron Orendorff via +Unbounce

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Start listening to Twitter conversations that matter to you

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22 Tips for SEOs to Attract More Twitter Followers

Organically growing your Twitter base with genuine fans takes concentrated effort. Between short attention spans and harsh competition, the road ahead isn’t easy. Here’s our field-tested 22 tips for building your Twitter following:

#twitter #socialmedia #SEO

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11 Tips to Improve Your Online Store Sales via Social Media

The social media market is saturated with brands trying to stand out and reach their customers, and with 1 in 10 online purchases spurred by social media, you can’t afford to risk losing business to your competitors due to a poor social media presence.

In this article, I’ll be showing you how to use social media to spark real growth in your online sales using some personal insights and a healthy dose of advice from the experts (referenced throughout):

Via +Search Engine Journal

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Negative SEO: How competitors can ruin your rankings, and how to make sure they don't

Negative SEO is a controversial topic in the SEO space. You hear about it a lot, but does it happen a lot? Here are some thoughts on the matter:

#SEO #negativeSEO

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Your keywords are not what you think they are

The impact of semantic search on SEO is huge. In my latest post, I'm trying to explain how Google transforms search queries to render better results and what it means for SEO:

#SEO #Google

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How do branding and social media interrelate? 
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