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Alef Trust
Transformative Learning in Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology
Transformative Learning in Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology


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Help Us Change the World!

Would you like to join our global community of educators, students and staff in helping to manage and administer the operations of a leading transformational online learning facility? Alef Trust is growing and we are seeking candidates to fill two newly created positions. If you are a Business Development Manager or Executive Assistant familiar with the educational sector, and have the disposition, community-mindedness, experience and qualifications which fit with our mission and goals, we would love to hear from you. Follow the link below to view the complete job descriptions and how to apply for our (part-time and telecommuted) positions as a Business Development Manager or Executive Assistant.

Our Story and Vision: The Alef Trust is an international non-profit organisation active in the field of transformative education, focusing in the areas of consciousness studies, spirituality and transpersonal psychology. We are inspired by a vision that emphasises whole-person education, integrating mind, body and soul for the betterment of our world. In all our work we aim to foster wellbeing & health, cultural self-expression & inclusivity, ecological sustainability, and compassionate service to the world. Whilst being rooted in academic excellence, all our programmes encourage personal and professional growth through multiple ways of knowing, embracing creative, spiritual and somatic practices alongside intellectual study.

Apply/Job Descriptions:

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Opening to The Transcendent

Then transcendent represents a realm of experience and consciousness which is beyond our normal senses. The transcendent is also a source of wisdom arising from echos of mythic realms which can reveal the nature of self and reality. Tapping into, exploring and learning about these magical, mythical and transcendent realms can fundamentally transform our lives and consciousness towards a sense of unity and expanded awareness.

Come and explore the nature of consciousness, transpersonal psychology, spirituality and transcendent states with Alef Trust's (online) Open Learning Courses and Graduate Programmes. New courses and programmes are starting September 2018 and February 2019.

Alef Trust

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Mindfulness & Extraordinary Experiences

Alef Trust's Jessica Bockler, PhD will speak at the Mindfulness & Extraordinary Experiences 2018 which will be held on Saturday 6th October 2018 at 18.00pm – 21.00pm in the world renowned Coventry Cathedral in Coventry, West Midlands, England.

Jessica Bockler, PhD, is an applied performance artist and transpersonal psychologist with a passionate interest in expressive arts and sacred ritual for consciousness evolution. In her work she combines physical theatre, dance and vocal work with martial arts and mindfulness practices. Jessica leads Creative Alternatives, an arts and mental health service which operates in Merseyside, UK. Jessica is also a Founding Director of the +Alef Trust, a global learning provider which offers education programmes in consciousness studies, spirituality and transpersonal psychology.


Alef Trust:

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Transpersonal Psychology Conference

Theme: "The Relevance of Transpersonal Psychology to Research & Professional Practice"

The British Psychological Society (BPS) - Transpersonal Psychology Section, is holding it's annual conference from September 14-16th 2018 at the University of South Wales, Newport City Campus.


Prof Brian Les Lancaster
Magical escapism or transpersonal embodiment? Working with imagery in professional practice

Dr Andrew Powell
Keeping Soul in Mind: Psychiatry and the Transpersonal

Dr Penny Sartori
How a Deeper Understanding of Consciousness at the End of Life Can Enhance Practice for Healthcare Practitioners

Dr +Steve Taylor
Moving Beyond Materialism: How Transpersonal Psychology Can Contribute to Cultural Transformation


For the conference we have adopted the theme of The Relevance of Transpersonal Psychology to Research & Professional Practice and our keynote speakers have been chosen to reflect this. However, there is no requirement for individual submissions to reflect the conference theme; any topic of relevance to transpersonal psychology will be deemed appropriate for consideration.

Deadline for all submissions is 23:59 on Sunday 15th July 2018.



Alef Trust is a not-for-profit community-interest organization offering online transformational Graduate Programmes and Open Learning Courses for academic, professional and personal development. We foster holistic educational, community and cultural activities that emphasize transpersonal perspectives and transformational learning opportunities. Alef Trust is honoured to be sending two of our esteemed faculty to the annual BPS transpersonal psychology conference: Professor Les Lancaster (Director) and Dr. Steve Taylor. Alef Trust has recently partnered with Liverpool John Moores University (LMJU) and announced many new programmes and courses begining in September of 2018.

Alef Trust Announcement:

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New Courses, New Programmes & New Partner!

All of us here at the +Alef Trust are pleased to announce our new partnership with Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) in the UK. This partnership means that we can develop new programmes and courses that will be quality-assured and accredited by the university and our graduating students will be awarded LJMU certificates and degrees. The highly-praised MSc in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology (CSTP) is the first programme to run through the new partnership, and commences in September 2018.

Alef Trust’s Dean, Les Lancaster, says: “This is a very exciting development that shows how far we’ve come over the six years since we started the Alef Trust! It’s a recognition of the quality of our teaching and of the standing of our Faculty. Moreover, it’s a kind-of homecoming, since LJMU was the place where I initiated courses in consciousness and spiritual practice more than thirty years ago. Liverpool is a dynamic place that has seen many creative initiatives … walk around the city and you meet Eleanor Rigby and Jung (OK … they’re only statues!) … now that’s distinctive!” Les was awarded the UK’s first full Professorship of Transpersonal Psychology whilst he was working at LJMU, and currently holds Professor Emeritus status.

Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology
(MSc - Sept/18)

Approaches to Consciousness
(Open Learning Course - Sept/18)

Transpersonal Psychology
(Open Learning Course - Sept/18)

Transpersonal Coaching Psychology
(Open Learning Course - Feb/19)

Transpersonal Coaching Psychology
(Certificate of Participation - Feb/19)

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Alef Trust offers completely online transformative learning programmes and courses for personal and professional development. Their Open Learning Courses which begin this April 2018 are FILLING UP FAST but they still have some room in the following transformational courses.


"This course will provide both the understanding and practices to expand human consciousness to enable leaders to discover new aspects of themselves, thereby embracing the essence of transformational leadership."



"In this course we explore transpersonal dimensions of dreaming, drawing on scientifically grounded theories and empirical findings in dream research, as well as on historical and spiritual traditions. We examine how our dreams relate to our waking life and how they can bring inspiration and even transform us."



"In this course we examine and evaluate psychological insights found within the corpus of kabbalistic texts. Such insights may be seen to comprise two related aspects: First, the challenge to understanding the nature of mind and, second, the development of techniques and practices directed at attaining a transformed level of being."


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Transpersonal Dreaming

Have you ever wondered...

- ”To what extent does scientific research into dreaming support traditional, spiritual and mystical views of the importance of our dreams?”

- ”How have extraordinary and transformative dreams shaped human history?”

- ”Can the dream state facilitate psi phenomena?”

- ”What are the transpersonal dimensions of dreaming that the study and practice of lucid dreaming opens us to?”

Starting in April 2018, Alef Trust is pleased to announce that one of the leading researchers into transpersonal dream studies - Dr. Tadas Stumbrys - will be teaching our online Open Learning Course in Transpersonal Dreaming.

”In this course we explore transpersonal dimensions of dreaming, drawing on scientifically grounded theories and empirical findings in dream research, as well as on historical and spiritual traditions. We examine how our dreams relate to our waking life and how they can bring inspiration and even transform us.”

Sign up TODAY or contact us through the link below if you have any questions about this incredible (online) course into Transpersonal Dreaming.

Transpersonal Dreaming:

#aleftrust #dreaming #transpersonaldreaming #psychology #transpersonal #tadasstumbrys

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Sacred Science Circle - Newsletter #2

"The Sacred Science Circle ( gathers a sacred circle of individuals and groups that honor the “fires” of transformation implicit in all scientific, scholarly, and artistic endeavors. uur mission is to further that profound route to knowing, wisdom and enrichment of being that the confuence of science and the Sacred can bring to us and to our modern world. In pursuing sacred science, the Sacred Science Circle and our partner institution, the Alef Trust (, aspire to transform both ourselves and the world."

Research Updates

- Research Ethics in Humanistic and Transpersonal Research by Hennie Geldenhuys.

- Truth-speaking as Heroism by Jacqueline Linder

Conferences & Events

- 11th Annual Conference, Society for Humanistic Psychology. Liberation Through Wisdom & Love. Boulder, CO, USA, March 22-25, 2018.

- Institute of Transpersonal Psychology Gala Fundraiser. April 7, 2018.

- Division 32, American Psychological Convention 2018. Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Founding Transpersonal Psychology. San Francisco, CA USA, August 9-12, 2018.

- Association for Transpersonal Psychology.The Future of Transpersonal Psychology: Integrating Science, Philosophy, Art, & Embodied Spirituality. San Francisco, CA, USA, August 13-16, 2018.

- 19th European Transpersonal Association (EURuTAS) Conference.Tools for Evolution: Knowledge & Practices That Make Us Real. Saint Petersburg, Russia, September 19-23, 2018.

#psychology #sacredsciencecircle #aleftrust #transpersonal #spirituality #research

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The Evolution of Coaching Psychology

"The practice of Life Coaching arose out of athletic coaching in sports and is broadly defined as a collaborative process of helping someone improve performance or satisfaction in some aspect of their lives. In contrast with psychological counselling or therapy which is often focused on pathology rooted in past experiences or flawed thinking processes (cognition), Life Coaching is focused more on the hear and now by working towards improving the present as well providing guidance and tools for achieving future goals in a client’s professional, relationship, creative or even spiritual aspects of life. Although distinct from the field of counselling psychology or psychiatry, Life Coaching is still fundamentally grounded in models and approaches from psychology and so the evolution of Life Coaching is closely tied to the evolution of the science behind human psychology and flourishing."

#psychology #lifecoaching #transpersonal #transpersonalpsychology #jevondengali #aleftrust

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Successful Leadership Through Transformation

Never before in the history of humankind, has the demand for a new kind of leadership been felt as much as it is today. In business, leaders carry the burden of responsibility for far more than just generating returns for shareholders. The health, wellbeing, happiness and satisfaction of your team and employees, are critical factors in determining their long-term value to the company or project. Similar responsibilities lie with leaders in other fields (for example, resource management, healthcare, education, and non-profits).

"To navigate successfully through these turbulent and uncertain times, today’s leaders require an understanding and mastery of transformational leadership. This is characterized by a willingness to focus beyond the leader’s impact on the external, and reflect internally on humility, compassion, discernment, and a willingness to tap into something that is greater than themselves."

This 8-week Open Learning (online) course from Alef Trust staring this April, will provide both the psychological background and practical skills to expand human consciousness, and enable leaders to discover new aspects of themselves, thereby embracing the essence of transformational leadership for their team and employees.

Transformational Leadership:

#transformationalleadership #leadership #management #transpersonal #transpersonalpsychology

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