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Aleš Kostka
Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go!
Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go!

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Enlightened Czech Republic #AgentOrigins     #CrazyCzechs  

CrazyCZechs identity dates back to the year 2013. We have started travelling to European countries for anomalies and started building relations with local Enlightened agents.

Most of us went after unique captures, with a twist of crazy. In a famous situation in Germany in a downpour, local agents said goood bye and went home, but the czechs pulled out plastic bags and rubber bands and headed into the city to use the time more destroying and capturing. At around midnight, someone wrote to ENL faction comm a message: "OMG Those crazy Czechs are still outside playing". Heavy conversation was initiated and some local agents accepted the lead, found us physically and went to play with us all night. We have called ourselves CrazyCzechs and it sticks since then

We thought weeks about our logo, what it should say, what it should represent, and what others should see. 
- Must represent entire Czech Republic, not just city like Prague
- We should avoid Czech national flag (it contains blue) and law is in place about its modifications
- It should say INGRESS on first look without actually reading ingress anywhere
- It should be clearly seen where we are from, without saying Czech Republic 
- should be green ...

This is what we come up with after months of trying, inspired by 
Czech national symbol, double tailed lion.

Authors: +Aleš Sýkora(original concept) +Rastislav Švarba +Jakub Dvořák and other +CrazyCZechs 
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CrazyCZechs is no longer "just Ingress" 
Drtivé vítězství v celoplanetární bitvě o shardy jednotlivých postav Magnusu (Fate of the 13) má dopady i v reálném světe. Hráči české ENL (CrazyCZechs) mohou s hrdostí oznámit, že se na příští dva roky stali adoptivními rodiči chovu koně Převalského v pražské ZOO. Z portálu sochy tohoto zvířete byl 745 km dlouhou linkou skórován shard #27 z Prahy do Bělehradu

The landslide victory in the worldwide shard battle for fate of Magnus characters (Fate of the 13) is already having its positive real-world impacts. Czech Enlightened players (the CrazyCZechs) are proud to annouce their adoption of Przewalski horses in the Prague ZOO for the next two years. An in game portal of the horse was used for creating a 745km long link from Prague to Belgrade for scoring #27.'s_horse

#CrazyCZechs #Charity #FateOfThe13 #Shard27 #745kmlink #ingressreallifefootage #magnus13
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Nez Hitler zjisti, ze #Shard27 skocil do Srbska, pojdme si pripomenout interview o ceste Zeryka do Prahy. #crazyczechs 

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Katowice jump!
Je to tam! Máme sharda v Katowicích. Skvělá akce :) 

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Littlebit of Enlightened birthday cake. Yaaay for me. From +Kateřina Zemanová​ 

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We did it!
Today we made 4,520 unique links to one portal (top of the hill Ralsko, North Bohemia, Czech Republic).

With great help of almoust three hundred CZ/DE ENL agents we built huge green comet (starburst). There were 4,520 unique links built with total lenght about 237 thousands kilometers.

We are very happy now and we are working on full report. It will follow in few days.

ORGs: @ArnieCL, @blackst0ne, @bohouscl6, @HerzScheisse, @jakub12, @MarekMarek, @Neuromute, @tessierashpool, @ToughStone (in alphabetical order).

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Back in tha game
I've earned the Mind Controller medal in #Ingress.

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Starting point check

#ingress #LuxAdventure


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Final Score: ENL 27,625 - RES 21,741

See you in San Diego, California on June 25th.

#enlightened #ingressObsidian

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Only trully Enlightened allowed upstairs ;-) Smurfs would burn their feet ... 
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