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Fiduciary duties in probate administration explained
The executor of an estate can be sued for failing to adequately perform duties
The law imposes duties on people in a variety of circumstances. Everyone who drives a car, for example, has a duty not to drive negligently. The failure to do so can result in litigation if a careless or negligent driver causes injury or death to another. Depending on the circumstances, the negligent driver may even face criminal charges.

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Recent Texas case highlights issues with handwritten wills
Wills generally go through probate uncontested. However, several valid reasons exist to declare a will invalid
Texas law recognizes a handwritten will as legally valid. Handwritten wills are known as “holographic wills.” However, holographic wills increase the odds of a will contest or probate litigation, especially if the handwritten will leaves all or most assets to a single beneficiary at the expense of others.
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