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Ald Shot First
It's all in the reflexes.
It's all in the reflexes.

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MMO Funk
No, this isn't a mashup of the genre i love and some Parliament Funkadelic tossed in. As amazing and groovy as that would be, this isn't that. This is about the ridiculously long rut i've been in as far as MMORPG's go. It's a good thing i have this blog to ...

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Make My MMO
I often get asked what i want from an MMO, or what i look for in one. This isn't a difficult question for me because i know exactly what i want. What tends to be the difficult part is the reactions and subsequent arguments discussions my response seems to e...

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MountQuest #136
It's been quite a while since my last mount conquest. Luck has zero to do with it this time fortunately. It had everything to do with not logging into WoW for the better part of three months now. What dragged me back this time? It certainly wasn't the actua...

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Pantheon Gameplay
In typical me fashion, i ended up missing the first ever Pantheon pre-alpha gameplay stream on Friday evening due to working late. I still could have watched it live but would have been unable to participate in the discussion and ask all the questions that ...

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Contemplating Excuses
For the first time in a really long time, i've been without an MMO for over a month. It's actually been pretty crazy and not as full of withdrawal as i'd imagined it would be. I was sure that after a few days i'd have been craving another fix, but i've been...

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Black Desert Character Creator
In a very nice surprise, Black Desert Online released a stand alone character creator here . Not only does it appear to be free for anyone to download and try, but characters created can be saved for when the game actually launches later down the road. The ...

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Blade & Soul & Time
The first ever trailer released for Blade & Soul came way back in 2009. Let that sink in for a second. That was over six years ago. The way i put that in prospective for myself is that i was still playing Final Fantasy XI back then. For me that was forever ...

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Black Desert
I've been trying to stay away from this one. My concerted effort to skip any and all upcoming Korean MMO's due to my history with them was bound to fail. I really thought i could do it this time and stay away. In fact, I've skipped any opportunities to read...

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I Am the Champion
I've been in one of my moods for the past month or so. One of those bored with everything and nothing interests me kind of moods. WoW has been on the back burner for quite some time as i wait for Legion. Other than the random mount farm here and there, I've...

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MountQuest #135 - Happy Festivus
This one is a little bit late but you know what they say. I'll call this one a Festivus miracle and place it somewhere between the airing of the grievances and the feats of strength. Thanks to a friend of mine i was able to snag myself an Amani Battle Bear ...
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