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The Sextant Group Sets Its Sights On Alcons

Operating out of 11 offices across the US, The Sextant Group is a leading firm of technology consultants, providing innovative solutions to a wide range of client needs. Over the past few years, they have embraced the advantages of Alcons Audio loudspeakers for an increasing number of high profile projects.

The Sextant Group operates in a range of industries, including culture, education, government, healthcare, recreation/sport and workplace environments. A key service is specifying high quality AV and sound/lighting solutions for live entertainment. Based in Pittsburgh, Joe Hammett is one of its Senior Systems Designers.

“I first learned of Alcons in late 2014,” he says. “The following year a co-worker recommended that I take a look at them, because we had a project where we needed to recess multiple subwoofers in a small space. I visited the company’s booth at InfoComm 2015, listened to the loudspeakers there and was immediately impressed. Then the real research began.”

As an independent consultant, The Sextant Group is committed to delivering solutions for a wide variety of differing needs. Joe can choose products from throughout the professional sound industry, helping clients to select solutions that fit both their needs and budgets.

“We evaluate the needs of the space from both the use-case and architectural perspective, then select a product that is the best for both. It is a duty we take very seriously,” he says.

In many cases customers are looking for an audio solution which delivers exceptional sound, but which is visually discreet. This is a need that Alcons pro-ribbon technology is perfectly placed to fulfill.

“On many of my projects there is a fine balance between room aesthetics and the size of the loudspeakers required to produce the desired output,” says Joe. “An advantage of Alcons pro-ribbon technology is that the power handling allows for a higher output with lower distortion, when compared to other loudspeakers of a similar size. With an Alcons solution, I am able to hide loudspeakers in recesses and other out-of-the-way places without sacrificing floor space.”

He continues, “I strive for the ideal solution where the loudspeakers are heard but not seen, which I have been able to do multiple times with Alcons products. Another feature of the pro-ribbon driver is its extremely high gain before feedback. This feature has allowed me more freedom in speaker placement for systems that require speech reinforcement, live musical performances and program audio reproduction.”

Two very different projects Joe has specified Alcons products for are a public-facing experience center for a major electronics manufacturer in New York and an immersive theater in a leading US children’s research hospital.

For the electronics manufacturer, the brief was for an ultra-high quality audio system to complement a giant, 96-panel flat screen display, which forms the centerpiece of a unique ‘cultural destination, digital playground and marketing center of excellence’. Effectively a cinema system in all but name, Joe specified arrays of three Alcons LR7 micro line array modules for left, right and top center, an SR9 MkII ultra-compact fill-in monitor for the lower center channel, six CSS3 small-format reference surrounds and four CB181slFV front-venting shallow subwoofers.

The LR7s, SR9s and CB181slFV were embedded in a wall surrounding the screen, hidden by acoustically transparent fabric, with power and control coming from three Sentinel3 amplified loudspeaker controllers.

The children’s hospital theater features three Alcons VR8 compact versatile monitors, four CSS3 small-format reference surrounds and two Sentinel3 amplified loudspeaker controllers.

One of the first projects that Joe looked at Alcons for is also now coming to fruition, a multi-use auditorium in a university student center, which is also based on an LR7 system.

“Alcons products allow me to design owner- and architect-pleasing systems that fit the budget and give the users high impact experiences with incredible clarity and reliability,” he says. “Working with Alcons as a manufacturer has also been easy. I know that I get excellent technical support and quick budget estimates.”

“I work with an acoustic model of a space with speaker options and alternate mounting locations. This is crucial to the design process, ensuring that the infrastructure is included in the construction package to properly locate and mount the speakers… the installation of which can sometimes be years later.”

Once a system is installed, it is essential that it is set up correctly to deliver the best experience for the customer. Here Alcons offers further support by including on-site commissioning in its master quote.

“Many of my projects go to bid and not all AV contractors are familiar with the Alcons product. By specifying this service, I can be confident that the loudspeaker system will be commissioned properly,” adds Joe. “Alcons helps to ensure that our customers will always be happy.”

For more information, please visit and .

(photo Children's Hospital © TheSextantGroup)
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Alcons Audio Appoints Elit for Turkey

Alcons Audio has appointed Elit Light and Sound Technologies, based in Besiktas, Istanbul, as its representative for Turkey.

Turkey and the regions around it have a rich and diverse cultural history. The modern day entertainment industry embraces music, drama, cinema, dance and sport, while quality sound is also needed for mosques, hotels, corporate clients and broadcast studios, making it a key market for Alcons’ pro-ribbon technology

Since 2001 Elit has been delivering the highest levels of service to a wide range of customers, which makes the company an ideal Alcons pro-ribbon partner.

“From the beginning we have always distributed the best products,” says Elit’s Emre Defne. “In Alcons we found exactly the kind of quality that we are always looking for. Alcons is a great solution for all kind of projects where optimum sound is needed and, with a great product, it’s much easier to attract the interest of customers!

“Alcons’ after-sales service and support is another very important factor, because we always do our best to provide great support to our clients,” he continues. “To do this, we need to have the same level of service from the manufacturer. We want to work with manufacturers as ‘part of the family’ and we know that Alcons service is as good as their products.”

“Elit has a proven track record in representing top quality audio brands in the Turkish market and has become a highly-respected name. This has been achieved by developing long-term customer relationships, commitment to the market and by its staff putting their reputations behind the company. These are exactly the essential qualities that Alcons is looking for. Our pro-ribbon systems have a story to tell, so they need to be presented by a reputable company to convincingly demonstrate the ‘Alcons difference’ to quality-conscious clients.” says Alcons Audio co-founder Tom Back

“Bringing a relative new brand (and technology!) to a market like Turkey requires teamwork between the manufacturer and the representing company, which obviously goes far beyond shifting boxes. Emre and his team are the ideal people to increase further awareness and penetration of Alcons in the Turkish market.”

More information on and .
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Alcons introducing the VR5 mini versatile monitor
First pro-audio system to feature patent-pending waveguide technology

The VR5 is a 2-way mini versatile loudspeaker, specifically designed for near-field applications where ultimate fidelity response needs to be projected with wide horizontal and vertical coverage.
The system brings the typical clear, dynamic and ultra-low distortion Alcons signature sound of the larger systems in a very small and unobtrusive package, for both portable and permanent applications.

The VR5 consists of the RBN202 pro-ribbon driver for HF and a dedicated-designed 5” mid-bass for extremely low-distortion LF reproduction. The VR5 HF section has a 500 W peak power input, enabling a 1:16 dynamic range with up to 90% less distortion from 1 kHz to beyond 20 kHz.

The patented (90-degrees) horizontal and patent-pending (60-degrees) vertical dispersion of the revolvable waveguide, offers a wide and consistent coverage up to the highest frequencies; Very important for the imaging in stereo or immersive systems.

Due to the “compression-less” principle of the pro-ribbon transducer technology, the system has a fully linear response at any SPL, for an intuitive 1:1 “input=output” performance.

For full system performance, the VR5 needs to be driven by an ALC amplified loudspeaker controller, delivering maximum sound quality with increased headroom and utmost operation reliability and flexibility.
The Signal Integrity Sensing™ pre-wiring ensures dynamic cable/connector compensation between the VR5 and ALC, significantly increasing response accuracy, regardless of cable length and system impedance, with a tight and accurate mid and bass response as result.

The combination of the asymmetric multi-angle enclosure, the revolvable waveguide and the ACO™ color option provides for inconspicuous low profile stage-, stand-, wall- or ceiling positioning. The 5 M10 mounting points enable swivel bracket, shoulder eye bolt and mic stand deployment.

Typical (short to medium throw) applications for the VR5 range from reference monitor, low-profile stage-lip/front-fill, stage monitor, under-balcony system up to a nearfield main PA system, in combination with a separate subwoofer, if required.

Philip “Dr. Phil” De Haan, head of Alcons R&D: “following the recently introduced CRMSC-SRHV surround for cinema, the VR5 is the first pro-audio system that incorporates our patent-pending vertical-control waveguide technology. In further extending our line-up in point-source solutions, this has been a major breakthrough to enable any dispersion pattern from our pro-ribbon mid/high frequency drivers. We plan to further implement this in our upcoming new products.”

Tom Back, managing director: “Although the VR5 concept, as our smallest pro-ribbon system ever, was already previewed at this year’s ISE and as product introduced at the Prolight+Sound, we still had thoughts about taking “the next step” in the low frequency transducer. As we’ve been doing with most systems, as recently the 8” of the LR18 line-array, we consistently co-develop and implement the most-advanced technology on the cone-drivers, to have the best match with the pro-ribbons.
So, we decided at the show to investigate implementing a new active coil technology on the 5”; A technology we’ve been using on a number of design-studies for some time now. The beta-testing of the samples proved our ideas right, leading us to re-design the VR5 with this new technology.”

Tom concludes: “We can truly say, that the VR5, with the combination of the 5” with significantly further reduced distortion on the LF and the RBN202 pro-ribbon on the 90x60 waveguide is setting new standards for ultra-low distortion, superb-imaging near-field sound reproduction.”

More information on .
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Alcons Brings Subtly Superior Sound To The Missouri Theater

One of the most architecturally striking buildings in the city of St Joseph, the Missouri Theater is the center of a thriving arts scene. Thanks to some public-spirited citizens, the 1200-seat former movie palace has recently been upgraded with an Alcons Audio LR7 pro-ribbon system.

St Joseph’s position on the Missouri River means it was a historically important location for trade and it remains popular, being within easy reach of over 17 metropolitan areas. One of the key features of the 1927-built Missouri Theater is its Hollywood-Oriental style. On the National Register of Historic Places since 1979, it retains all of its visual grandeur, so it was important that a recent audio upgrade didn't detract from the aesthetics.

Although owned and operated by the city authorities, it was a group of public-spirited citizens who raised the money for the audio upgrade. Together with its longest-serving sound engineer, Erich Uhlhorn - who did his first show there 46 years ago - they approached audio consultant David T Walters of Diversified Design.

“This was the last stage of a long-running series of technical upgrades. My approach was that it’s ‘my’ house and I wanted to make it sound right,” says Erich. “I had introduced David to Alcons systems at InfoComm, several years previously. When he saw the theater, he knew it was perfect for the Alcons LR7 pro-ribbon solution. It would deliver great audio quality, but not impact on sightlines or the architecture.”

As it happens David is a long-term fan of ribbon drivers so, when he did a site visit, his immediate choice was the Alcons LR7, because it is so unobtrusive.

“I spoke with the client about other systems, but I knew only Alcons would meet the aesthetics, budget and audio needs. We demoed the system and everyone was sold on it straight away,” he says.

The system comprises 12 LR7/90 micro line array modules per side, with a center cluster of three RR12 point-source array modules and a pair of BF181i mkII compact subwoofers. Six SR9 ultra-compact monitors are used for fills, with the whole system powered and controlled by three Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker controllers.

The system was installed by the Electronic Contracting Company, which is based in five locations in the Midwest and has a large portfolio of public building installations. “It was the first time I have used the RR12s and, to me, they sound every bit as good as the LR7s,” says David.

“The coverage is extremely even, which is a benefit of the asymmetrical horns – we hung them straight and the coverage was perfect. “The frequency response of the whole system is really good, and I was very impressed with the power of the subs, they really deliver.”

Phillip Peglow from sound design and consulting firm Broken Chord commissioned the system which, thanks to its inherent quality, it was not a difficult process.

“Commissioning it was really simple. You don't have to work hard to make Alcons systems sound good, which is something I really like,” says Erich. “We’ve had a lot of comments about how much better the sound is. The staff love it, the patrons love it - everybody notices that something good has happened.”

“I’m really glad I went the Alcons route,” adds David. Everybody loves it, it’s one of the first jobs I’ve ever done where people have called to thank me. The sound is so good and the aesthetic so subtle that you don’t realize the system is even there.

“I was also really impressed with the support from Alcons throughout the process. Their North American sales manager David Rahn is very knowledgeable and did a great job. A lot of companies sell a lot of equipment, but will they support it in the long term? Everyone I have spoken to about Alcons is confident that long-term support is there.

“Missouri Theater is a great showcase for their systems. After the results we’ve have had there, I have every intention of specifying more!” he concludes.

For more information, please visit , and .
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We are looking for an R&D engineer pro-audio Electronics Hardware, to further realize our Research and Development ambitions. More info on:

Thanks for sharing!

#researchdevelopment, #alcons, #alconsaudio, #engineers, #electronichardware #evolutionaryaudiosolutions, #jobs, #hiring
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Alcons Brings Traditional And Contemporary Worship Together In Thomasville, Georgia

Updating the audio system in traditional churches to successfully host a wider variety of worship styles is a problem faced by many systems integrators. It’s a problem that Alcons Audio pro-ribbon systems are well-equipped to solve, as the latest in a number of recent US house of worship (HoW) installations proves.

Since the early 1990s, First Baptist Church in Thomasville, Georgia, has diversified from being a largely traditional HoW to hosting a much wider variety of events and has grown to serve a larger more diverse congregation as well as a variety of worship events and services.

The primary use of the audio system is on Sundays, which begin with a traditional service - featuring the church’s pipe organ, choir, piano and orchestral instruments - followed by a contemporary, praise and worship-style service with modern instrumentation, including drums, electric guitars and keyboards. The church also stages a wide program of special events and performances, including the annual Disciple Now (DNOW) youth weekend, for which the main sanctuary is transformed into a major contemporary music venue.

To accommodate this growing array of needs, the existing center cluster system was proving completely inadequate. A challenge was that the sanctuary is diamond shaped, with the stage, choir stalls, organ and pulpit located in one corner. With the side walls moving outwards from the audio system, this meant that it had to consistently cover considerable width as well as depth.

The church contacted its regular systems integrator, Thomasville-based S&L Integrated Systems. The company specified an Alcons Audio system comprising left and right hangs of six LR14/120 wide dispersion and three LR14/90 ultra-compact line-array modules each, plus two LR14B ultra-compact line-array bass modules. Two BF362mkII high output subwoofers were installed beneath the stage, with the system driven and controlled by three Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker controllers.

With the LR14/120s ensuring that the full width of the sanctuary enjoyed high quality sound, the LR14/90s made sure that it was also heard at the very back.

Acoustically the space features a lot of flat, hard surfaces. While many of these have had basic acoustic treatment, the exceptional directivity of the Alcons pro-ribbon arrays also ensured that any slapback from either these or the front of the balcony was minimized.

“As well as needing to meet a wide variety of requirements, the system also needed to be aesthetically pleasing to blend in with the architecture of the space,” says S&L Integrated’s Clay Byars.

“This was achieved by the main left-right hangs being supplied in white, to match the décor, with the subs being concealed behind grilles in the front of the stage,” continues S&L Pre-Sales Engineer, Gage Helton. “The subs are buss fed, allowing for more control of the low end.”

While the installation of the system was straightforward, Alcons’ David Rahn worked with the S&L Integrated Systems team on fine-tuning the system.

“The key issue was tuning the system so that the people on the balcony have the same sonic experience as those on the main floor,” says Clay. “The clarity of the pro-ribbon technology is unmatched by any other system and the Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker controllers deliver an AES3 96kHz, 24bit digital signal to the speakers. In short, that means the sound quality is exceptional. The client has been more than pleased with both the system and installation.”

For more information, please visit and .
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InfoComm 2018 Highlights Increasing Awareness For Alcons Audio

As the profile of Alcons Audio’s pro-ribbon loudspeakers continues to grow, the awareness and level of respect within the industry is being highlighted by both business levels and interest at major trade shows. In early June, the company’s presence at InfoComm in Las Vegas was the most successful yet.

Alcons took a seven-strong team to the show, including Tom Back, Pauline Ortiz y Pino, David Rahn, Walter Fortmüller, Greg Carter, Brad Katz and legendary sound engineer Buford Jones.

A key part of Alcons presence were two demo rooms, with the Alcons team kept very busy escorting interested listeners to them from the company’s booth on the show floor. “There was a noticeable increase throughout the show in people specifically asking for Alcons and wanting to hear our pro-ribbon systems,” says David, the company’s US Sales Manager.

One of the demo rooms featured a 5.1/7.1 immersive audio system, with VR8 compact versatile monitors, CRMS Cinema Reference Monitor Systems, CB181slFV high output shallow subwoofer, CRS8 medium-format reference surround speakers and Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker controllers. In the other room, Alcons partnered with Astro Spatial Audio (ASA) to showcase high quality, object-based immersive audio. This featured ASA’s SARA II Premium Rendering Engine with Alcons CRMS/CRMSC SR Cinema Reference Monitor systems and the new VR5 ultra-compact versatile monitor.

Attracting a lot of interest on the Alcons booth were a range of the company’s pro-ribbon products, including - amongst others - the new VR5 and the LR18B compact high output flyable subwoofer system, a companion to the LR18 compact mid-sized line array.

“Key market feedback is a fundamental driver of our new products,” says David. “We listen to what sound engineers are asking for, but make it better than what they wanted, thanks to our pro-ribbon technology.” This positive attitude was also reflected in the number of meetings at the show with high level dealers, as well as Alcons signing up a number of new US rep firms.

On the touring front, the increased presence of the Alcons LR28 large format line array in the market has particularly interested Buford Jones, a well-known engineer who has mixed Front of House sound for many of the highest profile artists, including David Bowie, Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, George Harrison, Prince and more.

Buford has witnessed the development of Alcons products since the company began and is pleased to have joined the Alcons team as Tour Market Liaison.

"I'm at the later part of my career and don't tour as much as I used to but, if I did, Alcons systems would be the first thing on my rider,” he says. “The difference that the pro-ribbon driver makes in the high frequencies - which is the most important for intelligibility - is something that people need to hear.

“InfoComm was very well attended this year and I witnessed a lot of people who have not only heard great things about Alcons Audio, but wanted to see and hear it first hand. To anyone who has not yet heard Alcons systems, I recommend you do so at the first opportunity. Experience truly high definition audio with the pro-ribbon technology that provides the cleanest high frequencies I’ve ever heard.”

After such a successful 2018 show, Alcons is planning a bigger presence at next year’s InfoComm. Already enjoying a close working partnership with AVIXA, the show’s owners, with Alcons pro-ribbon technology being ever-more widely adopted, 2019 is already shaping up to be a landmark show.

For more information, please visit .
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Viva Innovation! Alcons Audio and ASA Bring Immersive Live Sound To InfoComm 2018 In Vegas

At last year’s annual InfoComm show, delegates in Orlando - the destination where ‘anything is possible’ - were treated to the US debut of the Astro Spatial Audio: Alcons Pro-Ribbon Immersive Experience. This year, just as appropriately, the ‘Live Entertainment Capital of the World’ is the latest stop on its international tour.

InfoComm 2018 takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada, where Alcons will be showing the benefits of its industry-leading, pro-ribbon audio technology in three separate areas.

Demo Rooms N105 and N106 are where InfoComm visitors can hear Alcons systems from Tuesday 5th June through to Friday 8th June.

In the acoustically-optimized room N106, the Astro Spatial Audio: Alcons Pro-Ribbon Immersive Experience will showcase the remarkable possibilities of high quality, object-based immersive audio from 3D live sound specialist Astro Spatial Audio (ASA). Hourly demonstrations will take place each day, featuring the company’s 3U rack-mountable SARA II Premium Rendering Engine, used in combination with Alcons CRMS / CRMSC SR Cinema Reference Monitor systems and the new VR5 ultra-compact versatile monitor. The demonstration will deliver the ultimate in clarity and coverage, which is ideal for any immersive application.

Previewed in February and officially launched at the Prolight+Sound show in April, the VR5 is the first professional audio monitor that features Alcons patent-pending waveguide technology, allowing any dispersion to be achieved in the vertical plane. It is the ideal unit to highlight the innovation of ASA’s live 3D audio in demonstrations that have been impressing trade show visitors throughout the world.

In room N105: the half-hourly Alcons Audio Pro-Ribbon Sound Systems demonstrations will introduce show visitors to Alcons pro-ribbon technology with a 5.1/7.1 immersive audio system, featuring VR8 compact versatile monitors, CRMS Cinema Reference Monitor Systems, CB181slFV high output shallow subwoofer, CRS8 medium-format reference surround speakers and Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker controllers.

As well as the demonstration rooms, Alcons is exhibiting on Booth C582 from 6th - 8th June. Here a range of the company’s pro-ribbon systems will be on show, including the VR5 ultra-compact versatile monitor, VR8 compact versatile monitor, LR7 micro line array and LR18 compact mid-sized line-array modules, RR12 point-source array modules, QR24/110 modular high-output line-source columns, BC332 cardioid subwoofers and the new LR18B compact high output flyable subwoofer system, a companion to the LR18 compact mid-sized line array.

“Since last year’s successful US debut of the Alcons / ASA demonstrations at InfoComm in Orlando, the Pro-Ribbon Immersive Experience has toured the globe, impressing trade show visitors with immersive live audio possibilities that they never knew existed,” says Alcons Audio co-founder Tom Back. “Las Vegas often bills itself the Live Entertainment Capital of the World, so it is the perfect location to demonstrate that live sound can be delivered in a remarkably inventive way, with exceptional quality and headroom, thanks to Alcons systems.”

For more information, please visit , and .
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Alcons Audio Delivers Super Sound At Super Bowl LII Events

Every year Super Bowl, the annual climax of the NFL American football season, makes global headlines - both about the game itself and the legendary halftime entertainment. National and international broadcasters also cover many of the lead-up events throughout the preceding week. For Super Bowl LII, Alcons Audio delivered a winning solution for celebrated events on both sides of the Atlantic.

Super Bowl LII took place at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where Philadelphia Eagles beat the reigning champions New England Patriots. For the week before the game, the ballroom at the Minneapolis Hilton hotel hosted a range of events which generated huge US media interest. An audio system that could deliver speech and music of equal high quality over a large area was vital - just the task for the Alcons LR7 pro-ribbon micro line-array.

Packed with reporters, one of the highest profile events was the announcement of Justin Timberlake as the Super Bowl halftime entertainment. With the eyes and ears of the world on the announcement, press conference and Q&A with Timberlake, the sound had to be flawless.

Global production company Freeman AV delivers most of the sound and video requirements for Super Bowl. Despite the company’s huge inventory of audio systems, Martin Reeves - the technical audio lead who works closely with Freeman AV’s Director of Client Solutions, Warren Cruickshank - always insists on Alcons.

“The Minneapolis Hilton was a challenging space that we had to cover with even, quality sound for a range of very high-profile events,” says Martin. “Horizontally it was around 150ft wide by 200ft deep, but with the added difficulty of a low ceiling that we needed to prevent audio reflections from. In addition, with three tiers of broadcast camera risers, we had to maintain sightlines, so the system needed to be both compact and highly directional.”

The Alcons system comprised six flown LR7 and one ground-stacked BF181 compact subwoofer per side, plus SR9 ultra-compact in-fill monitors for frontfill, QR24 modular line-source array columns for outfill and VR8 compact versatile monitors providing foldback.

“It was a very small package for a very big room, yet the fidelity, clarity and throw were exceptional,” he continues. “It was a difficult and high-pressure production, both because of Super Bowl’s profile and with media crews from all over the world.
“Everything has to be fantastic, which is why I specify Alcons pro-ribbon systems. I know they will always deliver a superb result.”

Meanwhile in Europe, Austrian private broadcaster PULS 4 hosted what it called ‘Europe’s biggest Super Bowl Party’ for 4000 fans at the Albert Schultz ice rink in Vienna. Supported by ils medientechnik GmbH, Alcons distributor Pro Performance Wolfgang Sauter provided 54 LR18 compact mid-sized line array modules, with 12 BC543 very high output cardioid subwoofers. Including VR8 and VR12 versatile monitors with BQ211 compact high output subs, the Austrian system was powered by 24 Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker controllers.

Back in the US, Alcons Audio North American sales manager David Rahn notes, “We have worked with Warren, Martin and the Super Bowl team several times and the result is always the same - incredibly satisfied clients and operators. The LR7 is becoming a really popular and flexible tool for the corporate AV market. It works seamlessly with complex video and lighting installations and delivers incredible coverage and intelligibility from a very compact enclosure.”

In closing, we at Alcons Audio would like to thank Warren, Martin and the entire team at Freeman AV for choosing Alcons for their most critical events. Despite the demanding requirements of such an important client and event, it is always a pleasure to work with the incredible team that Freeman brings together for the Super Bowl.”

For more information, please visit and .
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Sharing The Spoils: Alcons Audio Adds Another US Representative

Alcons Audio is pleased to announce the addition of Spoiled By Technology, Inc to its US network of representatives for the professional audio industry, covering the northern Illinois and Wisconsin region.

Describing itself as ‘a professional sales organization providing integrated solutions in a continuously evolving world’, the team at Spoiled By Technology (SBT) has over 50 years of collective experience within the professional audio/visual industry. The company has won many manufacturer and industry awards over the past two decades, highlighting its core values of open and honest communications, trust, respect and a determination not to rest on its laurels.

On the subject of Alcons’ Audio products, SBT is clearly excited about bringing the many benefits of the company’s pro-ribbon technology to live sound suppliers in the region.

“There is a lot of opportunity in our territory and we are grateful to Alcons for trusting in us to expand the horizons of the live audio industry here,” says Maurice F. ‘Moe’ Paulsen, SBT VP of Sales/Marketing. “Alcons is not just another traditional speaker company. The unique, proven technology of high powered pro-ribbon high frequency devices delivers something that you really need to hear to believe.

“Ironically, like Alcons, one of our mottoes has always been ‘hearing is believing’, further highlighting that Alcons is a natural fit for SBT. We look forward to working with our dealer base and giving them the experience of genuine high fidelity sound at concert levels.”

“SBT’s philosophies that anchor the company perfectly match our values of service, support, honesty and integrity,” says Alcons US sales manager David Rahn. “Added to the unparalleled performance of our pro-ribbon systems, we are sure that we will make an impact in the region with SBT.
“We have already seen very positive responses to this new union and look forward to working closely with SBT to provide the best tools and support for their customer base.”

For more information, please visit and .
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