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Since Rosberg made his retirement public, everyone seems to be interested in only two things: thrashing his choice and choosing his replacement.
Surprisingly, no one seems to have put out a poll on peoples favorites.
I've put together a list of 5 interesting possibilities for you guys to vote on, just for fun (and opinion assessment).
So, who would you rather have in Rosberg's seat next year?
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Pascal Wehrlein
Max Verstappen
Daniel Ricciardo
Sebastian Vettel
Fernando Alonso

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Am I the only one who went \o/ with this camera angle?
Am I the only one who misses this view?

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What do you think the rule makers in F1 should seek the most with a new set of technical and sporting rules:
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Ultimate speed
Slower but closer racing
Accessability (for competitors and fans)
Human and tecnhical challenge

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I'd really like to know what's so special about the Hungaroring to make this completely obsolete track remain on the calendar for so long, contracted so far ahead while other much more relevant venues strugle so hard.

Does anybody realize how the tyre rule changes this year (3 compond races) have made the first two races much more strategical and unpredictable?
Everybody's going around discussing qualifying but this move strikes me as the best rule change in several years!

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F1 identity
I would like to make the fans around here a small inquiry.
Forget the current state of affairs in F1 for a second.
What do you thing should be the aspect F1 should promote above all else?
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Fastest race cars in the world
Strongest motorsport teams (All levels)
Most skilled race drivers in the world
Fastest race cars in the world
Strongest motorsport teams (All levels)

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I'll just leave this here...

"Rosberg’s time is 1.5s seconds faster than last year’s pole position and his 1m32.294s from FP1 was over five seconds faster than the corresponding best time set in that session in 2015."

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Has anyone read this?

"Hamilton managed a 1:23.837 to take pole this year, compared to last year's 1:26.327 and Albert Park's qualifying lap record set by Sebastian Vettel's Red Bull in 2011 of 1:23.529. Hamilton's 2016 lap was also over 0.5s faster than Michael Schumacher's pole position lap in 2004 during the height of the V10 era, which is often referenced as F1's zenith in terms of lap time."

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Are you ready for the 2014 season?

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