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1-877-253-0308, +1 (303) 242-5815
2300 15th St. Suite 400 Denver CO, 80202
AlchemyAPI is the world's most popular natural language processing service.

The product of over 75 person years of engineering effort, AlchemyAPI is a text mining platform providing the most comprehensive set of semantic analysis capabilities in the natural language processing field. 

AlchemyAPI’s goal is to democratize artificial intelligence technology, making it accessible to everyone. Using a method of artificial intelligence, known as deep learning, AlchemyAPI has developed the ability to train very large and deep neural networks efficiently while remaining cost effective. Deep learning is a biologically-inspired artificial brain that mechanizes certain cognitive tasks to allow computers to read, see, and answer questions the way humans do.

Used over 3 billion times every month, AlchemyAPI enables customers to perform large-scale social media monitoring, target advertisements more effectively, track influencers and sentiment within the media, automate content aggregation and recommendation, make more accurate stock trading decisions, enhance business and government intelligence systems, and create smarter applications and services.

  • Used by over 35,000 developers
  • More than 3.5+ billion API calls processed each month
  • Capable of processing thousands of documents per second
  • Over 90% of API calls are from paying customers
  • Supports 8 languages, the most of any cloud-based text mining platform