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December 3rd 2015

Check out another new page on our website! This page is dedicated strictly to our proprietary electromagnetic, low pressure, bottom fill, permanent mold aluminum casting process!

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December 1st 2015
Check out the new page on our website dedicated strictly to our tilt pour permanent mold aluminum casting process!

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November 20th 2015

Have you ever wondered how the Alcast ELECTRO-MAGNETIC aluminum casting process works?

See the answer to this any many more frequently asked questions on our new FAQ page at:

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November 10th 2015

One of new pages added to our new website is an Alcast History Page,

Be sure to check it out for a little history on Alcast Company's permanent mold aluminum foundry, and look for future updates as we search through 45 years of pictures to expand this page!

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November 6th 2015

Be sure to check out because we just launched a brand new website today!

The new site has an updated look, more content, and is easier to navigate, and the mobile version has also been updated!

Next week Alcast will be highlighting the new pages on our website!

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June, 2nd 2015

6 Piston Aluminum Brake Caliper Castings!

See the newest addition to our brake casting gallery, 6 piston front brake calipers.

6 Piston Cast Aluminum Brake Calipers

The aluminum castings below are the outside halves of a 6 piston brake caliper for a trike from a popular motorcycle manufacturer. Our high quality aluminum foundry manufactures these brake caliper castings with our permanent mold casting process which produces a very nice surface finish perfect for painting or powder coating.

After casting these brake calipers in our aluminum foundry we heat treat the castings and then shot blast the calipers, which is one of our internal value added services. The shot blasting process creates an uniform surface perfect for painting or powder coating, but our fine surface finish also lends itself well to polishing and chrome plating!

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May, 20th 2015

Alcast Company Remanufactures its 1st Permanent Mold Tilt Pour Aluminum Casting Machine from 1973.

Alcast Company Remanufactures its 1st Permanent Mold Tilt Pour Aluminum Casting Machine

In 1973 Alcast Company built its very first permanent mold tilt pour aluminum casting machine as seen above on the left. For over 40 years this tilt pour has been reliably producing high quality aluminum castings with just a few updates and general preventive maintenance. Over the years several smaller versions of this casting machine have also been built and used in our tilt pour aluminum foundry, but they were eventually replaced by our current electro magnetic, low pressure, permanent mold, bottom fill, aluminum casting machines.

This tilt pour machine has continued to be used for some larger parts, cooling plates, electrical enclosures, along with other aluminum castings and has stood the test of time! In fact in 2011 a slightly updated version of this tilt pour was built to expand the tilt pour casting capabilities of our aluminum foundry.

In May of 2015 Alcast Company finished a complete remanufacture and update of this machine, our very first tilt pour! Some of the updates include larger hydraulic cylinders to provide greater clamping force for large molds, and an advanced high purity synthetic furnace lining refractory to increase service life. With our dedication to preventative maintenance and desire to keep our equipment in top shape, this tilt pour will continue to server our foundry and easily be producing high quality aluminum castings for the next 40 years!

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April, 18th 2015

Alcast adds a mobile website

We have recently added a mobile version of our website to make finding and browsing our website better for smartphone and tablet users. For your convenience, if you are using a mobile device, you will automatically be directed to the correct version of the website.

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March, 2nd 2015

ISO / TS 16949:2009 registration renewed for the manufacturing and finish machining of aluminum castings.

ISO / TS 16949:2009 Quality Registration Renewed

Committed to our philosophy of continuous improvement, Alcast Company's A356 permanent mold aluminum foundry in Peoria, Illinois first became TS 16949 registered on April 13th 2006. With the ISO / TS 16949 quality system and our drive to manufacture high quality aluminum castings we are able to consistently meet or exceed customer expectations of quality.

Alcast Company uses advanced quality planning, production part approval, process control, and continuous improvement along with CMM and X Ray inspection to be sure we are providing quality aluminum castings to our customers. To continue to provide high quality aluminum castings the Alcast Company A356 permanent mold aluminum foundry has renewed our ISO / TS 16949 quality certification in the manufacturing and machining of aluminum castings and we are now registered through February 17th of 2018.
Visit our Quality Assurance page to learn more about Alcast Company's quality program, or visit our Downloads page to download a copy of our certificate.

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February, 10th 2015

High Quality A356 Cast Aluminum Pottery Wheels

See the newest aluminum castings in our Misc. casting gallery, high quality pottery wheels.

These high quality A356 castings are wheels manufactured for pottery wheels. These castings are required to be porosity free because a high quality surface finish is desired when the face of the aluminum wheel casting is machined. The Alcast Company aluminum casting manufacturing process lends it self quite well to high quality, porosity free castings such as these!
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