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Lots of new stuff in Plus for #Trello !
★  Pick the user and any date in the past in the s/e card bar.

★  Full multiple keyword support (s/e card bar, report filters and groups.) Rows you already entered before this will work fine, they did have the keyword saved but wasn't shown in reports until now.

★  Report column sort by just clicking headers. Shift-click for multiple column sort.

★  Report pivot by year

★  New help link to a "Donations" blog post which lets you verify that your donation was counted in the sum. Just click on total donations in Plus help.

To use multiple keyword features you need to have more than one keyboard in your list (excluding the legacy 'plus s/e' if you have it).

Now the s/e card bar can do almost everything that a direct s/e card comment did except the ability to enter s/e for multiple users at once on a single entry which is still only possible as a direct card comment.

enjoy! donate!
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New Plus Features! (version 2.10.8)
Many new timer features to support simultaneous timers and much better pause/continue. There is also a new preference to "Always show spent time in the Chrome Plus icon, even with active timers".

To try: say you forgot to start a timer for a meeting that started 20 minutes ago. Simply type ":20" on the card's spent box, and without entering it press the timer. It will start at "20 minutes".
Before this feature, you had to wait until the timer was stopped for Plus to add to that ":20" you typed and had to be done from the same device.

Pause / Continue is also now accurate to the second and will continue the timer exactly where it was stopped. In the past, because of rounding the timer to two decimals in the Spent box, a few seconds could get lost.

For simultaneous timers, simply start many overlapping timers. When you stop one, another active one will take its place in the Chrome Plus icon, and searching those cards from the menu will show a timer icon on them as well.

And the new beta features? Working great for beta users, so far its solid with zero problems reported. If you want to try the beta simply "Rate Plus" by clicking the image below and send me a G+ message (tag Plus for Trello on a private post). I will tell you how to enable it. The beta already has many new working features like Trello Lists in reports as well as automatic detection of renames/moves/archives/deletes.
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Great to be arguing as an industry for surveillance reform.  It really is time for action and the US needs to lead the way.

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New features since last week! (v2.8.1)

Background sync preference to sync every 10 minutes even if Trello isn't open.

New S/E report from the Plus menu helps you keep up with the stream of new team S/E rows.
Mark them read from the report. New unread S/E rows change the Plus icon color.
Combine this with background sync for one-click armchair team S/E reviews.

Card color preference so you can enable card background colors using its first label. This used to be always enabled.

More Report features
Totals per week bottom row on "Spent by User."
Total S/E/R for selected (clicked) rows in custom and drilldown reports.
"afterRow" report parameter (see reports help.)

Please show your support by rating Plus!

this is critical so more people start using Plus and I can keep it free. Donations are currently very far from even covering development costs.

If I get to 100 ratings I will start working on version 3, a major version with:
- native Trello sync.
- support for Trello mobile.
- board-based permissions for viewing S/E data.
- lists support (time in each list, list timelines)
- full move/rename/archive/delete support even if done outside Plus
- Search all boards and cards in the Plus menu, even if not using S/E
- Much more!
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A few improvements since last week:
NOT contains support in reports by starting filter with "!"
Press Enter on the card S/E bar's comment field to commit the row.

Report fields help on tooltips (mouse-over per field) and "Help" on the top-right corner.

Hightlight clicked rows in reports even when clicking a card/board link.

% complete in the tooltips of the Plus menu boards, trello lists and boards S/E boxes.

Trello cards improvements : add "R" column, better layout and colors on errors (like Spent over Estimate), faster loading, warnings before entering S/E that cause negatives on S/E/R.

Allow negative Remaining in cards in Preferences:  Before this option was "Ignore cards with no estimates". Now covers the more general case of allowing spent to go over estimate or not using estimates at all. This option is for all your boards. Each team member has her own preferences.

new dashboard page colors

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Amazon Dash: Ormai è qualche tempo che Amazon sta sviluppando nuove offerte e nuovi modi di acquistare nel mercato alimentare, certo può sembrare strano che un'azienda che sta puntando tanto sulla tecnologia abbia anche un'occhio di riguardo così importante per questo settore. Ma saper vedere lontano significa anche questo.

Amazon Dash.:
Amazon Fresh:

In realtà, se ci pensiamo bene, anche il mercato alimentare che oggi guardiamo come qualcosa di distaccato dalla tecnologia in realtà nel prossimo domani avrà bisogno di questo molto di più di quello che pensiamo. E siccome gli attuali competitor fanno fatica ancora a capirlo ecco che chi è padrone della tecnologia ne approfitta.

Questo strumento che può sembrare troppo avanti rispetto alle esigenze reali non è che una conferma che l'azienda Amazon si vuole portare avanti con un progetto a lungo termine, il quale una volta arrivato agli altri rimarrà poco da prendere.

Video..: Amazon Dash - Shopping made simple

Per capire questo concetto basta che pensiamo a quanti prodotti sono più utilizzati solo perché sono arrivati prima. Ad esempio possiamo fare un'applicazione mille volte più bella di whatsapp ma arrivare dopo vuol dire raccogliere poco. La maniera più semplice per arrivare primi è inventare una cosa nuova.

#amazondash #amazonfresh #ecommerce  
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Jacobacci & Partners is hosting a forum entitled 4T: Technology Transfer Think Tank on issues involved in ‪#‎TechTransfer‬ on May 7, 2014, to be held at Km Rosso (

This event will introduce the initiative which seeks to provide researchers and public research entities, students and innovators the best opportunities  in this field in Italy and abroad (
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