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Hm, I think Google+ still misses some important things.

- Events.
- Groups. Not really the same as circles. In groups, you can see who else is in there. This is more about topics, like about a game or so. Similar also as events.
- Pages. Similar to FB pages. Some company or other group could post some information there and people might be able to add these pages to their interest list. (This might be an important thing for all the people who are just bored and randomly surfing around and throwing some stuff into their interest list in their profiles.)

After all, you cannot really do that much stuff here yet (except of communicating which of course should be the most important thing and which seems to be very nice here).

Also, Google+ feels a bit too spammy for me. It seems I get a notification for just everything. I think I will turn them completely of for now.
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Some things will probably happen over time, but not as a new implementation, but rather as a closer integration of existing google products. For example, Google Calendar already has a superior Event system, but nobody uses it.
Google pages also already exists, and is a lot more powerful than Facebook pages. All they need to do is tie it into the new G+ framework.
You mean as Google pages = profiles? That is a bit different because you can have and create several pages.

Or regular external web pages? Also a bit different. This is what you can do in FB also anyway (to like any random web page).
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