Hay guys welcome to the Jupiter Broadcasting Official Google+ Community, Jupiter Colony. A place where we can get together to share and to talk our interests about the Jupiter Broadcasting shows and events.

Get involve by posting feedback, interesting articles or just start a conversation amongst each other. Just remember to follow these simple Guidelines.

-Please be respectful respectful and courteous of and to each other. if you have an disagreement about a comment or post, handle it as an adult, and don't be a troll about it. Please  Remember it's not only what you say, but also how you says it as well that matters.

-When posting an article or topic, please make sure the post is in the right category. Categories are listed on the left side of the community page. As of right now, we as Moderators cannot move posts from one category to another. So if it is under the wrong category it will most likely be deleted. Yet we will let you know before it's deleted so you can repost it on the right category.

-Simple Guildline to place what post, link or article in the right category are this:
*About Jupiter Broadcasting as a whole, or just to say hi in the General Disscussion Category
*Linux realated post in the Linux Action Show Category
*Developer related posts in the Coder Radio Category
*Science, or Space posts in the SciByte Category
*Desktop shot or Funnies or Wired stuff in the FauxShow Category
*IT or Admin related posts in the TechSNAP Category
*Controversial or Current News posts in the Unfilter Category
*And Bacon....Well under the Bacon!? Category. ^^'

-No double posts. If there is a double post, the newest post of the two will be deleted without notice.

-Please no SPAM(that includes the wannabe meat.) ^^'

-If a post is NSFW (Not Safe For Work) please put NSFW at the top so we can know, but please use discretion. If we believe that the post is too offensive, gross, or wrong, it will be deleted without notification.

-If anybody has a local community event( for example LinuxFest Northwest) that they want post, please run it by one of the Moderators before posting. We mostly like won't say no, but please run it by us. We may promote it live if it is something that Jupiter Broadcasting would want to get into. You just never know. ^^

-Please do not ask to become a Moderator. Right now we want to keep things tight, so if we want to add a moderator we will come to you. Ways to increase your chances of becoming a moderator, is by getting involve with the community.

-Overtime we will award those who are really involve in the Community and our Subreddits over at reddit.com. We may give you an award on the FauxShow, gift cards for Amazon or any of our affiliate sites. Or maybe we may have you live on one of our shows via Hangout or Skype. It's all up to you.

-Please note if you don't follow any of the guidelines, your comment, or post may be deleted. Also if it persists, you may run the risk of being banned from the community.

Last updated 3/14/2013 at 1:38 PST

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