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Albert “Bert” Ripple
Trying to Improve.
Trying to Improve.

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I forgot to post this earlier, but I think I'd like this to be the soundtrack of my life. Leisurely yet moving.
This is in my neighborhood, I know this cross-street well.

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hey, i dislike trump, but this is ridiculous. i mean seriously, look at this: "The numbers check out.", <rates statement as "mostly false">. dafuq!?

btw, for the record, i've never been a fan of politifact: before they were steaming up this bullshit, they were over-scrutinizing Bernie.
If anyone needed any more proof that politifact is trash.
An absolutely true statement gets a "mostly false" reading.
+Albert Ripple I think you liked politifact? if not nvm

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an absolutely beautiful work of art.

(via +Emerald Kelly)

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perfect 😏

want to be clear
those dreams i had
were pleasant

the imagined situations
they put me in
were ones which normally
would make me uncomfortable

they were uncomfortable
but got resolved
when i finally stood up
for myself against myself

when i bucked
the behavior i tend toward
when i took the leap of faith
tried things
then i succeeded
or i moved on

what mattered was to give an effort
and not to succumb to
the overwhelming sense
that there might be failure

if you never try
you never do
fuck yoda

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this is still so damn fucking good

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Thank You Ethan.

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my old u.s.history teacher used to joke that north dakota doesn't exist and was made up ;)

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i'm a smoot +/- an εar :P

the best content has complete internal consistency and entirely lacks external consistency
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