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+Dan Bischoff Shows how to increase the engagement of your content online. This particular example is from Facebook but I feel it applies across the board.
Today is a record setting day, and this is a bragging
 post, which I really try to keep to a minimum. Over the last week, I've almost equaled the number of engaged fans to the number of likes. And the reach was huge, too. Here are the posts that did it:
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Remember, remember the fifth of November,
The gunpowder treason and plot
I know of no reason
Why the gunpowder treason
Should ever be fought
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I know what going on haha what a joke
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Albert Mitchell

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Mike Ramsey gives some great pearls of wisdom to new businesses starting up. Although he is talking about building a digital marketing agency these tips apply to any business.  
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Here is a list of 26 Google + ultimate guides that cover everything from etiquette to hover cards.
Google Plus: The Ultimate Guide to Ultimate Guides

During my time on Google+, I've stumbled across some amazing resource guides that I've been slowly collecting and bookmarking. Within these guides and posts, you'll find information and insight on almost every aspect and feature of our favorite social network. 

All of the content I'm sharing has been created to help you have fun and make the most of your time on Google+. I've categorized the following resources to make it easier to find the information you need:

Google+ Etiquitte

1. For tips on proper Google+ etiquette and how to avoid some common user mistakes, read Mike Allton's post on How Not To Use Google+ here:

2. For additional insight on proper Google+ Community Etiquette, read Kristoffer Howes's Google+ post here:

Tips to Increase Engagement

3. To learn tips that will increase your post's engagement and visibility, read Andrew Harasewych's Google+ Posting Guide here:

Google+ Knowledge

4. To test your knowledge of the network, take Martin Shervington's Plus Your Business, Google Plus Knowledge Quiz here:

*5.*To learn about the options Google+ offers to block or mute activity you find abusive or annoying and the considerations for using each read Mark Traphagen's post here:

Google+ Resource Guides

6. For newer users looking for a comprehensive resource guide, watch Martin Shervington's The Ultimate Google+ Quickstarter Guide (Video) here: 

Martin has also created a complete user guide for Google Plus (blog post and videos) which covers everything from engaging on the network to the psychology behind Google+ hangouts. View Martin's list of resources here:

7. Dennis Labelle has taken the time to compile multiple resources into one comprehensive reference guide. Dennis shares links to Google resources that cover everything on Google+ from auto-enhance to Google+ for business. Review Dennis's post here: 

8. Scott Buehler has put together an Utlimate Guide to Google Plus that can help users navigate their way through virtually any feature on the newtork. Read Scott's Utimate Guide here:

9. Jana Nystrums has created an incredible presentation on Google Plus Basics, Tips & Tricks, which she shared on Google Drive. Jana's presentation covers everyting from making your photos stand out to knowing your Google account. Read through Jana's presentation here:  

Jana has also written an informatinve post on Who sees your Google+ post and options for how users' posts are distributed and shared on the network here:

Jana has also created her own "The best Google+ help and resources guide" which lists some of the best posts on everything you'll need to know to succeed on Google+ here: 

10. While you're at it, don't forget to check out Mark's online marketing flipboard magazine of articles and posts about SEO, networking, branding, and the marketing power of Google Plus here:  

11. Ahmed Zeeshan has created the Google+ Starter Pack which covers everything new users will need to know to integrate into the Google+ community. View Ahmed's Google+ post here:

12 Joshua Berg has created a robust Google+ Ultimate guide in which he shares many key tips for understanding and enjoying your time on the network. Read Josh's resource here:

13 John Skeats has created a usrful Google+ tips collection which covers some of the less discussed issues and features on the network. Read John's resource here:

Google+ Posting Resources

14. Read Martin Shervington's The Ultimate Guide to Google Plus Posts here:

15. Demian Farnsworth has written The Art of Writing Great Google+ posts which can be read here:

16. To learn more about post formatting for optimal engagement and how social activity on the network relates to shared links, read Dustin Stout's post here:

While you're at it, be sure to check out Dustin's guide on The Anatomy of a Perfect Google+ Post here:

17. Socialize Me owner, Andrew Harasewych, has created a fantastic Google+ Posting Guide Infographic which can be viewed here:

18. Lets Get Social has created a monstor checklist that's full of great resources for creating The Perfect Google+ Post which can be read here:

Hangouts On Air

19. To learn more about the New Google Plus Hangouts, video calls, messages, setup & basics, be sure to circle the "Hangout Helper" and check out Ronnie Bincer's resource guide here:

Google+ Hover Cards

20. Jason Darrell has put together some excellent information and insight in this post that will assist businesses and brands in optimizing their Google+ hover cards. Read Jason's "pitch" here: 

Google Authorship

21. Scott Buehler has created a series of posts to provide everything you'll need to know about Google Authorship. Read Scott's collection of resources here:

22. For discussions and updates regarding Google Authorship and related questions, be sure to join the Google Authorsip & Author Rank Google+ community here: 

Google+ and SEO

23. Mark Traphagen has written an excellent article on The Personalized Powers of Google+ Ones which can be read here:

24. For information on SEO for Google Plus Profiles, Pages, Local, Communities & Updates read Kristi Hines post on Search Engine Watch here:

Google+ For Business

25. Michael Bennet has put together a presentation and shared it on Google Drive featuring a compliation of useful Google+ resources created by Mark Traphagen. Read the Guides to Google Plus for Business & Personal Use here:

26. To start a business or brand page on Google+ get started here:

Whew, that's a lot of reading! There are some pretty amazing people here on the network sharing valuable information to help other users discover and unlock the incredible potential of Google Plus. If you have read something that you found particularly valuable and or useful, be sure to circle and or thank the original author. 

Please leave a comment if you feel there's a valuable Google+ resource or post I failed to list. 

#googleplustips   #googleplusultimateguide   #googleplustipsandtricks  
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There are so many different features in Google+ to make it a better platform to share content it is hard at times to keep track of them all. +Brian Jensen wrote up a nice post on many of the functions of Google+. 
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Thanks for sharing +Albert Mitchell! 
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#happy I got my google+ custom url with my name.
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Tell me +Albert Mitchell , does this affect my rel=author?
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Brandon Davis has some amazing #urbanexploration   photos from across the United States. This set tells the sad story of the deteriorating state of Detroit, and foreshadows what will likely happen to other cities and libraries. 
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Albert Mitchell

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Here are 10 great tools from Google. Which of these tools do you use the most? Several of these tools have really helped me solve some sticky issues.
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I know that everyone raves on about the fish taco's and they are great but what I was really impressed by was their beans. It takes a very skilled cook to make simple dishes taste good. Fish taco's have lots of components making it easier to hide mistakes. With beans either they are on or they are off. The beans were on. They aren't the same old refried bean mash you usually get a restaurants. These beans looked like they were home made. Give this place a shot. It is hard to beat. I liked it enough I am giving it a rating after just one visit.
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Often people judge a Mexican restaurant on the chips and salsa. They arn't that great here. The chips seem to be out of the bag even if the salsa was nicely balanced. Now when it comes to the main dishes they were great. I got some Mole Enchaladas and they tasted great. Even though we went in to eat on a Saturday night that was busy they had the food out to me in a very reasonable time. I had some stuffed jalapenos that were fair. They did not scoop the seeds out of the jalapenos before putting in the seeds so they had quite a kick to them.
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5 reviews