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Love Carlos Santana mr magic fingers makes guitars talk
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Albert Lotito

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One man's opinion.

My bottom line on why #neverTrump:

I am an immigrant, Jewish, hispanic, white, latin American, with Italian and russian jewish ancestors.
I have been called, in not very loving ways, 'spic', 'jew', told to 'go back to my country', and other not very nice things.
My ancestors have been the 'niggers' of society more than once and in more than one place, even here in the USA in the 20th century.
I never let it phase me and felt secure as an American till the day our beloved Bush got the patriot act signed. That was the first time I felt that my place as a US citizen was insecure. That faded over time.
Now I listen to Trump and visceral alarms go off. I am not talking about intellectual shit. I am talking about interment camps and secret police and neighbors spying on neighbors. Being singled out because i do not pray to the right god or i have the wrong color hair or i just happen to excercise my right to not put my hand over my heart and recite the pledge of allegiance.
Do i like Hillary? Nope. Can't really say i do. But she just kind of makes me ill in a political way. Trump terrifies my in my bowels.
I won't tell you what to feel or vote but if you hear Trump, and you are a definable minorty, and it does not terrify you, then you have not studied your history or are choosing to forget the lesson.
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Albert Lotito

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A real question to all of you supporting trump:

We have 30 years of Bill and Hillary's taxes, many years of the financials for the Clinton foundation AND many, many years of her health records.
Why not demand the same from trump?

Really. I am trying to understand why it is okay for him to keep these secrets but not her.

Please no bashing just a coherent response with no Illuminati or new world order BS.
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Albert Lotito

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Like WTF Google?
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Albert Lotito

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Kind of makes me ill..
In the words of the infamous carnac: "May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the crotch of the person"... named in the article and her elected daddy.
Holman W. Jenkins, Jr., imagines how Mylan CEO Heather Bresch might explain the recent EpiPen price hike.
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Good staff. Clean. Corporate food executed executed by the book. No surprises.
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Good food. Well lit. Good service.
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Sit to eat with a friend. Server walks over and takes order... Never set utensils on the table. Order "Italian cheese steak" (cheesteak with pepper and onions) Dry, over cooked, under seasoned served on a wonder bread type roll. Came with fries: mediocre at best. Friend ordered spinach artichoke dip with home made chips. Dip: oily and tastless with unseasoned diced tomato on top Chips: unseasoned, oily with shredded cheese (parmesano?) hard and tastless Never got utensils even though the server chick saw me eating fries with ketchup with my fingers The up shot is that the Manhattan was well made.
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Good food. Excellent baked goods.
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Gas is good. Store is ok. Porta pottys
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