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Official Statement Nia.
Dinyatakan bersalah melanggar ToS.
Semua ambassador, reporter yg dari list either mundur dengan baik2 sendiri atau dikeluarkan secara paksa.
It was recently brought to our attention that a third-party site has allegedly used data from Ingress without our consent. Extracting, scraping, or indexing our services or content is a violation of the Ingress Terms of Service. Niantic does not condone the use of websites or methods that have done so.

We are evaluating all options to protect our users, our game, and our rights and will take further action where appropriate. We are also reviewing the long-term plan for the Guardian medal.

Ambassadors and trusted reporters alleged to have been involved in the recent activity have either voluntarily stepped down or will be excused from their roles.

Ingress is defined by the passionate players who enable amazing experiences. We ask that you continue to foster relationships and make Ingress a welcoming community within and outside the game.

Bagi yang mau berangkat bareng pakai bus dari Jakarta ke Surabaya untuk anomaly. Sisa 10 seat.

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Mission Day is confirmed on 13 November 2016 so do register at
Missions will start spawning from 00:00 until 17:00 Local Time (GMT+7)
If you have finished it but unable to meet us on registration table, you can give us your ticket screenshot and detail (contact person will be shared at 12 November 2016)

Mission Day sudah diconfirm nih, 13 November 2016 jadi jangan lupa register di
Mission nya bakal muncul dari jam 00:00 sampai 17:00 waktu setempat (GMT+7)
Kalau sudah selesai mission nya tapi tidak bisa hadir di meja registrasi, bisa kirim screenshot/foto ticket dan detail2 nya aja (contact person nya bakal di kasih tau pada tanggal 12 November 2016)

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Local merchandise is up, feel free to ask if you have question either here or via contact person directly.

Merchandise bikinan lokal sdh bisa di beli, silahkan tanya jika ada yang kurang di mengerti baik di sini maupun langsung ke kontak person yg ada di form.

For those of you who haven't taste Nasi Padang, you can try it later on Surabaya and find out why this song made by Norwegia tourist become recent hits and played on several local TV.
Though as its name suggested, Nasi Padang was originally come from Padang, West Sumatera but you can find decent amount of restaurant such as Rumah Makan Sederhana or other over Indonesia.
There are 2 common way to order Nasi Padang:
1. Come, sit, they served most of the food on table, you pay what you eat.
2. Nasi Rames with ... Means you only want selected meat (such as Rendang (beef, recommended) or Dendeng (beef) or Ayam Pop (unique fried chicken) or regular Ayam Goreng (Fried chicken) etc with FREE selected vegetables (commonly Sayur Nangka, Daun Singkong, Green Chilly)

The second method are much cheaper, but it is commonly for take out only. If you insist, they will still serve the Nasi Rames for dine in though.

Warning: Most of the food are chilly!

Hi Agent Please Fill up the form for anomaly inventory tracking


Halo2 bantu isi form inventory ini donk sesuai dengan inventory saat ini atau target inventory anda pas hari H.


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Grab ID new discounted base price right on time for the anomaly.

Harga baru GrabCar pas banget buat anomaly nanti.

Uber, Grab, and Go-Jek are available in Surabaya.

Uber (Car specialist, dynamic price, able to reroute as you like, surge price)
Grab (Car specialist but almost equal, fixed price, unable to reroute or change destination, surge price)
Go-Jek (Motorcycle specialist, fixed price, unable to reroute or change destination, for motorcycle they available in most places, no surge price, must use go-pay credit to gain cheaper price)

For car, generally a driver installed 2-3 of those apps so if one apps didn't show any driver

Uber, Grab, Go-Jek bisa dipakai di Surabaya.
Uber (Lebih terkenal di mobil nya, harga nya menyesuaikan jarak dan waktu yang ditempuh tapi lebih murah dari taksi, kelebihannya bisa ganti destinasi ditengah jalan atau mampir ke tempat lain)
Grab (Harga nya fix gk mau tau macet atau gk, jika jalan yg ditempuh macet maka kemungkinan besar bisa lebih murah dari uber)
Go-Jek (Harga fix bahkan di jam sibuk (kl uber dan grab car pas jam sibuk harganya bisa naik), harus pakai go-pay biar bisa lebih murah atau sama harga dengan uber dan grab

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Sneak peek panduan pariwisata, tempat shopping souvernir, makanan khas surabaya. Credit to @eunwon

Da jauh2 ke Surabaya rasanya kurang lengkap kalau gk sekalian pariwisata. Yuk bahas bareng kalau ada yang mau ditanyain boleh tanya di sini.

Link Download:

Upcoming English version. Stay tuned. Website version will hopefully available soon as well.

There will be transportation team and accommodation team heading here for information. Stay tune.

But transportation will only available for foreign agent / legion, do let us know if you need the transportation and your flight schedule. For those who need medical attention do let us know as well.

Sebentar lagi bakal ada team transportasi dan akomodasi yang bakal ke sini buat ksh informasi lebih lanjut.
Untuk transportasi dari bandara ke hotel, bakal dikhususkan untuk agent dari luar negeri saja.
Bagi agent2 yang ada perlu penanganan medis (penyakit, dll) harap kabarin terlebih dahulu, kl segan bisa via japri agar lebih private untuk menghindari hal yang tidak diinginkan
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