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Beware of Fake Support Websites.

After reading this article:  I did the same for searching “Facebook Support” in Google.  Damn. Now they changed the Title of the Ad from “Facebook Support” to “FB Tech Support” :( and that ad leading to a page which shows big Facebook banner with toll free number and text “Facebook Support Anytime Anywhere”!!!  (Look at 2nd Image)

Yes. Once upon a time Facebook deleted my account for a silly reason. (For connecting with new people!) Can they retrieve my account back? I mean support from these fake guys…  (May be possible)

And searched for “gmail support” in Google. OMG! There are 4 Fake sites coming in Ad results. :(  compfixo removed their “Facebook Support” fake ad and now opened similar ad for Gmail with @ symbol in the Title.

I don’t know how they got approved to run ads in Google. But please don’t trust these websites they will simply collect your money and you will be faked.

I analysed compfixo[dot]com website. This website hosted in Haryana – Gurgaon, India Location with the label “Private Customer “.
And they even have support for Yahoo Mail: , HP: , Skype: , Dell: , and many more.
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Hi Albert,

We are also a tech Support Company based out of Brooklyn and have only started our business a few months back. Understanding the threats from the scammers it has been really difficult in promoting as a Legit Online company and advertising with Google and Bing has been very difficult lately. It is very important for the online giants to differentiate between legit and fake tech support companies.
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