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Our latest adventure takes you to an unassuming mountain in Vermont, that many of you have heard of though may not have gone. This special place is home to those that seek the backcountry or to have that perfect family adventure. We hope that you can take a look at our latest - Wilderness, and to like and share.

Thank you Boulder Gear, Xevo Optics and Amrita for your support

Thank you Bolton Valley for this great day! We hope you enjoy our story.

Also, thank you to those that consulted us while editing, really means so much to us that you help us out.

Tom Thrash
Nick Steers
Pamela Martin
Runa Øyehaug Lundqvist
Matthew Wood
John Guiffo
Doug McGoldrick
Josh Matta
Brad Fahsel



An Alpine experience like no other,
Under the stars
Only the sky is the limit.
We can understand why people fall in love with this unassuming place,
What is old is new again.

A location where its travelers, both seasoned and new, can safely venture, into what feels like the backcountry,
And still be close to home.

Designed into its timberline to provide ski devotees a sense of adventure.

Tucked in this historical valley,
Perhaps it was never old,
We just forgot what was most important to us,
Bolton Valley's boundless... Wilderness.
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Nevada's Chairlift Snacks with Sylvie at Killington

So, who is ready for another Nevada's Chairlift Snack at Killington Resort's new Snowdon Six chair? This is an especially funny episode with the Saratoga Skier's daughter Sylvie! Get the popcorn and enjoy!
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So happy Nevada got this chairlift snack with Ray's twin brother and his friend Mike. Nevada and the entire family and all of our friends can't wait for Rennie's injury to heal so that he can join us back on the lift. This is a chairlift snack you don't want to miss. Rennie is very funny and a great sport about things even when he is down.

Pico Mountain - you might want to watch this one... There is one new question and the response you will like!

Thank you.

Recorded December 15, 2018

Boulder Gear Inc
XEVO Optics
Amrita Health Foods
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Our first international ski adventure might be one to watch, and we trust you will and to hopefully share with your loved ones and friends. There is no greater reward for us than the views and feedback we get from those that you know.

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More Snacks with Neavada

Nevada had the pleasure to host a chairlift snack with the Zac Mercauto of Maine at Burke Mountain. It just so happens that Zac is attempting to break the amount of vertical feet skied from lift access in the USA. He is already close to 1 million vertical feet and it is not even Christmas.

We hope you can enjoy and share this chairlift snack with your loved ones and friends.
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Ooh hungry for some snacks!
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Have you ever been to the Last Little Corner of Vermont? If not, this story gives you a first hand look of its town, its amazing people its great mountain. #SkiBurke #Family #SkiFamily

Season 6 has begun - please give us a thumbs up and subscribe.
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We are thankful for many things and we are hoping you all have a very special Thanksgiving Day and weekend. With love from us Albas. Remember, the family that skis together, stays together..

#HappyThanksgiving #ThursdayThoughts #Family #skiing #ski #TurkeyDay
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Who say's Fruit Roll Ups aren't fruit? Come and enjoy this Chairlift Snack Pico Mountain with Nevada's special guest Chris Melcher. If you are into Snacks this is one of many funny discussion Nevada has on the chairlift. #skifamily #skiing #picomountain
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