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Alastair Walker
Writer, jeweller. Ex journo.
Writer, jeweller. Ex journo.

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It's time to end the Gong Show and consign the old adage of `it's who you know' to the dustbin of history.

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Project Fear - The Left Rattle the Ghost of British Fascism, But Where Is This Mass Movement?

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The UK is at a crossroads. We need a written Constitution to define who we are, our values, fundamental laws and rights, plus provide a template for co-operation between regions, sharing political power, tax revenues and local laws and customs unique to that area.

Otherwise we risk becoming an ever more divided society, a place of enclaves and bitter rivalry between London and the Rest.

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A famous French racing driver thought it would be a jolly jape to impersonate a wild boar, whilst out hunting with his chums. They shot him and he died in his own car on the way to the doctor's house. Merde!

Many other stranger-than-fiction details from the lives of famous, and not so famous, petrolheads, can be found in this vaguely amusing book.

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Available for Christmas or just long winter nights generally, where only a story of middle aged lust, dancing, affairs, betrayal, comedy and tragedy, will keep you entertained.

Couldn't stop laughing all day yesterday, truly a great day in history. So many adults behaving like toddlers. There was a vote, you lost, get to work and stop crying into your corporation tax-free lattes.

Another November, another rash of virtue signalling red poppy wearers. The 11th has nothing to do with `rememberance' any longer, it's become a game of `I'm more upset about our Armed Forces than you mate.'

Really? Is that why hundreds of ex soldiers sleep rough on the streets, or others kill themselves after years of PTSD, without more than a token chat with an NHS counsellor?

Care about the living, not the dead. Build a better future, and stop wallowing in the bloody imperialism of the past. Those who died in The Great War died for empires, not freedom. They were machine gunned like poppies so that Archdukes, Czars and Kaisers could play out their tragic endgame of divide and rule. The botched settlement of Versailles sowed the seeds of WW2 and paved the way for fascists like Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin, (plus the quasi-feudal Imperialist Empire of Japan) to use the masses as cannon fodder in their great clash of vile ideologies. Again, people didn't die for freedom, they died because the ruling elite unleashed the dogs of war. It was either fight, or be murdered by your own side in many cases.

Our 21st century elite would do the same again, and it will one day, so long as fools keep bowing their heads on the 11th, or doff their caps to poppy-sporting politicians, celebrities and the holier-than-thou apologists for grim carnage, mass murder, rape and random destruction. War has no glory, no `good guys vs bad guys' simplicity. It is instead a complete, complex, dehumanisation of all involved.

Remember that. And don't buy a poppy, read a history book and try to truly understand the past, before you try to `honour ' it.

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I can save you the £49 plus travel expenses; It's not what you know, it's WHO you know that counts when getting a freelance gig at the Guardian, the BBC, or many other media outlets. Talent is utterly irrelevant.

But if you want to listen to patronising tips from ` overpaid soft job for life' Dame Toynbee, then good luck!

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Study this `news story' carefully.

It is propaganda, pure and simple. Note the credit at the end; UGC stands for User Generated Content and it's obvious that the BBC are cherry picking the `User' stories which suit their pro-mass migration, pro Remain agenda.

Sad to see the BBC stoop to this level of deception. News should be news, written by journalists, not PR people working for activist charities.

Another dodgy pocket watch seller encountered on ebay today - trying to sell a `solid 18ct' gold watch, circa 1863. Hmmm, it looked like plated silver to me in the pics, so I emailed a few questions...

After much messing about a photo of the top ring revealed a 375 9 ct hallmark - no proper photos of the hallmarks on the inside of the hunter lid either - I suspect its 18ct plated/rolled gold...

Be careful out there watch fans...
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