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We're excited to announce a partnership with Seattle fashion designer Luly Yang. Over the next two years, Yang will design new uniforms for 12,000 employees. Read our blog to learn more:

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Kb Hom
I am more concerned that I have yet to complete a trip with Alaska Airlines where there isn't a changed time of departure, or, in the case of my last flight, a cancelled flight. I had to come home to Salt Lake City via Seattle from San Jose and my trip took me over 6 hours.
Rarely have any issues with Alaska Airlines and I fly several times a year.
I love Alaska Airlines and fly Alaska or Alaska partners exclusively whenever I can. It's a great airline!
Flown Alaska 6-8 times a year for thirty years and rarely have a problem. The right blend of service, schedule and affordability for me.
Its exciting to see Alaska continue to lead the industry in service, safety and quality of personnel and planes.  I fly about 100 flights a year and appreciate getting there safely and on time almost every time.
I think that on standard lanes the service is constant. But,when you fly a not so popular route, they make the changes.
We were cancelled out of our Mzt to Lax flight be of flight cancellation. I know what you mean Kb Hom. 
Love Alaska!!  Please do not go to the same program for points like AA is planning, and Delta and United have done where points are based on dollar spent X 5 vs actual distance!   Love Alaska, you guys know how to keep Golds loyal!
Please go back to year round service between LAS and BLI.   If everyday is not profitable, please consider a few days a week.   Seasonal service on this route is terrible as the alternative is Alligiant and that''s no alternative.  Alaska has loyal members who do not want to fly with others.  
It has been more than 6 months since booking award space on AeroMexico has been suspended.  Please fix this problem.   It has been too long!
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