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Flying better together. Earlier this week we announced we’re joining with Virgin America to create a better airline for our customers. Learn more: 
When it comes to flying, there are airlines that get you from point A to point B, and then there are airlines that get you. At Alaska Airlines, and at Virgin America, it’s always been about the lat…
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I am so proud of my airline....Alaska Airlines!!!!!! They keep growing from a small beginning in Alaska to so many destinations now. I am so proud to have worked for Alaska Airlines L. They have loyal customers because of the way they are treated by the people who work for them. I learned how to give to give good customer service & when I get good customer service any where I like to talk to a supervisor & let them know that the customer service I just got was very good. It is amazing the agent & supervjsvers & agents are surprised. Just a little thing to do & it makes people feel good. Really it is a random act of kindness that makes their day. Every one needs a bravo for good service! Who knows what kind of day they might be having.Thanks a Alaska Airlines for the training you gave me! Really miss working for the BEST Airlines in the WORLD!!!!!! I have moved to GA & I miss seeing the Eskimo on the tail!. I am looking forward to flying back to Seattle in June for a MARINERS baseball Hall of fame when Ken Griffey Jr is inducted into the mariner's Hall of Fame. What memories I have of days as a Seattle baseball player! Go Mariners!!!!!!!

I flew on Alaka Airlines from SEA to DFW and it was great. I also got to see the flight deck where the pilots gave me an Alaska Airlines model airplane. I say Alaska Airlines is one of the top 5 best Airlines. And I have to give 5 star rating. I hope to fly with you soon.
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