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Earlier today Punch Through Design launched the #Cortado—an +Arduino compatible board with built-in Bluetooth LE. I spoke with +Colin Karpfinger, the founder of company, ahead of the launch about the board and what it can do,
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Is it possible to program your own profiles and characteristics? So far all of the arduino BLE modules essentially act as wireless serial ports. 
Joshua- good question.  We will ship with several selectable profiles, but we're working on supporting custom profiles.  We have a demo running where you can add custom characteristics as you please, so the potential is there!
I guess I don't understand. I am way less interested in how to program this thing than I am in how a computer could compute at any sort of constancy and still work from a small watch battery for a year (or for any other arbitrary and pre-determined time epoch).
It's mainly for data collection. Wake up every five minutes, report a value, go back to sleep. BlueToothLE is designed for this sort of thing. 
Thank you +Joshua Marinacci . I was hoping this thing harvested power from ambient RF. Does it come with sensors? Do the sensors draw power from it? Is there an app store for physical components built for android and or iOS devices? Or for these micro-controlers? Anyone make a (snap-on) sensor bay for smartphones… with plug-in custom sensors… and a com-protocol for external sensor nets????
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