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I hope this is not the system you use in your home !
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AlarmAlert can offer this system anywhere in the U.S. so please share with your loved ones near or far. These wireless systems are ideal for college students or Military families since moving them when you move is easy and made simple by us.

Protect America Inc., National Home Security Company, Commits to Arming Homes for Less Than a Dollar a Day

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) April 30, 2014

Wireless security pioneer Protect America announced today a surprise Spring Savings Event in which it revealed an array of unprecedented options unlike anything seen in the industry – including giving homeowners the ability to defend themselves from burglary for less than a dollar a day. The event is the first of its kind for the company, whose security, home automation and life safety offerings integrate to create a digital web of protection and convenience around homeowners.

The company, in its decades of experience safeguarding homes and business from enterprising thieves, has increased its focus on shaping offerings based on feedback from homeowners. “We want to engage people on their own terms,” said Protect America President Scott Fleming. “Everything we do is inspired by homeowners – our neighbors, our customers, our families. If you just listen to them, they’ll tell you what you need to hear. People don’t want to pay exorbitant fees to protect their homes and families from burglary, and we work every day to make security affordable for everyone.”

Protect America’s Spring Savings Event includes a $5 per week headline offer, an interactive security camera included with select security packages at no extra cost, no equipment fees with any package, and fire protection for less than ten dollars a month.
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Is the ‘Taser Drone’ the Future of Home Security? 

A preview into the future of home security is unveiled at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin.
It’s called ‘Cupid,’ which stands for Chaotic Unmaned Personal Intercept Drone. Basically, it’s a flying robot that is armed with an 80,000 volt taser to make sure any intruder who enters pays for it.
Get Alerts On Your Phone
It’s still a concept, but it works. There’s an app which helps the human operator control it, where said operator can unleash the taser.
The geniuses behind the project decided to demonstrate the awesome power of the taser by firing at the intern! And if it’s an unpaid internship, that’s a straight up loss for the kid.
So if you have a child dealing with a crummy internship, please let them know it could be worse.
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Call for the Best deal in the Industry!  (336) 790-5723                     

    Just give us a call!  (336) 790-5723  We can install new home Alarm Systems or simply monitor your existing security alarm.           With us You Save Big! 
   Why AlarmAlert Should be Your home alarm system company;
  We service Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and all surrounding cities! Home Security Alarm Monitoring.
  We offer the best deals on monitoring and installation.
24-hour UL Approved Alarm Monitoring.
   We service the Greensboro area from Thomasville to Burlington and beyond.
   We have a proven track record with thousands of systems setup.   Home security and alarm monitoring are what we do best!  
   We specialize in home alarm systems and Alarm Monitoring. Here you will find the best deals on a security alarm combined with the latest state-of-the-art alarm monitoring service.
   If you are looking for a Security Company to handle all of your security needs then you have come to the right place.
   We are a well-established Alarm system dealer and can provide you with the very best home security systems to match your needs.     

               Choose AlarmAlert for your home alarm system in Greensboro.     
                                                  It's Fast                                                                                          It's Easy                                                                             It's Simply a Great Deal! 
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Get the best Commercial Alarm System for your Business

We understand business security customers have unique needs that can differ based upon your particular business, location footprint and existing equipment. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of advanced business security solutions, technologies, remote and managed services to complement your products, and integration services for enterprise level projects.

Affordable 24/7 Monitoring
Security Video Cameras
Mobile/Online Apps
Protect your small business 24/7 with an interactive, wireless alarm system from AlarmAlert.

Protect Property and Inventory

You've invested too much in your business to lose your hard-earned profits to shoplifters, burglars or vandals., AlarmAlert's small business alarm systems offer a complete and interactive solution to protect your inventory. Our advanced features are perfect for a small business, without a big price!

Video security cameras
Motion detectors
Glass break sensors
Mobile and online apps
Customized alarm systems
With AlarmAlert you can access and control your alarm system no matter where you are. No matter what time of day. Just log into your AlarmAlert system using your smartphone or computer. You will never be out of touch with your business security. Receive instant messages any time a sensor detects trouble on the property. Arm or disarm your alarm system remotely, view live video feeds and track employees or vendors as they come and go.

Greensboro Commercial Alarm Systems (336) 790-5723 Business Security Systems

Greensboro Commercial Alarm Systems (336) 790-5723 Business Security Systems  
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Your Smartphone Is Your Tool To Home Security

Homeowners with a smartphone or tablet can be assured of maximum home security. New security features are tied to Wi-Fi and apps that can be monitored from any place where you are.

Security System Apps
Thanks to technology advances, smartphones, tablets, and Wi-Fi enabled computers can allow a homeowner to be in control of their home’s safety. Security companies, though in charge of alerting the homeowner and the police, have created apps so that the homeowner can find home security remotely.

Smartphone Home Security
Homeowners can check the status of their alarm, making sure it was set properly. With the addition of cameras and motion detectors, homeowners can access the inside and outside of their houses to physically see that everything is secure.

With technological advances, most basic home security packages offer an alarm keypad, cameras, motion sensors, and fire and carbon monoxide detectors. Other features include alarm triggers if glass is shattered or window sensors.

Newer features like being able to control the home’s thermostat, appliances, and garage doors now exist, too. If anything is out of place, homeowner’s can access their app, view the cameras, and fix anything that is out of place. Left the coffee maker on? The app can shut it off. Garage door open? The app has that covered as well.

Keyless Lock Apps
A new security idea, keyless entry locks have become more widely available. While these locks have passcodes, thumbprint access, and voice control, they can also be secured with an app like Lockitron or Kwikset.

Having the additional security of a passcode, thumbprint access, and voice control is ideal in case of a burglary. The homeowner, the security company (if the keyless lock is supplied by the security company or working in tangent with the company), and the police will be notified if there is an attempt at forceful entrance.

And the app comes in handy for a variety of other reasons. Apart from safety, keyless locks mean never misplacing house keys again. Instead, use the app anytime to enter and exit the home.

Additionally, if the door has been left unlocked, the app will lock it remotely. The keyless lock also proves handy when other people need to enter your home when you are away such as:

Unexpected guests
Dog walkers
House sitters
Guests can alert the homeowner when they arrive so that the homeowner can unlock their door even if they are not at home. This alleviates having to give out multiple spare keys, or needing to leave one under the mat where a burglar could easily find it.

Fire Safety Apps
Home safety and security authorities confirm that smoke detectors may not always go off in time to save a burning house. Although smoke rises to alert the smoke detector, by the time enough smoke has reached the detector up on the ceiling, serious and irreparable damage can already been done.

If it is included in a home security system, a homeowner’s security app should be notified if there is any fire danger. But for those without it, there are fire protection apps, which warn the occupants of the home and alert fire authorities in real time.

Total home security? There’s an app for that.
Questions ? Call us at  (336) 790-5723
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