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Alana Woods
... the Intrigue Queen of thriller fiction.
... the Intrigue Queen of thriller fiction.

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It continues to catch me unawares how, with each new interview, I reveal a little more about the behind-the-scenes thinking and processes.

Inside the literary mind of Alana Woods: A Venture Galleries interview

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AUTOMATON is Venture Galleries Book of the Moment!

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The Sorceress and the Demon: Vampire Addictions, book 3 by Thea Atkinson

This is the third and final book in the urban fantasy VAMPIRE ADDICTIONS series by Thea Atkinson and I’ve read all three because the story’s a good one.

The trilogy follows Jade Sanchez as she emerges from a bad relationship and falls immediately into the clutches of vampires and witches.

The books become increasingly darker with book 3 finally revealing the tragedies that have shaped Jade into the driven creature who believes she can exist in a world full of monsters who care nothing for humans. Except she finds one who makes an exception with her.

Book 3 is elemental and visceral. From the outset the pace and descriptions grab your attention as Jade is flung between the present and ancient Rome, not knowing if she’s hallucinating or revisiting a past life.

Over the three books the story develops, deepens and becomes complicated. The finale blazes along with the fires that consume Nero’s Rome. It’s a terrific ending to a terrific series.

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Wedding and Prom season is here. Check out my website for my portfolio. As featured in!

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I always appreciate the opportunities other authors give me to feature on their sites.  Today I was lucky enough to be Val Muller's guest.

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Alana Woods’ book reviews: ASSASSINATION OF A DIGNITARY by Carolyn Arnold

Raymond Hunter, a retired Mafia assassin, has been living a quiet life for fifteen years with his adored wife Brenda, daughter and son, when the son of his old boss comes calling, wanting one last job done. Ray’s in no position to refuse when his family is threatened.

What ensues is gripping, gritty and compelling suspense.

Read the full review on my website blog.

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My legal thriller AUTOMATON is Venture Galleries featured book today!!
Check out my landing page. Let me know how much Elisabeth's cry for help affects you.

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I've just nominated this book for a Kindle Scout contract.

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