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True or False: We expect more from technology these days than we do from people.
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I expect different things from each. 
+Nuno Ricardo I wasn't asking what you expect (of course different) I asked of which you expect more...
I expect more from people but sadly technology far exceeds the human work level most of the time.
More from technology as people have let me down too much. Expectation has dropped, sadly.
Alana- so I don't expect love and affection from my iPhone. And I don't expect the ability to process complex algorithms in seconds from people. So I suppose I value love more than complex algorithms thus I expect more from people. 
Oh and of course there is no technology without people. 
How are you doing, btw? I sent you an email. Did you get it?
I think people expect technology to "just work", but that's a justifiably rare expectation we have of one another. Its also a rather silly expectation to have of a machine.
We expect to much lol, updates to software faster processors bigger and brighter screens.
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