Google Drive for Linux

Okay, I am sick of seeing this message. It has been the same message for years. There are countless threads on the product forums asking for a Google Drive client for Linux, but no official responses from anyone at Google. Responses from TCs are fine to a point, but it's not the same as getting an official reply.

People want to know. Normal people and G Suite users (yes, I am one of those) who pay to use your services.

So come on Google, are you going to keep leaving us Linux users in the dark and alienate a large number of people, or are you actually going to produce something? It really shouldn't take this long to produce a Linux client. At least give us some answers.


Edit: I know there are alternatives out there that sync with Google Drive, but this post is not about them. This is just about Google (emphasis on Google) Drive. Also, here is one of many threads calling for an official Google Drive client for Linux. The answer given, while sensible, is not satisfactory.!topic/drive/hYmBokMbzNs;context-place=topicsearchin/drive/google$20drive$20for$20linux
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