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Tech head through and through.


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Geneva, Ultra Fast Chargers

Those ultra fast chargers can apparently do 1000 miles in an hour. Wow.
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Android and iOS G+ updates

I think a lot of mobile users will be happy about these updates. I know I am!
Several Android and iOS updates

Hey Plussers, I have a few mobile app updates to let you know about which are coming over the next few days, I hope you enjoy them:

Delete, report, block with the option to delete recent comments will be arriving on Android and iOS. This is the mobile version of the web feature we announced a while back:

Ban community member post option will be arriving on iOS. This feature is already on Android and Web.

Prioritized plus-mention suggestions will be arriving on Android. This feature prioritizes post owners and commenters in the plus-mention auto-complete suggestion list.This feature is already on iOS and Web. In addition, we will be improving the overall auto-complete suggestions in general on all three client platforms.

White top navigation bar (you may have already noticed) is rolled out to Android, replacing the red bar, which matches iOS and Web.

In addition, we're continuing to investigate and improve memory and performance of the new Android app that we recently launched (

Cheers, and, incidentally, I'm not actually blocking Steven, he's a teammate and one of the engineers that helped build these features ;)
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Circles were once the darling of G+ and to some of us they still are!

The uses you can put Google+ circles to are many and varied. That in itself makes them great, but also a bit confusing for anyone other than the most dedicated G+ fans.

Probably the best bit about circles is that it puts the privacy of your posts and your Google+ profile into your hands. You can fine tune your privacy settings in a way that no other network has yet managed to replicate.

In this case, a throwback to where +Google+ in my opinion went wrong.

If you have a look at most other videos and other material that Google+ published about Circles (I've collected some of them here:, you will find that most of them talk about Circles as a good way to model the real-life relation you have with other people for use on this platform.

For example, you would have a "Family" circle to share private holiday photos with, a "Friends" circle to talk about the last party where you got incredibly drunk, or a "Co-Worker" circle to share serious, business-related stuff. In every case, the connection is one that exists outside of Google+, and the reason you're attempting to model this connection on Google+ is simply privacy.

Contrast this with this video:
> "Circles help me control what I read"
> "Many of you have created great circles around topics that interest you"
> "We let you take the circles you created, and share them with others [...] to connect them with interesting [...] content"

These statements do not talk about G+ circles as privacy-related features, but about something completely different: interests and topics.

I'd say that this additional use-case for circles isn't just different from, but actually incompatible with, the original use-case: You can't put people who talk about a dozen different things into a "topic circle", and expect that circle to work. You really can't share your own posts about a topic to that "topic circle", and expect people to see it - because, likely, they are not following back, and you just posted to some non-public space by restricting your audience to a specific circle. You probably don't want to share a circle with others if you created it for privacy reasons, either...

In my opinion, it's this confusing use of one feature as a suggested solution for several, mutually exclusive, problems early on that made Google+ (too) complicated to use for everyone but a selected few.

Many people complain that Circles have been put on the back burner with the changes of the last few years - but they are still there, and have actually been supplemented with other features:

Circles - for privacy-related audience restrictions where necessary
Collections - to post to an audience that is interested in your content
Topics - to see content just about a certain interest

I believe that's really a big #PlusPoint, although there's obviously still much work to do...
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Porsche unveils its insanely fast Tesla Model X rival

I don't know, I used to think that Porsche made beautiful cars, but this beast looks like a brick on wheels to me.

Anyway, h/t +Craig Froehle who also pointed out a very important advantage that the Model X has over its rivals. It is simply that Tesla are also investing heavily in a supercharger network, making the Model X (and all of the Tesla cars) a much more compelling offer.
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Fancy charging up your electric car in 10 minutes?

This is an interesting article on supercapacitors and their place in the energy storage makeup. While they are very fast at releasing stored energy and charging back up again, they are nowhere near as energy dense as lithium ion batteries.

Still early days for the technology and they could be successfully used in combination with li-ion technology for a best of both worlds kind of thing.

Worth keeping an eye on anyway.
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A tech journalist that understands

There are a lot of tech journalists that write about +Google+ Not many of them actually use it.

+Mike Elgan is the exception. He not only uses G+, he uses it extensively. If you read anything he writes about the network, you know it is coming from a place of knowledge and authority.

So follow him and find out why he is a #PlusPoint
Rarer than unicorns, +Mike Elgan a tech journalist who understands +Google+.

You probably know +Mike Elgan already to-be-honest, he's widely followed, but what's noteworthy is his status as a tech writer and his broad use of the platform.

He posts to multiple collections on multiple different topics, which is a level of usage, and thereby understanding of this platform which I wish more "tech journalists" had.
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Audi Luna Quattro

Literally out of this world. Such a cool little vehicle.
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This week I set up a new YouTube channel for my nine year old son. He is desperate to be like the YouTubers he follows, who mostly just play games.

Previously we had always said no, but recently he suddenly rediscovered the app called Clayframes and has started making his own animations with Lego.

Foolishly I told him that if gets 100 likes on one of his animations, I'll give him £10.
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Formatting a post is the bees knees

Reading text can be sooooo dull. That's why formatting text can be so not dull uplifting.

Careful use of text formatting can make long pieces of text easier on the eye and therefore easier to read. Which means people are more likely to read it!

Google+ allows you to format text, which is something that the other social networking sites generally don't do. So that one feature there is absolutely a #PlusPoint.

To show you how it's all done, here is one of my early videos about it.
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Star Heat Pumps

Such a simple idea which has been around for a very long time. All it needs is someone to go and do it.
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