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Sunset on the Florida side of the Gulf of Mexico
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very nice....
Apas o homem la em cima éh capaz de fazer essa obra
Indeed, it is a great landscape! ! Is very good.☆彡
xu fang
I want to ask a question:Are digital cameras like cannon G12 capable of taking photos colorful like these?
great the pier leading into the sun...
This photo makes everyone wanting to be there :-) 
so beautiful!o(≧v≦)o~~
Great shot! Where is this at? No sunset off the gulf in Texas... Florida? +Alan Shapiro
Yes +xu fang , the G12 is perfectly capable.
xu fang
Many thanks for responding me +Steve Hambley I bought the G12 half years ago but I can't take photos beautiful enough to satisfy myself can you give me some experience about using G12 ,I will be very appreciate it
Ken Dai
it's a kind of peace from the love of heart .
The wonders of God!!! breathtaking.....
Being from Sarasota, I can truly appreciate this view of the evening colours.
BTW, Canada's not as warm as Sarasota...
Who Knew?
You could watch the sunset everyday for a thousand years and never see this sunset again! Captured Beautifully! Thanks for sharing!
The decline, inspires comparison with the same life.
I cannot believe the colors and hues...a kaleidoscope of vibrancy -
e eu pensando que eu era bonito,mas depois que vi essa paisagem...hahahahahahahahahahaha,,lugar deve ser massa nenao galera???
O.M.G. that is one of the prettiest pictures i have ever seen. did u take it? it's gorgeous
possibly one of the best sunsets ever..
waw it's just like a place of dreams hope be there !!
What a great shot! Would make a great wallpaper on the computer!
I always fancy the sunset,wherever it is
Ahh yes.
Surf so low only a cockroach on a Popsicle stick can ride it!
wow, real nice, I have never seen a sunset like that
soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty!
Lindo, apesar que em Fortaleza também tem um sunset maravilhoso !!
Those colors are brought to you by pollution!
Hm. The sunsets never looked that pretty when I lived on the Gulf.
it look very nice never have not seen it before.
I day I would like to meditate in a place like this and leave the rat race behind . Sooooo awesome .
I wish I could have been there to see the beauty too
Tripppppy .... :) ..i would love sit there and trip on LSD... just imagine the colorssssss dancing around in patterns and waves. in dulging amon themselves and blowing all over you ...wooow
crazy pic ...
I'd lyk to paint this, looks very artistic! Its great
Beautiful! What coastline is this from?
Beautiful Al :)

That is the picture, I'm not saying beautiful Al, it should be more of beautiful, Al, you are kinda cute but in a manly way :p
Blackpool was never like this !
Great shot!
-Is it Galveston?
Beautiful shot. Just add beverages......
Thanks everyone. This is Pier 60 in Clearwater beach, Florida.
I feel like taking a walk on the beach. Sensory utopia!
.I rly love nauture.......and the swt heart who has taken this snapshot......
Pour me a margarita and we have a date! Great shot!
U r awesome swt heart .....well i meant the pic. Babes.....:)
Wow, I really love this post! It's absolutely AMAZING. I love the contrast in lighting and the colors are
this picture illustrates why I keep coming back to G+. outstanding, keep staring at it and wanting to be there.
That is the most beautiful sunset iv ever seen wow!
+Alan Shapiro that is music for my eyes, I love those shots and made them too, as you can see in my sun and cloud album.
...A video game is better than nature? Really?
very pretty it makes girls like me jealous of such beautiful pictures that captures ones eye????!!!!!???
That's gorgeous. What's a good ISO/shutter/apperature setting to capture the sunset/sunrise?
A lovely sunset captured really well :)
Ay! Reminds me of beloved Biloxi.
That shack on the ocean looks like the one that was used in 'Off the Map' ABC show that recently got cancelled :-)
Stunning! Shots like this is exactly why I am pursuing photography. So much beauty in the world.
This is SPECTACULAR. And I found it on the "what's hot" list. But I already knew your photography was hot!
How do I save this pic to my phone? It's beautiful!
We could go on and on about that but I tell you one thing the lord has his hands us no matter what.
and most of all this is an awesdome picture from tthe lord above

Love the photo. Come see us in Florida's Forgotten Coast.
I remember them days, absolutely beautiful!!! Excellent picture!!!
Just wanted to thank everyone for the nice comments. So amazing what our world has to share with us when we take a few moments to watch.
Break out the rum and start a fire ye scurvy lizards. Time to get the party started!
Beautiful and nice........................
Wow, my friend. +1102, 220 shares and 308 comments... you might want to think about doing more landscapes +Alan Shapiro!
Ohh!!jestem zachwycona, brak mi słów;))
I like the tone of your sunrise. Sorry, I just can't help a little provocation. My unfortunate nature.. Sunset, you say...OK. My similar sunrise Comox Vancouver Island... Seriously; very nice, expansive. TG
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