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Because someone somewhere is having a bad day, this decided to bloom just to cheer them up.
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You. +Alan Shapiro, inspire me to be a better floral photographer.  Your work is amazing.  THANK YOU for sharing it.
The richness of color and the sharp focus right at the center makes this a compelling photo.  Nicely seen.
Awww, thanks buddy! It's beautiful!  How'd you know?
Thank you +Wendy Stever One of these days I'll get it right. Until then, let's just all inspire each other.
I'm not having a bad day at all, but you just brightened it a bit more +Alan Shapiro with this beautiful flower image. You inspire me to work on flower photography.
Gracias! No hay otra palabra para agradecer un regalo maravilloso. Y pocas palabras para expresar la belleza de esta Cambios flower.Deshacer
ohmygoodness this is spectacular!!!! *swoons at the orange* 
Stunning! Amazing! Wonderful !
Circle one:
All of the above!
stunning rose, great colors. the caption is great too
will bring some smiles .....nice
that is so sweet i widh my boyfriend could do thst to me but no he ca not i do not wven know hwta i am talking about i widh somebaoy cold do htat to me
Meg O
How'd you know? Lovely little pick-me-up. Thank you :)
Glade that someone know how to make a person HAPPY thanks
i know because i am not dumb i do not know you so like stop and i do not kno what little miss pikc me up is???????????????????????????????
Aww... That is so sweet :) roses are my favorite!! Thanks for posting this! :)
Thanks needed that. Beautiful
wow gorgeous it definitely did put a smile on my face :-)
Yes, thank you so much.
Today is my bad day and now when i see it I wish I would got one like this.
Love this pic.....cheered me up!
Tai Mi
....i'm that someone.
thank you tears up forreals
that is a beautiful flower  dose anyone know what kind of flower it is
Needed that was having a very bad day. Thanks
thts adorable really cute
Remember this rose when a thorn comes ur way.
That is one weird flower.
But it's pretty.
so pretty................
funky looking flower...yet pretty
Very pretty.
I'm sure you did really just cheer someone up with this photo.Its a splash of warm colors,a delicate little plant,and really shows you that it is what it is...though what ever it can be what it wants to be.Just like the person(the person having a bad day) can be what ever she/he wants to be.
Wow!!!  Thank you.  It even makes an okay day better!
well my friend is sad because her friend is gone and her freind loves flowers in fact when they where little they picked flowers together
im still having a bad day cos i broke my ipod its pretty though
aww thats so sweet. you made my day! thanks so much!
mah Tey
Inspire me i am so tried now
I wasn't having a bad day but that is Beautiful
not's fantastic , thanks a lot
Kris Su
nice.  thank you.  
Ah, thank you. ^^
yeah, the colors isn't the best but the shape is cool, and the texture...
+Maria Waters that is extremely racist, and totally untrue. do you even know a single Asian person?
Absolutely beautiful. ... Perfect lighting and shadows... amazing pic.
I prayed to St.Therese, the saint who sends flowers to let you know your prayers are heard, this is not the first time, nor the last, I believe. Wow!!! Thank you dear saint, once again.
I love flower very nice!!!!
May my day....!!!!!!!!!
Queen B
thanks i am having a horrible end of day, but this made me stop and appreciate life. thank you!
Thanks Alan! Not having a bad day but it helps to brighten a dreary rainy day ....
i like that flower
It was made for me....This has been a bad day for beautiful
Hub Pie
Woah! Cool! That flower looks sweet! 
did it smell good? :D awesome pic BTW
Dedicated to my late great-grandma.
Rest in peace. I will forever remember you, miss you, love you, and cherish you. I'm so lucky to have known you. 
It is so soft and beautiful to the eyes. Thank you!
Debbie Lindner
that made me cheer up!
Lovely!  Thanks for sharing.
i love this pic. i was having a bad day
nice, beautiful pick. I sure love it, even though I didn't so much have a bad day.
I'm having a bad day, and this actually did cheer me up :)
thanks, I have a stressful day tomorrow and this made me smile :)
whoever id having a bad day better be cheered up by this pretty thing! ;)
My boyfriends got me this when i was having a bad day.. i love you ryan
thank you. I needed something like this...
well, that's one way to look at it .... :)
Having a great day. I still enjoyed it thank you.
Am waking shipiro i hope this lovely frower will make my day.i wish i could be having it in my poket
The flower does not give a damn about what is going on with you.  But you have the opportunity to care about the flower.
TQ very much! U put a smile on my gloomy face! Love ya for that! Cheers!
that is a lovely flower... it sure did brightens my day.
Alan shapiro your photo and your thought behind it is comandeble more than all the hypes. N ASA has created about venus,my guess ls they are running out of ideas.,budgetry strains.have a good day
it is very beautiful what kind of flower is that 
This is like the day i had sunny and bright thanks for a good end to my day.
thats real nice. but i think the flower bloomed for all of us 'cause we all have bad days sometimme :)
So what does it mean when that flower dies?
Cheered me up! My friend just died of kidney cancer....
Thats why I have a rose garden,if someone is having a bad day ,when they walk by & see all of my roses in their multi-colored glory they cant help but feel a tad better!And I stay HAPPY all the time!
it means the bad day is over and they are happy enough to not need to be cheered up anymore. :) yay for them!
I love taking pics of flowers. But I don't have a camera good enough to do what I want to with them but I will some day.  for now I'm just enjoying the ones on here. Love this!
GOD Bless the one who posted this.
Love the rose and the sentiment.
this is beautiful....i love flowers...thxs for sharing!
Tq 4 sharing this beautiful pic...
its a grt pictre, a good wal photo 2
this is the pic for which i was wating
Thank you!  This ended my day on a good note!  :)
Thank you! It is the sun caught by a rose.
cld u post one flwer on my wal thy are col and i wld lke 2 shere
+Alan Shapiro  I remember when you say you have never been on What's hot, congratulations, happy, happy for you
colors remind me of a tropical mango, or a mystic sunrise. its very beautiful
Thanks...atleast a flower is there to make someone happy!!!
Wow its superb;-):-)
Miiind bloooowing
Par R
Love the nice thouht behind this picture
itna accha khayal kaha sa aya lakin jaha sa bhi aya accha ha  keep it up................
its  for  true  love
son tan perfectas, son un milagro mas de la vida
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