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Out searching for answers among the berries.

I met up with some buzzing and chirping creatures more than willing to offer advice in the form of spoken word poetry and chipper (chirpy) songs. I did, however, miss the percussive solo of the woodpecker. I have heard it on numerous occasions and it never fails to get my foot tapping.
I watched an overachieving spider decorate her lavish spread.
I wanted to raise a stink with a skunk but they had slunk (slinky-ed) away...perhaps to spy on the cute groundhog that had moved in nearby.
So I sat and watched the berries ripen thinking this was a tiny bit better than watching grass grow and how much better it would/could/will be. 
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Wah, Great shot. Which camera you are using ?
wow........., it' so.........beautiful..........................
Amazing the capture of nature and berries getting ripe
hi allan i am agatha.this photo was very nice.can you give me a photo?
I love the soft drape of that leaf...
Sounds like the way I search for answers, and a beautiful day. (Although I don't like to raise a stink with the skunks. I try to leave 'em calm and happy). :D
I hope you find your answers soon.
Brilliant Alan, always amazing......
mee ttoo~
looks yummy!
Amy Pg
Denise hiknee... god, what crawled up your ass?
Hope you find your answers!!! ;))
Thats a really great shot. The colors are magnificient.
the simple things in life are what make life great and they come when u least expect them
The way flowers add color to the earth makes everything seem more beautiful than it is
...there is nothing more beautiful than take few quiet moments and watch life unfold...... maybe we should stop more often and .....just watch and be amazed at miracles of life.....
All in the ripeness of time, when they can all be harvested at once and come home...
Better than TV! It's a beautiful shot.
They don't want to be eaten YET ! Let them grow and enjoy the sunshine ... 
kupine, u Istri ih ima puno- odlično kupinovo vino!!!
me encanta este color... suelo imaginarme caminando por un prado cubierto de estas flores...
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