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Beautiful picture. Simplistic, quiet, waiting and just is.
Mmmm, nice. that's all I have to say. :)
i like the mood very much
its a beauty ,,mmmn wished someone would miss me like that..perhaps single life is getting to me ha :) ..thinking**
In spite of all its sadness, passing is still the part and the parcel of life. Sometimes there's a perceivable beauty even in the fading flower
Very nice collection!
velvety beauty efflorescent elegant and breath blooming emanate revival sense.
Pure awesomeness, as we would say in Jamaica, " Nuff respec my yout"
Love that come to end like flower that shine and then ...
when we love someone so much that can't stop , missing will only kill yourself not your love, that is hurt.
its amazing how one picture can truly say a thousand words :')
lol not dead.. closed and isolated from life because of what its missing. very beautiful and so true to life itself
if u dont get it then im sorry, u seem like the type of person who doesnt have and open mind. open ur eyes their is a beautiful world.. not only ppl show emotion. EVERYTHING does
sad....just so sad.... if you get what it means you will cry.
Is that the title, or are you addressing me specifically? Nice picture..
the fading flower is nice though......
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You must be a professional photographer - can I add you to my list of friends?
Breath taking. r u a professional, because that is great.
just amazing no words can explain how amazing this is
Love the simplicity and complexity of this piece :)
aww just go water urself dear and ull b fine:)
im sad about someden but yeah...its difficult
is this poppy? hmm. it's beautiful what ever it is.
thanks. im kinda feelin better now i guess in a way
yeah ur right i got to do whats right
:) and clouds nvr stay in front of the sun 2 long:) they alwayz move!
Beautiful sad flower says it so well.
Oh this brings a slight tear to my eye, its so beautiful
omg hi hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahah
zee key
So beautiful!
this waht happens when a heart is broken :((((
stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this pic reapesents gods bueaty
Haha it is dead but that is sad it could have just live a longer life
its so pretty. all flowers are pretty even if they are dead
omigod.... this is AMAZING... it really brings out the emotion of this
me too Leonardo... my emotions jumped when I read the words...
Compound W, DOES work on Herpes is it on Slaveway bosses?
It fits my mood perfectly. Title and picture.
dnt miss anyone buddy........ jst hv yourself and evyone wil miss you
I miss all of my family and friends also.
Cant remember when someone miss me like that single life some day
sometime your dearest will be the one who make you "cry blood".. i know that
WOW, at first thought it's a opium poppy, nice pic though..
ageing in loneliness .... quietly before leaving . ....
Everyday.. I'm missing you..
(I'm not up to multiple syllables :p, it's just too fuzzy a lovely thought for me to get over)
Creepy, but I get it. Looks like the type of flower a vampire would give his victim, but the photography is great!
your onlie is crazy!

This is beautiful and moody and wonderful.
Us Aakhari Nazar Mein Azab Dard Tha
Jaanein Ka Ranz Mujhein Umar Bhar Rahaa !!!

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