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This is Soraya (although everyone calls her YaaYaa) a White Crested (Long tailed) Hornbill from Ghana. We have a definite love/hate relationship. Her keepers think she is getting more used to me because rather than swooping at me, she now lets me get very close. Too close. (I am on to her though...while she thinks she is lulling me into a false sense of security by letting me get closer and closer to her so she can one day peck my eyes out, I am debating whether she will taste better with a stuffing of wild mushrooms, leeks, bacon and pistachios or wild rice, brandied cherries and fried sage leaves. And yes, I whisper these and countless other possibilities to her while we are shooting.
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Love this conversion to b&w, awesome shot.
If she understands you, she might be thinking the same.Beware!
Alan, you made me smile with your words. Great shot! The composition and textural quality are fabulous! - Jill
Now I understand that NYC is not for the weak. 
I agree, Birds are not to dumb. You can tell that they are hard to be friendly with. They can be so fierce.
I love the monochrome processing, Alan!
I'd go with leeks, bacon and pistachios :)
Wow! Love the detail and contrast.
she is simply smashing amazing she lets you so very very close,just try not to suggest the stuffing bit too often and just goggles , as always fabulous work
Striking. And yes she looks ready to poke out an eye or two! Keep the stuffing handy. +Alan Shapiro does this she-devil have a name?
+Andi Drew Her name is Soraya but everyone calls her YaaYaa. She is from Ghana
And this evil lady does not taste like chicken.
+Alan Shapiro Ha! Soraya AKA YaaYaa. That's so fitting! And from Ghana too. Perfect. Thank you for introducing her to us!
'And this evil lady does not taste like chicken.' LOL!
That looks very scary to my sisters
Isolate wonderful in the picture...amazing shoot ^_^
She might be thinking how tasty your eye balls are...hmmmm, yummy.
She reminds me of a miniature dinosaur.... cute!
Stunning. I lodge my vote for wild mushrooms, leeks, bacon and pistachios. YaaYaaYum! Just out of curiosity +Alan Shapiro, is the Bronx Zoo using any of your images on their site?
Jay Raj
Such detail! This is simply perfect!
I think that the photo being black and white lets even more detail show :) very beautiful bird
amazing details appear though b/w her 2 .but not eating her.long live SORAYA
Good question, +William Rainey they really should be doing all their advertising with Alan's pictures!!
I can just hear you saying that (and more) in the sweetest tones...
Thanks for the giggle and sharing her portrait.
If your eyes should get pecked out (God forbid) it would have been worth it. lol I love a her details on her face.
You can take her.Although I think the brandied cherries and fried sage might overpower. May I suggest julienned apples with crushed chervil...

You have my attention focused right where it needs to be. On that lethal beak and crazy eye. Love how you made the pattern of her bill seem marbelized - an exquisite touch!
Superb, of course.
Nice mo-hawk what barber shop did you take him to?
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