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The bigger the smile you give, the bigger the smile you get.
Works every time.
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Can't plus as much as I want!
Magnifique ! belle illumination !!!! Merci!
innovative,majestic smile with colourfull pretty face.
Striking capture!Lovely eyes
I really like how you pulled in the slight highlights of blue on the umbrella. Every color is echoed somewhere else in the photo.
png brd
It makes you forget taxes bureaucracy & other useless stuff.
Wow. The eyes! The colors! And that smile. Beautiful.
What a fun shot.....I left with a smile!!!
Lella H
Great portrait !!
a beautiful girl and an absolutely lovely picture :)
very cheerful... great shot! Amazing colors:)
splendid picture and very true comment
blue sky face with beautyfull clouds.. thats the first thing I see in the picture.. GREAT!!
wonderful colors and sparkle in her eyes
This really is wonderful. Made me smile back!
Gorgeous! The colored girl and the smile...
Beautiful shot with really popping colours, even from her eyes! gorgeous smile
That's a great fun photo. Great highlighs in the eyes.
Hi, Alan, this is a fantastic picture, but I wanted to say I really like the caption, so much so that I'd like to add it as a quote (attributed to you) in my e-mail signature database. Hope that's OK with you.
wow, she really messed up trying to color that coloring book. She needs a bit more help keeping that crayon steadily on the page
Looks great. For some reason, the picture reminds me of Mozilla Firefox
@zhi min liu, must be because you have some kinky browsing habits
Just LOVE these shots. I so want to go to this parade someday!
I love her eyes! are they like white?
iI think she needs med help,x-rays,mri,eeg.I hope it does not wash off
the cuter the face wearing the smile, the bigger the smile that's returned.
All colours she is quite radiant.
Smile on your face makes you feel younger,,,less wrinkles too!
I just look at this and can't help but smile. :) Great shot!
she iz soo beautiful............ <3 wat her eyes says??
Liz Lui
Lovely shot! I love the eyes!
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