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The sun will shine again. I promise.
I know.
It's just turned down a little
to give you a moment
to let you rest and remember
all the wonderful times
all the many, many wonderful days
where it shone so bright.
And warmed you thoroughly.

For my wonderful friend +LaDonna Pride
May today be better than yesterday. And may tomorrow be better still.
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beautiful.....both the words and the flower!
thank you my friend!  {{{hugs}}}
I live this sort of photo. Sort of like the work of early photographers...

Love... Not live...
That is so sweet, i would love my friend to do that for me or one of her other friends
the structure is so clearly defined when you remove the colour very nice photo
Beautiful image and processing.
Uh, this is very cool great pictures, hear!
I like, I did not know such a thing would have been found.
Professional who has made ​​a good picture, I mean it.
Kids, this is not nothing! ;-))
I pray your friend see the creativity, and penmanship you use to create  a complex object in a simple way.
Nice work I love it and it made my day, even as I am about to leave office. It shows all our contribution will be felt in due time.
Once again thank you.
You must be a dear, dear friend and an awesome person. 
This is so emotional, thoughtful and dare i say source of comfort. Well-done +Alan Shapiro !!
(PS: I'd love to share this, that is if you don't mind. Borrowing brilliance) Thanks.
Susan A
Thanks for this. Beautiful verse...............
And let the memories be remembered forever so you can cry happy tears.. :'c 
My heart will like this if i stay home every day friend
only memories remain alive & people expires
Great words and beautiful picture!
Awww man, I really needed that today !! Thank you for posting that.
Tammy W
I needed some uplifting too as I am in a difficult period of transition with an unclear future and a lot of emotional pain
Beautiful as a rose in summer.
Angie B
I needed to hear this today. Thank you for sharing :)
Beautiful - I love the contrast.
i liked your expretion very much
I like the pic and the quote!! :)
This is gorgeous! I love it. Amy
Your attached photo to the dedicated poem creates a beautiful whole.!!!
My goodness! What lovely details!!
it is my deepest hope that some day we learn to really see and shine with the sun! ;)
Thanks! I do hope so and I really needed the word....
Erie, but beautiful. Eriely beautiful. <3
Fran H
love the words, gorgeous photo
That be as preety as da strreets! I give u a like k gilr?
Rain cleans the city and makes flowers grow!!!!!!!
what pretty petals reminds me of a girlfriend
loveing the words
the picture is so beautiful!
most beautiful black and white flower i've ever seen
And tomorrow will be full of color ...
i believe that that flower has it out for me.
Great everything,photo as well as words
awww sweet i like that
Beautiful words and picture!! ;). I am So hopeful!!
lovely poem... thank you i needed that..
awe i love this it is so heart felt
Did you come up with that?
Great photo and the message is just perfect !! ... Mr. Sunshine has been a bit shy on this part of the world !! 
M Way
As a rule,  I'm not usually in to B&Wh. photography, But this  sunflower really does look B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!
Is sad to me is a photograph that makes me melancholy
My favorite flower & the words to live happily on.
Hop Luu
great, i like it very much
zee key
Sunflowers are so pretty! I love this! 
I know right Stephanie Harrington the pic does work with the poem!!:)
sad but also true, a dark or dead flower just turns into seeds to be regrown again.....
oh! what a nice poem! love the pic
of course the sun will rise its science lol though i like it
that is such a beautiful pictures
i needed to read this! In a funk :(
makes me think of an old song i used to know........

"i'll be praying for you.  praying for you. Praying that your hopes and dreams, that they will come true, i know there'll be some rain, but i know the sun will shine again - so I'll be praying for you"
I have many. medical problems & reading this I truly enjoyed it helped thanks God. Bless
hey,. that picture is really nice. kind of mysterious
ေနၾကာကေနလာမွလန္းမွာေပါ့  အခုေတာ့ၾကည့္ပါဦး
i just vomited in my mouth a little. thanks.
Hi, srikanth i'm devi for selangor. can i have make friends with you? 
Your still study or working? 
Are you have time to share with me your particulars?
WHAT SOOO BEAUTIFUL ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is sad, how is it beautiful????????????
very nice - it's something i needed to read.....thank you
You have inspired me to try to process more flowers in monochrome, thank you.
Very beautiful picture and kind thoughts for dearest daer friend's.
nice photo and touching poem 
I have no idea who you are and how your email got into my inbox, but it came at just the right time (as I was watching my garden fence swaying in the gale force wind and rain!) Thank you.
Teresa Meier
Just shared your verse with my daughter who has MS and is having a hard time at the moment.It struck a chord with her.Beautiful words,beautiful sentiment too.Photograph is awesome too.
+Teresa Meier Made my day. May I download the original file of this or any other image that makes her smile from my albums for you to make a print? If so, private message me an email.
The tones and the BW processing are excellent. Work of art!
I feel as though I could reach out and touch this amazing flower
every1 keeps telling me that but still not seeing the sunshine
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