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The same question
Fantastic shot! Pardon my inquisitiveness, but i'm just curious... Did you compensate for the blacks in camera or post processing? If in camera, would you use a spot on the bird's grey feathers or let the camera do its thing and then stop down from there?
The arrangement of feathers around the neck is fasinating.
Two softboxes on bird, one front over my left shoulder at 10:00 powered to 2/3's. Second behind my right shoulder at 3:00 on full.
If that explanation was meant for me, I'm sorry +Alan Shapiro, but it just went over my head :( I suppose that means your exposure is set because the lighting doesn't change?
Congratulations on having this image selected for today's Photo Extract +Alan Shapiro --love that low key pelican!
No shocker from my side +Alan Shapiro

This picture is perfection in every sense of the word. Can you kindly scare this bird my way?
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